The New York Times and Richard Falk

Ever hear of the name “Richard Falk” in the New York Times? He was the United Nations investigator of human rights in Gaza and the West Bank until last week, when he was replaced by his wife.  The NYT has not covered anything about the man since December 2008 when it penned an article called “U.N. Rights Investigator Expelled by Israel”.

The article goes on to describe how Israel expelled this American professor from Princeton University for what the Israeli government felt was “his hostile position toward Israel”.  It also noted that the Americans and Canadians had “concerns about Mr. Falk’s possible bias”. (Note the word “possible”).

In the last five years, the NYT has not published any further news or comments about this United Nations Human Rights Council special rapporteur.  Not even this week, when nepotism reined at the U.N., and the council appointed Falk’s wife, Hilal Elver Falk, to replace him.

The US has condemned Falk’s appreciation of 9/11 conspiracy theories and added that Elver’s “biased and inflammatory views [regarding the United States and Israel] run counter to the dispassionate professionalism central to the work of a Special Rapporteur.”  Canada added that Elver’s “public record clearly demonstrates abysmal judgment, as well as associations with fringe groups,”

For five years Falk has made outrageous statements about Israel without a single report by the NYT.  Recently, in December 2013, Falk stated that Israel’s “criminal intention [toward Palestinians] is genocidal.”  The US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki reacted: “We do not support his mandate or his work, which has been one-sided and biased, nor do we believe he should continue to serve as independent UN rapporteur, and we reiterate our calls for him to step down from this role.”  Canada made similar remarks.

In April 2003, after the Boston Marathon bombings, Richard Falk stated that the attack was justified based on the US’s foreign policy. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned Falk’s comments. No article or report by the NYT.

The NYT would rather not report on these stories and lead you to believe that the UN is an impartial entity upholding peace and brotherhood.  It would rather post headlines that make it sound that Israel is against human rights and free speech.

The NYT’s lack of coverage of the outrageous statements for five years and the recent appointment of his wife to succeed him, while it posts 2-5 articles daily about other UN activities – especially regarding Palestinians – make it complicit in endorsing Falk and Elver and their opinions.