The Economics Behind The Times’ Hasidic School Article

The New York Times printed a very long article about Hasidic schools in New York which took in roughly $1 billion of pubic money over the last few years, and claimed that they failed to provide a basic education on purpose. The Times mocked the terrible hiring practices at the schools and essentially urged the government to stop funding them until they improved their practices, as the paper released the article just two days before the New York State Board of Regents met on the matter.

The Board of Regents took notice and proposed tougher regulations aimed at these ultra Orthodox schools.

A deeper review of the Times article shows that the paper may have reached the wrong conclusion – that the schools require MORE money to succeed, not less.

The Times made its conclusion clear on the front page when it wrote “where other schools may be underperforming because of underfunding and mismanagement, these schools are different. They are failing by design.

The article made it appear that the Jewish schools are actually OVERFUNDED, calling out “$1 Billion. Amount of government money collected in the past four years by Hasidic boys’ schools, even though they appear to be operating in violation of state laws guaranteeing students an adequate education.” It mocked the hiring practices of the schools, writing “Often, English teachers cannot speak the language fluently themselves. Many earn as little as $15 an hour. Some have been hired off Craigslist or ads on lamp posts.” The article added that the schools “mostly hire only Hasidic men as teachers, regardless of whether they know English. One former student said he once had a secular teacher who doubled as the school cook.

The article made it appear that the schools are just pocketing the money, especially as it highlighted that one of the Hasidic school networks “controlled over $500 million in assets,” and showed a picture with accompanying text that one school building “takes up a city block.

But a deeper dive of these observations paints the opposite picture.

Small Subsidies Per Yeshiva Child

The $1 billion sounds like a huge headline figure going out to failing private schools. The accompanying Times’ commentary spelling out that the sum covers four years is perhaps lost in the momentary shock. It equates to roughly $250 million per year used to support 50,000 boys, or roughly $5,000 per student per year. That figure covers transportation, food, child care and special ed classes, in addition to general education.

By way of comparison, New York City has an annual budget of $38 billion for 919,000 students (a steadily declining number that was over 1 million just two years ago). That’s over $41,000 per student. It’s a gap of more than $36,000 per child compared to yeshiva boys.

The article hinted about this enormous gap in a few spots without sharing the math.

It first attributed the basic fact as a defense offered by the Hasidic schools, making the small subsidy seem biased: “They [the Hasidic schools] denied some of the Times findings,… that the schools receive far less taxpayer money per pupil than public schools do.” The qualified speaker tainted the observation.

Only on the fourth page of the Times’ article did the Times state two critical facts clearly: “Hasidic boy’s yeshivas receive far less per pupil than public schools, and they charge tuition.Public school students get more than 8 times the funding as these yeshiva boys, as detailed above. The fact that these private schools charge tuition needs further elaboration as well.

Enormous Yeshiva Tuition Bills Require Penny Pinching

The boys’ schools don’t operate on a budget of $5,000 per student. Parents pay tuition as noted by the Times.

These ultra Orthodox families typically have very large families. For example, on the fifth page of the article, the Times mentioned a family with six children. It also mentioned Naftuli Moser who started an advocacy group to improve secular education in yeshivas. The Times did not write that Moser is one of 17 children.

Consider the tuition bills for these families. If the yeshivas charged like the public schools, six children with a funding gap of $36,000 each would mean a tuition bill of $216,000 per year for the family. For Moser’s family, the annual tuition bill would be $612,000!

Needless to say, these schools cannot operate with the generosity afforded to public school teachers backed by powerful teacher unions. The yeshivas need to hire teachers on a budget to match the incomes of these large Hasidic families. The overall school budget is a fraction of the $41,000 spent per pupil in public schools. The schools also make accommodations for parents who cannot afford full tuition for all of their kids, by having the fathers teach at the school, accounting for Yiddish-speakers teaching English as featured in the article.

And yes, teachers do double-duty, including teaching and acting as the school chef. It keeps the school budgets down and the tuitions more affordable.

Wealth Amidst The Poverty

The Times article made the Hasidic community appear to be sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars and then taking a billion dollars from the government. Much of the wealth in the Hasidic community revolves around real estate holdings in Brooklyn. Educating nearly 100,000 boys and girls – roughly 1/10th the size of New York City’s public school students – requires many buildings. The dense communities where the Hasidim live drive up demand and therefore the prices.

This is a community whose wealth – to the extent there is some – is mostly illiquid. It is in the very homes and schools they live in every day.

Possible Solutions

Both the Times’ opening conclusion that Hasidic schools are neither underfunded nor mismanaged, and the timing of the article’s release before the Board of Regents meeting, had the desired impact of the city threatening to cut funding to the schools. As reviewed above, that is ill advised. Why take away transportation, food and other subsidies to a poor community already struggling?

More money needs to flow into the Hasidic school system, not less. That does not mean simply writing checks without accountability. The system needs to pivot to address the plain facts that yeshiva students are growing rapidly and now account for almost 10% of New York City students, as the public schools continue to shrink.

A few suggestions:

Bilingual Yiddish schools. New York City has 545 bilingual schools. They are mostly in Spanish, but also include French, Russian, Chinese, Bengali and Haitian-Creole. It is time to invest in distinct Yiddish schools in coordination with the Hasidic community. The schools would need to be segregated by gender and timed to allow for religious private school either in the morning or afternoon, switching off for different groups in the area to fully utilize the facilities.

Employ/ Pay Secular Teachers Directly. For those parents that do not want to use bilingual Yiddish schools, the city should pay for qualified secular teachers directly. As public school teachers are being retired due to the shrinking public school student body, reassign the teachers to teach secular subjects in these yeshivas.

Should the community fail to adopt these investments in secular education, punitive measures should be considered. However, immediately jumping to threaten poor Hasidic schools that get minimal funding is counterproductive and mean-spirited.

If we truly want all students to be educated and to succeed, we need to examine the situation honestly and invest appropriately. The New York Times and Board of Regents seemingly have chosen the opposite path, and acted abusively to a large impoverished minority. If it is simply a coincidence that these secular bodies opted to target ultra Orthodox Jews, I leave it to each reader to consider.

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NY Times Horrible Take On Failing Hasidic Schools

The New York Times wrote a front-page elaborate article about the Ultra-Orthodox school system in New York. It described an extensive investigation performed over a long period to tell the world about the education received by a particular enclave that numbers about 200,000 people.

By all accounts, the reporting is very important for those who want to see schools succeed. To watch a media outlet like the Times perform such analysis though, an outfit long associated as anti-religion – especially Judaism – could make a person cringe.

And for good reason.

If the Times wrote about under-performing Hispanic schools, the tone would have been one of concern. How do we help these underprivileged students from a poor minority community? How should society devote more resources to help the school succeed? The article would have been peppered with adjectives-as-commentary masked as reporting that more work needs to be done in a collective effort to help these young people.

But not for the Jews.

The Times article wanted its readers to know that Jews are politically powerful. They take lots of money – your money; money from your children – and fail on purpose.

The Jews Are Taking Your Child’s Money, Illegally

Throughout the article – including in the titles and beneath the pictures – the liberal paper informed its secular readers that the Jews are taking public money (boxed in red in the pictures above).

  • Failing Schools, Public Funds“, read the front page headline
  • Failing Hasidic Schools Receive Public Funds“, reads each subsequent headline on following pages
  • Government money is flowing to private Hasidic academies, known as yeshivas, at a time when New York City’s public school system is cutting budgets” is the text beneath the next picture, urging the reader to feel outrage that the Jews are not just taking money, but money from the general public schools, as if one was dipping into the other
  • the Hasidic boys’ schools have found ways of tapping into enormous sums of government money, collecting more than $1 billion in the past four years alone,” as if the funds for education are not supposed to be used by Jews
  • they have received increasing amounts of government money, records show“, making the issue appear as a growing concern
  • $1 Billion: Approximate amount of government money collected in the past four years by Hasidic boys’ schools, even though they appear to be operating in violation of state laws guaranteeing students an adequate education.” was called out in the text, making the Jewish enterprise appear very illegal.
  • Despite the failings of Hasidic boys’ schools, the government has continued sending them a steady stream of funding.” seemingly leading a reader to demand that the funding stop, rather than urge improved education, something the Times would do for non-Jewish minorities.
  • Hasidic boys’ yeshivas, like other private schools, access dozens of such programs, collecting money that subsidizes their theological curriculum“, making the funding appear as breaking a line between church and state.
  • the money is flowing as New York City is cutting public school budgets,” paints the Jews as thieves robbing from the poor public schools, rather than part-and-parcel of a society that subsidizes education for everyone.
  • The city voucher program that helps low income families pay for child care now send nearly a third of its total assistance to Hasidic neighborhoods, even while tens of thousands of people have languished on waiting lists,” leans in to the theme of Jews stealing from poor around the city.
  • Hasidic boys’ schools also received about $30 million from government financial aid programs,”
  • The school got roughly $100 million through antipoverty programs to provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every school day
  • Hasidic boy’s schools benefit from about $100 million annually from federal Title 1 programs and other sources of funding for secular education.”
  • Hasidic boys’ school received roughly $30 million in the last year before the pandemic to transport students
  • they collected about $200,000 in federal money for internet-related services, even though they forbid the students from going online.” ended the list of financial aid programs, many of which were not for education, but for concerns around school, like food, child care and transportation.
  • The money is subsidizing instruction that has regularly involved corporal punishment,” not that there is a problem of teachers hitting students, but your tax dollars are paying for it.
  • People from the state education department investigating the schools “started making notes in the margins of requests, questioning the wisdom of sending money.”
  • Some Hasidic men who went through the system were “awash in debt and supporting their families with government welfare,” taking government monies not only when young and in school, but throughout their lives.

That’s an awful amount of of ink about money, and not about education. The Times would never criticize government monies going to fund children’s education – unless it’s for private schools, especially parochial schools, and especially especially, Jewish private schools.

The Thieving Jews Are Very Powerful, None Can Stand In Their Way

The progressive paper laid out lots of information about the ultra Orthodox Jews taking $1 billion while public schools were struggling, and wanted its readers to understand how their elected progressive political leadership has been helpless to fend off the Jewish power (text boxed in black).

  • city and state officials have avoided taking action, bowing to the influence of Hasidic leaders who push their followers to vote as a block,” note that the progressive champions are forced to “bow” down to the all powerful Jewish leaders, propaganda perfected under Nazi Germany. This screed from a paper that bemoans that only 80% of Black men are voting for the Black woman Stacey Abrams, instead of 95 percent, which is the voting block they expect.
  • Mayor Eric Adams has not intervened in the schools – and has touted close ties to Hasidic leaders. In Albany, Gov. Kathy Hochul has taken a similar hands-off approach, as did her predecessor, Andrew M. Cuomo,” showing that no leader – Democrats no less – would mess with the Jewish lobby. Black and Hispanic communities would never be written about in such fashion by the liberal rag.
  • Before elections, teachers often give students sample ballots with the names of the grand rabbi’s chosen candidate filled in” is the text below one picture
  • Mayor Eric Adams won his primary campaign with the help of the Satmar Hasidic group. He embraced Moishe Indig, a Satmar leader, during his election night party last November,” was the text beneath another picture.
  • Politicians who might have taken action have instead accommodated a Hasidic voting block that can sway local races.”
  • “‘There’s a significant population that you ignore at your peril‘”, making Jews appear less as constituents and more as powerful adversaries.
  • Yeshivas play a central role in getting out the vote. Before elections, teachers often give students sample ballots with the names of the grand rabbi’s chosen candidate filled in.” The Times normally loves groups that get out the vote. Here, it seems to bemoan the fact that these ultra Orthodox Jews are part of Democratic process.
  • Shortly before winning an endorsement from one faction of the Satmar group, Mr. Adams…”
  • Campaigning this year, [Kathy Hochul] met with Hasidic leaders in Williamsburg.
  • the city Department of Investigation found that the mayor engaged in ‘political horse-trading’ by delaying publication of an interim report on the schools

The Times did its utmost to make the failing schools appear unworthy of concern, and even more, a target of disgust, led by a powerful force that “controlled more than $500 million in assets” which bullied locally elected leaders who were helpless to protect the under-funded public school system.

The Charge of ‘Failing By Design’

If these Jews are so powerful and crafty at getting money, why do their students fail basic skills in English and math? Are they stupid? Do they have terrible teachers?

The Times has the answer: “they are failing by design.

The secular paper asserts that the schools “wall [the Jewish children] off from the secular world. Offering little English and math, and virtually no science or history, they drill the students relentlessly, sometimes brutally, during hours of religious lessons conducted in Yiddish.” It added that “some teachers at religious schools said that they had become convinced that their yeshivas discouraged learning English because it was seen as a dangerous bridge to the outside world.” Further, “some Hasidic boys’ yeshivas do not offer any nonreligious classes at all. Others make attending the classes optional.

Do the opinions of a few teachers and students provide proof that the entire system of education of 50,000 ultra Orthodox boys are “failing by design”? Hardly. Did the investigation produce any documents showing that administrators forbade teaching English and science? That the vast majority of schools had no math instructors? No. Just some anecdotes.

There’s a noxious bias in the reporting: Jews are clever, so if they are failing, they must be doing so on purpose.

Insular By Design

Just two weeks ago, the Times wrote a story about the death of an indigenous man in Brazil, and bemoaned the loss of an “entire uncontacted tribe.” The people in the forests of the Amazon wanted to live a secluded life but some natural forces like disease, as well as man-made encroachment on their habitats, killed their community. A sad extinction for the tribe and for mankind.

With a less generous pen, the paper touched upon the desire of the New York Hasidic community to resuscitate the communities that they once had in eastern Europe which were wiped out by the genocide of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis and their supporters, and wrote about the community’s desire to not be interviewed for the article. But the journalists opted to draw a direct line between the wish to remain insulated in terms of religious practice, with the effort to starve their children of any secular education.

The reality is that many Hasidim are very successful. Many attend top law schools and are leading lawyers and judges. Many are successful real estate investors. Many have retail stores and commercial businesses.

They went unmentioned in the article.

A Uniquely Scorned Minority

If the Times wanted to accurately relay the situation of the education of Hasidic children, it would have compared the performance of poor Yiddish-speaking students, to other poor non-English speaking communities, not to poor students broadly.

If the Times cared about the welfare of the Hasidic children, it would not have portrayed the funding of their schools as taking money away from public school children.

If the Times sought to uplift the most persecuted minority in the world, it would not have charged the Jews as powerful puppet masters of progressive politicians, and would have used softer language it reserves for its preferred Black and Hispanic minorities.

The New York Times did important research about the poor education in the Hasidic community, but it crafted a story meant to incite hatred against the Jews and to punish its leaders, rather than find solutions to improve the situation for the poor persecuted minority.

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The Opposite Reaction To The Killing Of Schoolchildren

There is perhaps nothing as shocking and horrible as the murder of young children at school.

The United States has seen and mourned the tragedy too often, most recently at Uvalde, TX where an 18-year old killed 19 students and two teachers. Ten people were killed and 13 wounded in 2018 when a 17-year old shot people in a high school in Santa Fe, TX. In February of that year, a 19-year old killed 17 and injured the same number at a high school in Parkland, FL, and a month earlier, a 15-year old killed two students and injured 18 others in Marshall County, KY.

Not all of the shooters in the school attacks are teenagers. Almost all are male and every attack was committed by “lone wolves” acting out of hatred or mental distress.

Society has uniformly mourned the innocent victims, even while debating how to deal with the terrible violence. The loss of young lives is a shocking amputation for the families, a scar on society.

Flowers at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, TX on May 28, 2022 (photo: AP/ Jae C. Hong)

Civil society is appalled at the senseless violence. It ponders how to treat mental sickness and retard the hatred of killers and would-be murderers, methods to keep armaments out of those hands, and ways to better protect vulnerable schools. The media and public officials even consider not mentioning killers’ names or publishing any ‘manifestos’, in the hopes that it will dissuade other killers.

At least in the United States. That’s not the tactic the world applies to slaughtered children in Israel.

Palestinian Arab terrorists have long targeted Jewish children for murder. Palestinian society celebrates the slaughter and the world excuses those murderers.

Consider the May 1974 attack in Ma’alot, in northern Israel. Several Palestinian men coordinated an attack (not a lone person with mental illness) which took 115 people, including 105 children, hostage at the Netiv Meir Elementary School. The two-day rampage left 31 Israelis dead (including 22 children) and 70 injured.

The three armed Palestinian terrorists were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). The leader of the DFLP, Nayef Hawatmeh, was awarded the “Star of Honor” for his contribution to Palestinian society by Mahmoud Abbas, the acting president of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The PA’s official news channel described the award to Hawatmeh as follows:

By the authority vested in us, and for the public good, we have decreed the following: ‘Brother Nayef Hawatmeh is decorated with the highest order of the Star of Honor in recognition of his important national role in service of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, and in recognition of his efforts to raise the flag of Palestine since the launch of the Palestinian revolution, through the stages of the ongoing struggle. [Signed by] Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine.

PA President Abbas awarding terrorist Hawatmeh the ‘Star of Honor’ on May 28, 2013

Another Palestinian terrorist group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also attacked a school in northern Israel in April 1974. The Kiryat Shmona massacre killed 18 Israelis, including 8 children. The three Palestinian Arab murderers were killed at that time.

Marking the 42nd anniversary of the massacre, the official PA newspaper celebrated the attack and called out the terrorists heroes: “The heroes [of the operation] were the Martyrs Munir Mughrabi ‘Abu Shaker’, a Palestinian born in 1954, Ahmad Mahmoud ‘Abu Shaker’, a Syrian born in Halab in 1954, and Yassin Al-Hourani ‘Abu Hadi’, who was born in southern Iraq in 1954.

Palestinian Arabs have also targeted school buses carrying Jewish children. In May 1970, Arabs fired rocket-propelled grenades at a bus which killed twelve people, including nine schoolchildren. In April 2011, the political-terrorist group Hamas fired a laser-guided anti-tank missile at a school bus, killing a young child.

Hamas has killed hundreds of Israeli civilians, including bombing the Hebrew University cafeteria in 2002, killing nine people, including 5 Americans. The attack was celebrated with hundreds of Palestinians pouring into the streets of Gaza City, vowing more attacks. The Palestinians love and support Hamas, with over half supporting the terrorist group and likely to elect the Hamas leader president of the PA, should elections ever be held.

Cafeteria of Hebrew University bombed by Hamas July 2002 (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

In 2015, a United States court found the PA liable for supporting the terrorist attacks and ordered to pay $218 million to the victims, which was tripled due to its being related to terrorism. The courts ultimately threw out the ruling because Americans weren’t specifically targeted and the attacks did not happen on US soil.

While the fines were deemed inappropriate to enforce, the judgment which concluded that the PA was behind attacks on schools and civilians remains valid. Yet President Biden plans on meeting with PA President Abbas next month in any event. A representative of the European Union said yesterday that Israelis are to blame for Palestinian terrorism, as young Palestinians see homes being demolished, as he ignored the glorification of murderers at Palestinian schools.

How can the world mourn the killing of young American children at school by lone gunmen, while simultaneously excusing the slaughter of Jewish children by organized Palestinian political and terrorist groups?

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‘Critical Race Theory’ in Palestinian Schools Calls For The Murder of Israeli Jews

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.

Diogenes (412 – 323BCE)

Americans are engaged in an emotional debate about the nature of American society and how it should be taught in schools. Some left-wing activists have put forward the notion that America’s basic foundation was not about equality as stated in the Declaration of Independence but about slavery and inequality which existed at the time, and continue to permeate society. These progressive activists have been effective at changing school curricula based on ‘Critical Race Theory’ (CRT), banning certain books as being insensitive and promoting others which challenge the premise that America is a welcoming multi-cultural society with a narrative that it is actually systematically racist and biased towards White people.

For example, in New York City, a school is having 7th and 8th graders engage in a two-day exercise to “undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community.” California approved a program for high school students based on CRT. The list of schools continues to grow.

It has not been without controversy.

Many Americans strongly object to teaching White children that they are inherently racist or should be embarrassed about what White people did hundreds of years ago. Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice (a Black woman) saidPeople are being taught the true history, but I just have to say one more thing: It goes back to how we teach the history. We teach the good and we teach the bad of history. But what we don’t do is make 7- and 10-year-olds feel that they are somehow bad people because of the color of their skin. We’ve been through that, and we don’t need to do that again for anyone.

Over 100,000 people voiced their displeasure with the California school action. In Virginia, the Democratic hopeful for governor incorrectly repeatedly said (aka lied) that CRT was not being taught in lower schools, and lost his election bid due to the anger of the electorate. Many American parents vociferously object to a new form of racism to be taught in the classroom and are demanding a voice.

The dynamic inside of Palestinian schools is even more problematic, with deadly consequences.

Palestinian Schools Educate Youth to Murder Israeli Jews

The culture of murder starts for Palestinian youth as they approach their schools which are often named after terrorists, like Dalal al-Mughrabi, who killed 38 Israelis including 13 children. The Dalal Mughrabi Elementary School in Hebron lets students know that terrorism is a way to gain fame and glory. According to Palestinian Media Watch, there are at least 28 Palestinian schools named after terrorists and over 40 more schools with names that glorify martyrdom.

Inside of the schools, classrooms are filled with calls for violence and “martyrdom.”

In Hebron, the Wasyah Al-Rasoul elementary school for boys has classes in which teachers glorify Dalal’s attack. In Jerusalem, textbooks describe the firebombing of Israeli buses as “barbeque parties.” Social studies textbooks call for the use of “armed force” against the “Zionist Occupation.” Math textbooks use examples of the number of “martyrs” killed by “Israeli occupation against the holy sites of Islam.

In May 2021, IMPACT-SE, a group that monitors Arab textbooks, published a report about what is being taught in Palestinian grades 1 through 12. It is an important read (to donate to IMPACT-SE click here) and can be summarized by the following excerpt:

The latest IMPACT-se analysis of the new Palestinian curriculum found it has moved further from meeting UNESCO standards and the newly published textbooks were found to be more radical than those previously published.
There is a systematic insertion of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades and subjects. Extreme nationalism and Islamist ideologies are widespread throughout the curriculum, including science and math textbooks.
The possibility of peace with Israel is rejected. Any historical Jewish presence in the modern-day territories of Israel and the Palestinian Authority is entirely omitted from the textbooks.

The vile lesson plans were not confined to Palestinian Authority schools but were found widespread in the United Nations’ UNRWA schools as well.

The consequences of teaching violence and hatred are not surprising as seen recently by attacks by Palestinian teachers and youth.

Pictures showing the 14-year-old Palestinian terrorist with her knapsack of schoolbooks and the knife she plunged into her Jewish neighbor’s back (photos from IMPACT-SE)

Teaching violence produces violence.

US Politicians on Palestinians’ ‘Critical Jew Theory’

Some western governments have tried to stop the incitement to terror in Palestinian schools but have often found that their efforts failed due to Palestinians flatly refusing to change their stance on armed confrontation with Israeli Jews.

Belgium strongly objected to having its donations fund a school named after a terrorist and freezed funds on October 9, 2017. In response, on August 23, 2018, the Palestinian Authority changed ‘The Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Elementary School’ to ‘The Belgian School’, seemingly ending the matter. Not so. Within three days, the PA named TWO schools not funded with Belgian donations after the terrorist, a spit in the face of all Belgians.

In the United States, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) re-introduced the ‘Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act’ on April 5, 2021. Jointly co-sponsored by a bipartisan group including Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), and Rep. David Trone (D-MD), the act sought to “ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars promote dignity and tolerance, and that the educational materials such schools employ do not incite hatred” in Palestinian textbooks. It seemed not remotely controversial.

But not for progressives.

In response to the proposal for peace, far-left anti-Israel politicians brought forth their own bill to “protect” Palestinian youth. On April 15, 2021, Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) urged that “Congress must stop ignoring the unjust and blatantly cruel mistreatment of Palestinian children and families living under Israeli military occupation.” She was joined by a list of alt-left politicians in co-sponsoring the legislation including Bobby L. Rush (IL-01), Danny K. Davis (IL-07), Andre Carson (IN-07), Marie Newman (IL-03), Ilhan Omar (MN-05), Mark Pocan (WI-02), Raúl Grijalva (AZ-03), Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), Ayanna Pressley (MA-07), Cori Bush (MO-01), Jamaal Bowman (NY-16), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04).

These progressives seek protection for the 16- and 14-year-old Palestinians who attacked Israelis and are seemingly fine with the hateful venom taught in Palestinian schools.

For US politicians the educational battle is not confined to US schools but Palestinian ones as well, pitting the alt-left ideology against everyone, including moderate Democrats.

On November 16, just a few days before a member of the Palestinian political-terrorist group HAMAS who taught in Palestinian schools shot and killed an unarmed Israeli civilian, the Sherman proposal for teaching peace advanced in the senate. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) advanced the act, stating “The Middle East will never experience peace until Palestinians stop teaching their kids to hate Israel, and American dollars should not fund this anti-Jewish propaganda. The Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act would give us a closer look at what Palestinian schools are teaching and whether or not American money is supporting antisemitism.

Unfortunately, Palestinian children are not only taught violence and hatred in schools funded by the misguided charitable urges of western governments, but are becoming a protected class for alt-left politicians who excuse every attempt to murder Jews.

While ‘Critical Race Theory’ is being advanced by radical progressives to besmirch all White Americans, ‘Critical Jew Theory’ continues to be instilled in Palestinian schools to attack Zionists, with the ongoing support of those same alt-left extremists.

Links to contact politicians referenced above to share your thoughts:

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA)
Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)
Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ)
Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL)
Rep. David Trone (D-MD)
Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

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NY Times, NY Times, What Do You See? It Sees Rich White Males

I loved the Eric Carle / Bill Martin Jr book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” I loved it both as a child and as a parent reading it to children. The text was clear and the pictures were beautiful. It taught us how to see and identify basic things like colors and animals in a straightforward and enjoyable manner.

But the world is seemingly not so simple in a world pounding out millennial “my truths.” Simple pictures of animals are now Rorschach tests subject to varied interpretation. Colors are now blinded through a reverse prism of everything exiting as a blinding white – as in white male privilege.

Consider an important study performed at Stanford University of 260 million standardized test scores taken by third to eighth graders in the United States. The graphic pointed to remarkable and scary outcomes regarding the performance differences between boys and girls in school.

Hundreds of red circles marked the top of the chart showing girl test scores ranging anywhere from half to more than a full test grade level over boys in every part of the country, whether in the poorest or richest segments. The graphic clearly illustrated how girls scored dramatically higher on English tests all around the United States.

Further down on the page, clustered near the parity line between boys and girls, were the blue dots representing the math scores. Here the graph was more balanced, with girls out-performing boys by just a little in some markets, with boys outperforming girls by just a bit in more markets. The blue cloud appeared to have a slope indicating that boys in richer neighborhoods performed slightly better than those in poorer neighborhoods. In no sample did the maximum out-performance of boys in math even reach the smallest out-performance by girls in English. In English, girls outperformed boys by about 3/4 of a full grade, and in math the boys outperformed girls by roughly 1/3rd of a grade.

The graph was alarming in how poorly boys performed relative to girls in English. It begged the question of how to redo the entire English curriculum to address the failure of schools to educate boys. Are more male teachers needed? Are the choice of texts not appropriate for boys? Should there be a change in the classroom setting? In the creative writing syllabus?

But these questions that immediately sprang to anyone’s mind from the picture were missing in the New York Times coverage of study on June 17, 2018.

In an article titled “Math’s Variable: Boys Outperform Girls in Rich, White Suburbs,” the Times inverted the story into a different narrative. The Times wrote “In school districts that are mostly rich, white and suburban, boys are much more likely to outperform girls in math, according to a new study from Stanford researchers, one of the most comprehensive looks at the gender gap in test scores at the school district level.” For 24 paragraphs, the Times would explore the advantages of rich White and Asian households that “invest in more stereotypical activities,” like “daughters in ballet and their sons in engineering.” Because rich people are sooo stereotypical and non-progressive.

Only in the 21st paragraph of the article did the Times devote attention to the obvious and important conclusion of girls DRAMATICALLY outperforming boys in English. It wrote: “Girls continue to outperform boys in reading in school districts across the United States, regardless of income, and in most other rich countries. Parents have been found to talk more to girls from the time they are infants. Teachers say girls concentrate more on reading. Perhaps boys’ reading skills mature later. There could also be a role model effect: Women say they read more than men, while boys are steered more towards sports and video games.

This article is a travesty of #AlternativeFacts and it undermines helping children that are truly falling behind. Our progressive society that looks to spend as much public money as possible to produce equal outcomes for poor-and-rich; White-and-Blacks and Latinos; boys-and-girls, focuses only on the narrow out-performance of rich white boys. The article noted how a wealthy white township where “the students are about 60% white and 30% Asian-American,” had “Boys and girls both perform well, but boys score almost half a grade level ahead of girls in math…. Boys are much more likely to sign up for math clubs and competitions, he said, to the point that the district started a girls-only math competition this year.” But there was NO mention of what is being done to help millions of boys perform better in English. Just “perhaps boys’ reading skills mature later.” Sorry. Nothing we can do to help boys in English. Move on.

Consider that the Times published this article at the same time as discussing the ultra-liberal New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s plans to upend the city’s strongest math and science high schools to reduce the number of Whites and Asians and increase the number of Blacks and Latinos. Are there any efforts to get more boys or Whites into the best arts high schools, like Fiorella LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts which is 74% female and 56% minority? Nope.

Our schools are grossly failing our boys in English and there is zero effort on their behalf, either by progressive politicians or left-wing newspapers. Boys are just younger versions of the ‘patriarchy’ that are future enemies for the racial and gender justice warriors. Stay on message: it’s all about rich white male privilege.

Perhaps that observation is part of the grade gap between boys and girls in English and language arts: boys and girls see the world differently, just as conservatives and liberals do. While math and science have strict rules about what is correct, the language arts are more fluid and subject to interpretation. And if women and liberals continue to dominate the teaching profession and direct the narrative of interpretation, the nation’s boys will likely continue to suffer.

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