Terms of Use

All of the posts and articles in FirstOneThrough are original materials.  The articles are available for sharing on other sites with the following provisions:

  • The byline must be attributed to FirstOneThrough, including a link to the main site: https://firstonethrough.wordpress.com/
  • The first few paragraphs can be included in the site, with the balance as a link to the article from the site (“Read more…”)

Enjoy sharing the articles and bringing other people to this resource on Israel analysis.

5 thoughts on “Terms of Use

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  2. Paul Gherkin, you published an article in Jewish Press that “The United Nations’s Remorse for “Creating” Israel.”

    This is just nonsense. The United Nations has not created the state of Israel. The 1948 U.N. Resolution of 181 recommending Israel to give half of it’s land to Arabs is not even law; it is merely a recommendation. You are not a lawyer and have not studied international law. So don’t write nonsense articles against Israel.

    The U.N. resolution 181 of 1948 recommending Israel to give half of its land to Arabs was in direct violation of international law. So the U.N. was racist against Jews then.

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