Review of Media Headlines on Palestinian Arab Terror Spree

On March 8, 2016, several Palestinian Arabs attacked Israelis in various locations in Israel. A particularly horrible assault occurred in Jaffa, where a Palestinian Arab man stabbed various civilians, killing an American tourist.

jaffa attack
Scene of Palestinian Arab terror attack at Jaffa Port, March 8, 2016
(photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

The headlines from major news agencies show a range of focus: some focus on the attacker being a Palestinian, others omit the fact completely; most focused on an American being killed, some papers ignored mentioning the many Israelis injured.

The more complete news accounts came from papers often viewed as slightly more conservative. The papers that whitewashed the Palestinian Arab attacker came from more liberal papers.

The Palestinian media center inverted the story completely, focusing on the terrorist that was killed.

Focus on American Killed and Israelis Injured by Palestinian

Palestinian attacks kill American student, wound 12 Israelis” US News & World Report
Palestinian attacks kill American student, wound 12 Israelis” Washington Post
Palestinian Attacks Kill American Student, Wound 12 Israelis” .. abcnews
Jaffa stabbing spree: Palestinian kills American tourist, wounds 10 others” Jerusalem Post Israel News‎

Only American Killed by Palestinian

Palestinian kills U.S. tourist in stabbing spree on Tel Aviv boardwalk” Reuters
American tourist killed as Palestinians unleash attacks in Israel” CBS News
Palestinian kills US tourist in IsraelBBC News

American Killed and Israelis Injured – But Not by Palestinian

US student dead and at least 13 others injured in attacks across Israel” The Guardian
American fatally stabbed in Israel terror attack that wounds 10 others” CNN

 Only American Killed – not by Palestinian

Vanderbilt MBA Student Killed Amid Stabbing Violence in Israel as Biden Arrives for Talks” NBC News
American Graduate Student Killed in Stabbing Rampage Near Tel Aviv” New York Times
American dies in Israel stabbing attackUSA Today
U.S. tourist killed in knife attack in Israel, where survey illuminates deep divides” LA Times

The last two headlines could lead a reader to conclude that Israelis killed the American tourist.

Focus on Palestinians Being Killed

3 Palestinians shot dead after multiple attacks kill tourist, wound 12” Maan News Agency (Palestinian NGO)

Israel’s Killing of Four Palestinians Focus of Dailies Wafa, the Palestinian News Agency. Wafa led that the local Palestinian papers all focused on Israelis killing Palestinians, placing Israelis as the aggressors as opposed to defending themselves.

News reports are often crafted and biased.  They deliberately add and omit information and highlight certain aspects of stories.

Consider what narrative you read each day.  If you continue to only read from the same news source, your perception of the news will be unbalanced.

For most Americans, that bias has been liberal and anti-Israel, by measuring the circulation of conservative media (Washington Post 400,000; US News <1 million) versus liberal media (USA today 3 million; New York times 1.4 million).

Even in a clear-cut story of a terrorist stabbing a dozen civilians on March 8, 2016, one can see how the media directs a story.  In the more complicated Israeli-Arab conflict, readers are left at the mercy of biased journalists and editors.

Consider getting information from a different political perspective in addition to your favorite media site. Innocent victims of terror deserve more than what the popular USAToday opts to publish.

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