The Zionists Brought a Bench!

A century ago in Jerusalem’s Old City
the Arabs revealed their conspiracy theory
about the nature of the emboldened Zionists
presenting themselves as irritating pests.

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Those Jews brought a bench! The Jews brought a bench!”

The Arabs pushed the British for a Status Quo Agreement
their arguments ahistorical, with voices loud and vehement,
advancing for removal of the “appurtenance of Jewish worship”
which even included allowing elderly Jews to sit.

“Good Greif! Good Grief!
Those Jews brought a bench! The Jews brought a bench!”

During 1928 Yom Kippur services at the Wailing Wall,
Jews brought screens and siddurs with unmitigated gall.
The Arabs called the British police and expressed their views
to destroy the mechitza and attack the Jews.

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Those Jews brought a bench! The Jews brought a bench!”

To extinguish the common holy site’s enflamed embers,
the British issued a White Paper that November.
In the hopes of avoiding another injurious atrocity,
the British declared the Wailing Wall exclusive Moslem property.

“Good Grief! Good Grief!
Those Jews brought a bench! The Jews brought a bench!”

Soon thereafter, the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin
erected a minaret next to the Kotel, complete with muzzein
to call for Islamic prayers when Jews would gather
disturbing Jewish prayers with loud incomprehensible blather.

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Those Jews brought a bench! The Jews brought a bench!”

Minaret on left built to disturb Jewish prayers at the Wailing Wall

The Arabs made it clear to the whole world explaining,
that the Jews could only use the western wall for wailing.
Jewish prayers at the site was dangerous incitement
and the entire world should coalesce to present a formal indictment.

“Good Grief! Good Grief!
Those Jews brought a bench! The Jews brought a bench!”

In August 1929, Arabs spread a series of vicious rumors
which fed Islamic extremists like cancerous tumors
that Jews were killing Arabs and ascending the al Aqsa Compound
desecrating the holy site and burning the mosques to the ground.

“Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews!”

The violence spread in Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed
The Arab riots and butchery left sixty-seven Jews dead.
The British concluded that Hebron should be purely Moslem
And removed all the Jews in hopes of ameliorating the problem.

“Good Grief! Good Grief!
Expel the Jews! Expel the Jews!”

The denial of Jew’s history and human rights is not new;
the last hundred years added an Islamist point of view,
particularly because the Balfour Declaration made the Arabs skittish
who demanded anti-Jewish edicts from the Palestine-ruling British.

Imagine a government outlawing a mench-on-a-bench!
The Jew-hatred involved had a terrible stench.
The Muslim quest for the Promised Land to have Islamic purity
Coopted the western world to consider anti-Semitic policies.

Allahu Akbar and Good Grief. The Jews brought a bench.

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Failing to Mention the British White Paper of 1939 when Discussing Refugees

In article after article and Op-Ed after Op-Ed, writers have expressed their dismay about the United States ban on refugees fleeing from Muslim countries. Many of those articles described the US turning away the S.S. St. Louis, a boat full of Jews from Europe during World War II, sending the ship back to Europe where the Jews would be killed in the Holocaust, arguing that America closing its borders today would have similar ramifications for Muslim refugees.  Some journalists went so far to claim that Anne Frank is a Syrian girl today.

Many people called such comparisons outlandish, and a minimization of the atrocity and uniqueness of the Holocaust. They would point out that there are over 100 times more Muslims than Jews, and 50 Muslim-majority countries today while there were zero Jewish countries in World War II, so the Muslim refugees’ options for sanctuary countries today are not remotely comparable to the plight of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.

Curiously, while journalists attempted to connect the Holocaust of the Jews in Europe to the plight of Muslim refugees from the Middle East today by referencing the S.S. St. Louis or Anne Frank, they declined to ever mention the British White Paper of 1939 when discussing the “Muslim ban.” The pundits wouldn’t even discuss the White Paper when reviewing the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

On November 9, 1938, as Kristallnacht was shattering the lives of Jews in Europe, the British would call upon the leaders of the Arabs in Palestine to assess how to quell the riots they had been waging against the Jews for the prior two years. The result of the multi-week consultations was the British White Paper of 1939.

As the flames of the Holocaust began to incinerate the Jews of Europe, the British White Paper undermined the basic principle laid out in international law to facilitate the immigration of Jews to Palestine. The document set a five-year cap of only 75,000 Jews to be admitted to Palestine, at a time when the Jews of Europe were desperately fleeing the Nazi regime. The British-Arab edict likely contributed to over 100,000 Jews perishing in the Holocaust.

Not just a single Jewish girl like Anne Frank.

Not the nearly 1,000 Jews who were returned on a ship to Nazi Europe to perish in concentration camps.

Over 100,000 Jews, who died because of the British White Paper of 1939.

Arab riots of 1936 fighting Jewish immigration

(source: American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise)

Yet the discussions about refugees fleeing for their lives from the carnage in the Middle East today never mention the cap on admitting Jewish refugees into Palestine during the Holocaust. Why?

Could it be because of the lectures from progressive professors and politicians that the narrow strip of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River is “Arab land” and “Palestinian land,” so the Jews don’t really belong there at all? Has the Palestinian propaganda machine so cloaked itself in the the mantle of victimhood, that people cannot fathom the reality that the Palestinian Arabs were complicit in turning away desperate Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust?

November 9 has long been remembered as a Day of Infamy, when the slaughter of Jews began in Europe at the hands of the Nazis. It is time to also mark it as the day that the British and Palestinian Arabs helped seal the fate of thousands of those innocent Jews.

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