Praising and Defending Terrorism Against Jews

Hussein Khaled Qaraqe, a 31 year old Palestinian Arab, rammed his car into a crowd of Israeli Jews on the eve of the Jewish Sabbath in the Jews’ holiest city of Jerusalem on February 10, 2023. He killed a six year old and a 20 year old man who had just gotten married, and injured several others.

While the world was outraged and strongly condemned the attack, including the United States which issued a statement that the “deliberate targeting of innocent civilians is repugnant and unconscionable,” Palestinians celebrated and defended the killings of Jewish civilians.

Hamas, the popular political-terrorist group which governs Gaza and holds a majority of Palestinian parliament, issued a statement under the banner “Hamas mourns Palestinian killed by Israeli occupation troops in occupied Jerusalem.” The article wrote “The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas mourns Palestinian resistance fighter Hussein Qaraqe’, 31, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces near the colonial settlement of ‘Ramat’ in occupied Jerusalem on Friday. Hamas reiterates that the Palestinian people will continue to resist the Israeli occupation forces and colonial settlers’ crimes against the defenseless citizens of the occupied West Bank and the racist policy of home demolition.”

>> Recall that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) compared Israel and the United States to this repugnant and racist genocidal regime, and every Democrat – including Jews – in the House of Representatives sought to protect her from being ousted from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Wafa, the official website of the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Fatah, ran a story inverting the facts with the headlineIsraeli settlers kill a Palestinian driver in occupied Jerusalem.” The article wrote “A Palestinian young man was shot dead today by Israeli settlers at Nabi Samuel junction in occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources. The family of Hussein Khaled Qaraqe, 30, said Israeli settlers opened gunfire at their son while he was driving his vehicle at the junction, critically injuring him. The young man was pronounced dead a few of minutes later.”

Ground News captured the overall Palestinian sentiment of the attack “Palestinians Celebrate Murder of Israelis in Terrorist Attack, Media Headlines Call Victims ‘Settlers’

Palestinian sites featured pictures of the killer but not the Jewish victims

Outside of the Palestinians, several Muslim sites sought to inflame the situation.

Palm Strategic Initiatives wrote “Two Israeli settlers were reported killed and five others injured during a ramming attack in occupied Jerusalem. Israeli media reported that Palestinian youth Hussein Qaraqe’, 31, carried out a run-over attack in Ramout Israeli settlement in occupied Jerusalem.” Neither the six year Jewish victim nor the 20-year old was described in any fashion, while the 31-year old terrorist was described as a “youth.”

Al Mayadeen wrote that “Israeli media claim two illegal Israeli settlers were killed and five others were injured in a ramming operation into a bus stop in Al-Quds,” making Jewish civilians walking on the street the actual perpetrator of doing something “illegal.”

Hezbollah’s Al Manar wrote “Car Ramming Attack in Al-Quds City Kills Two Zionist Settlers, Critically Injures Seven Others.” The article led “A car ramming attack, carried out by a Palestinian who descends from Al-Issawiya town, left two Zionist settlers dead and critically injured seven others in Al-Quds City. Hussein Karaka, 31, rammed into a bus stop at the entrance to the Ramot neighborhood and hit 11 settlers, according to media reports.”

The left-wing Israeli media headed by Haaretz tried to explain away the terrorism. It ran a headline “Jerusalem Attacker Was Released From Psychiatric Ward Day Before Car Ramming, Family Says.” It pushed the narrative that the Palestinian terrorist was not really a perpetrator of violence as much as a victim of mental illness.

What has happened to the world?

It is illegal under international law to incite violence which the Palestinian leadership does openly. It is also illegal to finance terrorism, which the global community does in providing funds to the PA and Hamas.

It should perhaps not be shocking in this environment that a member of Congress normalized a genocidal jihadist regime, but shouldn’t we be appalled that Jews are defending this Congresswoman?

The killing of civilians is absolutely “repugnant and unconscionable,” and it is past time to hold the defenders of such atrocities to account.

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Will The UN Ever Support Israel Addressing Terrorism And Violent Extremism?

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres issued two rebukes about the slaughter of Jewish and Muslim worshipers at the end of January. While some words about the shooting of Jews outside a synagogue in Jerusalem and a bombing of a mosque in Pakistan were common, some stood in sharp contrast.

IssueIsrael Attack 1/27/23Pakistan Attack 1/30/23
Condemnation“strongly condemns”“strongly condemns”
Condolence“heartfelt condolences”“heartfelt condolences”
Disgust“particularly abhorrent that the attack occurred at a place of worship… there is never any excuse for acts of terrorism.“particularly abhorrent that the attack occurred at a place of worship. Freedom of religion or belief, including the ability to worship in peace and security, is a universal human right.
SolidarityNONE“reiterates solidarity of the United Nations with the Government and people of Pakistan…”
Address Terrorism“deeply worried about the current escalation of violence in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. This is the moment to exercise the utmost restraint.“… in their efforts to address terrorism and violent extremism.”
Comments of the UN Secretary General in January 2023

Gutteres had enough brains to strongly condemn both heinous attacks and offer his condolences to the victims. But after that, his brain fell out.

The head of the U.N. understands that freedom of religion and ability to worship in peace is a fundamental human right… except for Jews for some reason. Guterres seemingly omitted saying it for Jews because he supports radical jihadists who demand that Jews be forbidden from praying at their holiest location on the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

He didn’t offer solidarity with the government and people of Israel as he did for Pakistan because he somehow has a misguided view that condemning Palestinian terrorism would be taking sides in the conflict, instead of taking a strong stand against terrorism. Offering meek words that “there is no excuse for terrorism” to Palestinians is outrageous. It suggests that the world is actually reading their genocidal manifesto and considering its validity, something never considered for any other terrorist.

And significantly, telling Pakistan (and the whole world) – OTHER THAN ISRAEL – that the U.N. stands with them in their effort to combat “terrorism and violent extremism,” empowers the anti-Semitic Palestinians who flatly reject coexistence with the Jewish State, to continue their extremist genocidal ways.

The U.N. must finally support Jews like any other people- with freedom to worship in peace, and to address the terrorism and violent extremism of their anti-Semitic violent neighbors.

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Moral Clarity From Biden Administration About Attacks in Israel

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is flying to the Middle East on a scheduled trip, that is coming days after a series of deadly attacks in the holy land. His responses thus far have been clear, unambiguous and morally correct.

After a Palestinian Arab gunned down seven Jews walking out of synagogue on Sabbath, Blinken issued a statement strongly condemning the attack:

The United States condemns in the strongest terms the horrific terrorist attack that occurred today outside of a synagogue in Jerusalem. We mourn those killed in the attack, and our thoughts are with the injured, including children. The notion of people being targeted as they leave a house of worship is abhorrent. It is particularly tragic that this attack occurred on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

On behalf of the United States, I express our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased and wish those injured a full recovery. We are in close contact with our Israeli partners and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Israel’s security.

Earlier in the day, Ned Price, spokesman for Blinken offered the following in response to the Israeli raid into Jenin to root out Palestinian terrorists planning attacks, which left nine Palestinians dead:

Today in Jenin, at least nine Palestinians, including militants and at least one civilian, were killed and over twenty injured during an Israeli Defense Forces counterterrorism operation against a Palestinian Islamic Jihad cell. We recognize the very real security challenges facing Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and condemn terrorist groups planning and carrying out attacks against civilians. We mourn the loss of innocent lives as well as injuries to civilians, and are deeply concerned by the cycle of violence in the West Bank. We underscore the urgent need for all parties to de-escalate, prevent further loss of civilian life, and work together to improve the security situation in the West Bank. Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely.

This is in sharp contrast to the liberal media which attempted to portray Israel as gratuitously killing Palestinians, while Jews just happen to die in land that Arabists believe should be Jew-free. It’s a welcome show of moral clarity which should be welcomed and appreciated.

Contact White House

Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrives to meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, not pictured, in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 25, 2022. Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Pool via REUTERS

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Israelis Targeting Terrorists, Palestinians Targeting Civilians

The “cycle of violence” is continuing in the holy land, in a phrase that inappropriately conveys similarity.

Last week, the Israel Defense Forces went after a terrorist cell in Jenin which was planning attacks against Israelis. The gun battle resulted in nine dead Palestinians, seven of them terrorists.

Hours later, a Palestinian Arab shot and killed seven innocent Jews coming out of synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath. The terrorist was killed. The following day a 13-year old Palestinian shot and injured a father and son walking on the streets of Jerusalem on the Sabbath. The perpetrator was taken into custody.

There is no moral equivalence between the actions of Palestinians attacking innocent Jews and Israel defending its citizens. There is no equivalence of intent which is lost in the phrase “cycle of violence.”

While Israel has created a multi-ethnic democracy which has tried to live in peace with its neighbors, Palestinians continue to demand a purely Arab and Islamic region, ethnically cleansed of Jews.

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Every Picture And Headline Tells A Story: Raid On Terrorists

Both the United States and Israel conducted raids on wanted terrorists in January 2023. Both countries killed about ten terrorists and escaped the raids without losing any soldiers. The Israeli raid also was reported by local Arab sources to have two civilian casualties, while no civilians deaths were reported by the U.S. military.

The New York Times covered the stories very differently.

The story of the U.S. raid was found at the bottom of the page. It had no pictures. The title read “U.S. Copter Raid Kills an ISIS Leader in Somalia,” which made the U.S. raid sound mechanical – as if done by a drone. The attack clearly took out a bad person, the leader of ISIS.

The article itself would only quote from the U.S. military. The reporters did not run around Somalia to talk to local people about whether the American claims were true and that no civilians were injured.

That is all in sharp contrast to the Israeli raid on the same day.

The Israeli story was featured at the top of the page with two large pictures, one of a funeral and another of “an elderly Palestinian mourner as the funeral procession began.” The article ran under the header “Israeli Troops Kill Several Palestinians in West Bank Raid.” In this case, there was no distancing of soldiers in the field as there was in the U.S. story. More significantly, the headline made the Palestinians appear as innocent civilians, rather than active terrorists.

The Times article was written by two Arab women, and featured many quotes from local Arabs who used inflammatory language about the raid to stop terrorist activity.

The New York Times is creating a fictional narrative that Israelis are wantonly killing Palestinian civilians to turn American support from the Jewish State. It is an example of the insidious anti-Zionism which has permeated liberal media and is instigating anti-Semitism on American streets.

Six Arab men stomp and pepper spray Orthodox Jew in Manhattan on way to pro-Israel rally in May 2021, calling him a “dirty Jew,” “F–k Israel,” and “Hamas is going to kill all of you.” Attacker sentenced to only six months in January 2023

If this sounds exaggerated, consider the Times headline the following day when a Palestinian Arab murdered seven Jews coming out of a synagogue on Sabbath.

For the anti-Zionist media, Israelis kill Palestinians but some “people” are dead from anonymous shots. Of course, this is a complete inversion of facts, as the Arab intentionally shot and killed innocent Jews, while Israel went to Jenin to capture terrorists.

The Times is maliciously lying to its readers and falsifying the Israeli-Arab Conflict.

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The Successful Murder Of Jews and Marker For New Massacres

Arabs have been murdering Jews in the holy land since 1920, when the British took over the region from the Ottomans. The number of Jews killed by local Arabs spiked during riots such as those in 1929, from 1936 to 1939 and from 2000 to 2004.

Jews have been deliberately targeted for death every year. In some years, the Arabs are more successful.

In 2014, as the U.S.-sponsored peace talks collapsed, the Palestinian political-terrorist group Hamas abducted and killed three teenagers, which sparked Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. The Palestinian Arabs in Areas A and B in the West Bank soon joined the carnage in what became known as the “stabbing and car ramming intifada,” using an Arabic term which means “resistance” to whitewash the anti-Semitic blood lust.

In September 2015, Mahmoud Abbas, acting-President of the Palestinian Authority called for a holy war for Jerusalem, blessing Muslim Arab “activists” who harassed Jews visiting their holiest site of the Temple Mount. He saidWe bless you; we bless the Mourabitoun and the Mourabitat. We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah. With the help of Allah, every shaheed (martyr) will be in heaven, and every wounded will get his reward. All of their steps, we will not allow them. All these divisions, Al-Aqsa is ours, and the (Church of the) Holy Sepulcher is ours, everything is ours, all ours. They (the Jews) have no right to desecrate them with their filthy feet and we won’t allow them to.

Thirty-three of the 37 people killed by Palestinian terrorism in 2015 occurred after Abbas’s incitement.

Fortunately, Palestinian terrorism was less successful in the following years. The four years of the Trump Administration – which included the United States recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving its embassy there – had the lowest toll from terrorism in any four year period over the past many decades.

Regrettably, the trend would not continue.

In May 2021, more Palestinian Arabs took up arms against their Jewish neighbors. On May 5th, Palestinians shot three 19-year old Jewish students on the road, killing one, Yehuda Guetta. Israel commenced a search for the killer near Nablus with the assistance of the Palestinian Authority which angered many Palestinians. That action, together with Jews purchasing homes in the Sheik Jarrah-Shimon HaTzadik section of Jerusalem, set the region aflame once again.

While Hamas was launching rockets into Israeli towns from Gaza, two new terrorist groups were born in the West Bank. Jenin Brigades (or Battalion) and the Lion’s Den have been attacking Jews in Israel, Judea and Samaria ever since.

While not directed by the PA, they have broad public support on the Arab street. According to a December 2022 Palestinian poll, while 59% think that the PA is a burden for Palestinians, 72% support the two new terrorist groups, and 87% are against the PA arresting anyone from those groups.

The poll is alarming showed that fifty percent of Palestinians support killing Israeli civilians inside of Israel (57% in Gaza and 46% in the West Bank).

That eleven percent gap between Gaza and the West Bank is important.

During the 2000-2004 Two Percent War / “Second Intifada”, the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank had very similar approaches to murdering Israeli Jews, with Gazans even more in favor of murdering by about ten percentage points. That gap began to widen with Israel’s completion of the separation barrier, and really opened up between 2018 and 2020 to over 40 percentage points with few West Bankers favoring killing Israelis (not surprisingly, terrorism plummeted).

As described above, that gap now stands at only 11% as of December 2022, a level not seen since the Second Intifada.

Hamas-controlled Gaza has long supported terrorism against Israeli Jews, and while the Palestinian Authority incited terrorism, the territory under its control moved away from supporting it until 2021. Those days are now over, and the new terrorist groups in the West Bank have the people’s support to slaughter Israeli Jews with impunity.

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Hamas Militant or Football Player? Offensive or Defensive?

During Chanukah and the week when the bible portion dealing with Joseph is read in synagogues around the world, Jews often make the trip to Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem / Nablus in Judea and Samaria / West Bank. Accompanied by a military escort, the cars often come under fire from local Palestinian Arabs, as was the case last week.

Ahmed Atef Daraghmeh, a 23-year old Palestinian man from a nearby city, was armed and involved in the shooting attack on the Jewish convoy, and was shot and killed by Israeli troops. The news media covered the story very differently.

  • The Jordan Times headline was “Israeli forces kill Palestinian militant in West Bank clashes,” making it clear that the Palestinian was an armed militant. The article added “Islamist group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, said Daraghmeh was a member of its military wing who “was killed by occupation bullets during clashes at dawn on Thursday”.
  • Al Monitor picked up the exact same headline and story as above, as produced by Agence France-Presse (AFP).
  • The Times of Israel similarly led with “Hamas ‘fighter’ killed during armed clash with IDF in Nablus.” The Israeli site was more clear labeling the Palestinian a terrorist in the article.

Other Arab and Muslim sites reoriented the story.

  • Turkish site TRT World‘s headline was “Palestinian football player killed by Israeli army in West Bank,” made it sound like Israeli forces went into a soccer stadium and wantonly attacked someone kicking a ball. The sub-header “23-year-old Ahmad Atef Daraghmeh was killed, and five other Palestinians injured during an Israeli army raid in Nablus,” made the Israeli visit an incursion rather than a visit to a Jewish holy site.
  • Free Press Kashmir picked up the footballer focus with “Palestinian footballer shot dead by Israeli forces in West Bank”
  • Daily Sabah wrote “Israeli army kills another Palestinian man in occupied West Bank,” skipping the militant’s profession and making it sound like Israelis were on a daily warpath.
  • Arab News extended the story with “Palestine’s FA asks FIFA to probe reported Israeli killing of footballer,” connecting the story to the just concluded World Cup.
  • Al Jazeera headline was “Palestinian footballer killed by Israel in West Bank: Medics”
  • Middle East Eye: “West Bank: Palestinian footballer killed by Israeli forces in overnight raid”
  • Middle East Monitor: “Israel kills Palestinian footballer in Nablus” and led with “Just days after the FIFA World Cup during which the issue of Palestine featured prominently, Israeli occupation forces have today shot dead a Palestinian footballer.”
  • Tasnim News headline was “Young Palestinian Soccer Player Killed by Israeli Forces during West Bank Raid”
  • The anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss wrote “Soccer player and resistance fighter Ahmad Daraghmeh killed in Nablus,” covering his profession and alluding to his military activities.

Most of the Muslim and Arab world led with Daraghmeh’s profession which had nothing to do with the incident, as did a commentator from BBC, as reported by the Jewish Chronicle:

“The dead Palestinian footballer lamented by soccer pundit Gary Lineker was actually a Hamas terrorist killed after firing on Israeli soldiers. The former England striker and BBC presenter sparked fury after he described the death as “awful” without giving the context…. Mr Lineker had voiced his outrage over the shooting in response to a tweet that read: “This #Palestinian soccer player Ahmed Daraghmeh was waiting for a great future in representing his country’s team, #Palestine. The bullets of the occupation stopped his football dream & took his life treacherously. A little while ago in #Nablus. #FreePalestine #Ukraine #sportgala”.”

Lineker has a history of retweeting Palestinian propaganda and anti-Semitic vitriol. He has 1.1 million followers who read such posts. Add that total to the readership of the Arab sites, and millions of people were fed false news that Israel was targeting Palestinian athletes for assassination.

Hamas militants are also doctors, merchants, teachers and athletes. It doesn’t absolve them of their heinous terrorism – let alone make Israel the aggressor – but highlights how mainstream the political-terrorist group is in Palestinian society.

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This Day In Palestinians Resorting To Violence History: December 23 (Rabbi Teaching Torah To Spanish Speakers)

On December 23, 2015, two frustrated Palestinians aged 21, Anan Abu Habseh and Issa Yassin Asaf from the Qalandiyah refugee camp, came to Jerusalem. Inspired by Palestinian polls which showed 67% support stabbing Israeli Jews (even higher in refugee camps), they left their cellphones and ID cards at home after posting on social media that they were looking to become martyrs. The pair went looking for Jews who walked the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem with impunity, as if their “filthy feet” (to quote Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas) had any right to walk on purely Islamic holy land.

Rabbi Reuven (Eduardo) Birmacher, age 45, had just finished teaching bible classes to Spanish speaking students at Yeshiva Aish Hatorah in the Old City. He had moved to Israel from Argentina and loved teaching Judaism to young men in Jerusalem. His fluency in Spanish made him an excellent teacher to students who came to Israel from Spanish speaking countries, such as Argentina, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

As Rabbi Birmacher was heading home to his wife and seven children out of the Jaffa Gate, the two Palestinian Arabs set upon and repeatedly stabbed him. He died a short time later.

Rabbi Reuven Birmacher, age 45, a teacher from Aish Hatorah Yeshiva, stabbed by two Palestinian Arabs because he was a Jew in Jerusalem.

Israeli border police shot and killed the two Palestinians who had to resort to violence because Jews had the audacity of teaching Judaism in Jerusalem.

The father of Anan Abu Habseh celebrated the actions of his son. As posted on Fatah’s website, Muhammed Abu Habseh said “with our skulls we pave the path to victory, until the liberation of Palestine. Our compass will not deviate from Jerusalem nor from Palestine.”

The United States House of Representatives had just recently met on October 22, 2015 to discuss the incitement to hatred and violence of Palestinian leadership. It said of PA President Abbas and US Secretary of State John Kerry:

this culture of hate is being cultivated by Palestinian leaders. After being exposed day in and day out to these types of messages for most of their young lives, many of these young people will react and once the 
Palestinian President declares, in his words, ``We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem'' there are consequences to that.
    And it doesn't help when those in the media--or the Secretary of State for that matter--give this incitement a pass.

The terrorist-apologists are telling you that Arabs resort to violence. If only there were no Jews in the holy land, they wouldn’t have to kill them.

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NY Times Repeatedly Tells Its Readers That An Israeli Supported A Mass Murderer, But Never That Many Palestinians Embrace Many Terrorists

The New York Times has spent considerable ink this year telling its readers that Israeli leadership loves a murderer of Arabs, yet it never prints anything about Palestinians who do it daily.

The anti-Zionist and very anti-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paper has written repeatedly about a new member of the Israeli government Itamar Ben-Gvir. It portrays him as a racist extremist who praised a killer of Palestinians, over and over, again and again.

  • October 24, 2022: “Until recently, he hung a portrait in his home of Baruch Goldstein, who shot dead 29 Palestinians in a West Bank mosque in 1994…. The portrait of Mr. Goldstein, who killed the Palestinians in 1994, no longer hangs in Mr. Ben-Gvir’s home.”
  • November 2, 2022: “Itamar Ben-Gvir, Jewish Power’s leader, seeks to grant legal immunity to Israeli soldiers who shoot Palestinians and deport rival lawmakers he accuses of terrorism. Until recently, he hung a portrait in his home of Baruch Goldstein, who shot dead 29 Palestinians in a West Bank mosque in 1994.”
  • November 4, 2022: “The mosque massacre in 1994, whose perpetrator, Baruch Goldstein, was once feted by Mr. Ben-Gvir in his home, occurred a few hundred yards away. “I’m afraid that fanatic settlers will feel more empowered” by Mr. Ben-Gvir’s rise, said Mr. Amro. “I’m afraid that more Baruch Goldstein massacres will happen.”
  • November 13, 2022: “Mr. Ben-Gvir, a resident of Hebron with a history of provocations and racism, who until recently hung a portrait in his home of Baruch Goldstein, an American-born Israeli doctor who massacred 29 Muslim worshipers praying at the city’s holy site in 1994.”
  • November 17, 2022 podcast: “Patrick Kingsley (NY Times reporter): Why have you got a picture of Baruch Goldstein, this extremist, on your wall? And when your son asks who he is, what do you say? And he defends it. Archived Recording (Itamar Ben-Gvir) Patrick Kingsley: He says, I tell my son, he’s a righteous man, he’s a hero. Sabrina Tavernise (another NYTimes journalist): Wow. A picture of a mass murderer hanging on his wall. Patrick Kingsley: Exactly.”
  • November 20, 2022: “Mr. Ben-Gvir has also been a source of alarm. He has expressed admiration for Meir Kahane, a politician who called for expelling Israel’s Arab citizens and banning sex between Jews and non-Jews, as well as for Baruch Goldstein, a West Bank settler who killed 29 Palestinians and wounded 125 more when he attacked a mosque in 1994.”

The examples continue. Over and again, the paper mentioned that Ben-Gvir once hung a picture of Baruch Goldstein, a man who shot 29 Muslim worshipers in the Cave of the Jewish Matriarchs and Patriarchs in Hebron, nearly 30 years ago.

It’s repetitive and lazy journalism, but that’s not really the point. The issue is that the Times never points out that the lionization of many Palestinian mass murderers of Israeli Jews is a daily occurrence in Palestinian society. It happens in schools, public squares and the government-controlled media. Constantly.

Dalal Mughrabi was a woman who killed 37 people including 12 children. Her name appears in public squares and elementary schools. She is a featured celebrity in Palestinian society. School children call her the “bride of Jaffa” to this day.

Abd Al-Baset Odeh was a Hamas operative who killed 30 Jews enjoying a Passover seder in a hotel in Netanya in 2002. In 2003, the Palestinian Authority sponsored a soccer tournament named the “Tulkarm Shahids Memorial soccer championship tournament of the Shahid Abd Al-Baset Odeh” describing the mass murderer as a “martyr.” According to Palestinian Media Watch’s translation of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, official PA daily, the event was under the auspices of the Department of Education, and the mass murderer’s brother handed out trophies to the winning team.

In 2020, the Student Union Council at Palestine Polytechnic University gifted the school with a gate named after Salah Khalaf, the leader of the Black September terror organization who planned the Munich Olympics massacre, in which 11 Israeli athletes were murdered in 1972. According to the Israeli watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch, there are four Palestinian schools named after Salah Khalaf.

In March 2022, Palestinians planted a garden in a boys’ school naming various trees after several mass murderers.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, there are 31 schools named after terrorists, aside from the various other mentions of killers in places like gardens.

This is never mentioned in the mainstream media.

Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency, wrote that the recently deceased Nasser Abu Hmeid, a murderer of seven Israelis, was in an Israeli prison because of his “activism in the resistance of the Israeli occupation of their homeland.” The media site then called him a “martyr” and “resistance fighter,” as did Palestinian leadership including PA President Mahmoud Abbas, cleansing his crimes and vaulting him to hero status.

In October 2022, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh went to Jenin to pay his respects to the mass murderers of Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv in April. He stood next to Fathi Khazem, the father of the terrorist Raad Khazem, and said “This struggle is an ongoing process, from generation to generation, victims to victims. Jenin has created national unity on the ground.” Mahmoud Abbas had told the father “We are all mourning. That is our destiny and we can’t escape it. We must make sacrifices for the homeland.”

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh seen during a visit to a mourning tent alongside Fathi Khazem, October 16, 2022. (Screenshot/Twitter: used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)

These comments are in addition to the terrorism incentive scheme orchestrated by Abbas. The weak president scores points with the Palestinian street with his pay-to-slay program which rewards the families of terrorists with salaries for life.

Such is the essence of Palestinian leadership and society: a culture of anti-Semitism and terrorism. All deliberately hidden from western eyes.

On the Israeli side, there is an extremist politician who once hung a picture of a solitary Israeli terrorist, and The New York Times mentions it almost daily. On the Palestinian side, there are dozens of mass murderers who are celebrated everywhere in Palestinian society, and the Times refuses to mention it a single time.

That is neither hypocrisy nor double standards. It is corporate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism; vile propaganda to incite hatred and actions against Jews and the Jewish State.

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This Day in Palestinians Resorting To Violence History: December 1 (Pedestrian Mall)

On December 1, 2001, two frustrated Palestinian Arabs from Abu Dis, just east of Jerusalem, could not stand seeing so many Jews walking around on a Saturday night in a popular Jerusalem pedestrian mall. Osama Bahar, age 25, and Nabil Abu Habaliya, age 24, took explosives which were supplied by the terrorist group Hamas and blew themselves up amongst the young Israelis strolling on Ben Yehuda Street. A short time later, another terrorist blew up a car nearby.

The eleven dead included: Assaf Avitan, 15, of Jerusalem; Michael Moshe Dahan, 21, of Jerusalem; Israel Ya’akov Danino, 17, of Jerusalem; Yosef El-Ezra, 18, of Jerusalem; Sgt. Nir Haftzadi, 19, of Jerusalem; Yuri (Yoni) Korganov, 20, of Ma’alei Adumim; Golan Turgeman, 15, of Jerusalem; Guy Vaknin, 19, of Jerusalem; Adam Weinstein, 14, of Givon Hahadasha; Moshe Yedid-Levy, 19, of Jerusalem; and Ido Cohen, 17, of Jerusalem. Roughly 180 others were injured, 17 seriously.

Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism at a popular pedestrian mall on Saturday night December 1, 2001

The Martyr Izz ad-Deen al-Qassam Brigades – Information office described how angry the Arabs were with the Jews, stating:

As part of our retaliation to [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon’s madness and with the success granted by Allah and His protection, the two fighting martyr brothers, Osama Bahar and Nabil Abu Habaliya, have carried out on Saturday evening, 12/1/2001, the night of Ramadan 17, their bold and painful attack in one of the enemy’s dens in occupied west
as a revenge for the blood of our martyrs and a punishment to all the reckless leaders in the enemy’s army and ministry.

We do not only do this in self-protection or in retaliation of a future killing, but we also do this as part of our absolute right to react towards the continual aggression and usurpation of our country for more than 50 years. We also wish to emphasize our right of resistance and our right to die as martyrs [istishhad], which is the pinnacle of resistance – that is to say, to sacrifice one’s self, spirit and blood is an absolute right, despite the aggressive attack by the enemy and some liars, meant to rob us of this right.

Saudi Arabia funded the families of these terrorists in cooperation with the Arab Bank as part of the Saudi Committee for the Support of the Intifada al Quds. As the support for terrorism was too blatant (or to keep the funds flowing after the end of the intifada), the committee changed its name in 2004 to the Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Palestinian People. The Saudis also cannot stand Jews enjoying a Saturday night in Jerusalem.

Saudi Arab Bank convicted of funneling money to Hamas and to terrorists in US courts

Two frustrated Palestinian Arabs had to contend with Jews walking the streets of Jerusalem for their whole lives. The Saudis well understood their frustration and supported their “right of resistance to die as martyrs.” All had internalized that the Muslim world can have no dignity as long as Jews walk the streets of Jerusalem with impunity.

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