NY Times Disgraceful Coverage Of Palestinian Body Snatching

The New York Times remarkably parroted Palestinian propaganda on its pages as it wrote about Palestinian militants taking an Israeli teenager off of life support in a hospital, to hold his dead body as a bargaining chip.

In ten different sections of the article “Palestinians Join Forces with Israelis, Bringing Peace to a Teen’s Family,” the Times wrote that Israel holds the dead bodies of Palestinian terrorists in the hopes of dissuading future attacks. That narrative echoed throughout, seemingly giving an excuse for Palestinian Arabs deciding to do the same to Israelis.

  • Palestinians “hoped to exchange it for the corpses of dozens of Palestinians that have been held by Israel for years without burial.
  • “… shifted rare attention on the Israeli practice of holding onto the bodies of slain Palestinians accused of terrorism.
  • the militants hoped to exchange Tiran for the bodies of dozens of Palestinians kept in Israeli mortuaries since 2016. Israel houses the unburied bodies of 111 Palestinians, 16 of them from Jenin, according to detailed records shared with the Times by the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, an independent Palestinian rights watchdog.”
  • Israeli officials believe that Palestinians were all killed while committing violence, and that holding on to their bodies may help deter future attacks.”
  • The militants actions also felt unethical to many Palestinians. While there is widespread Palestinian anger at Israel’s own practice of withholding Palestinian corpses, many felt the gunmen had picked the wrong target, particularly after it became clear that Tiran was a schoolboy, not a soldier.”
  • ‘It wasn’t a moral thing to do,’ said Muhammad Sabbagh, the head of a leadership council in the Jenin Camp. ‘From the beginning, the entire camp wanted to return the body.’
  • ‘I immediately realized that a big mistake had been made,’ General Rajoub said in a phone interview. ‘We immediately planned how we would get the body back to the family.’
  • “… a leading opponent of the Israeli occupation and a longtime critic of the Israeli policy of holding Palestinian corpses.
  • “… the rare collaboration should not obscure wider Palestinian anger at Israel’s policy of withholding the bodies of dead Palestinians.”
  • “Dozens of ‘Palestinians families are waiting for their beloved sons,’ Dr. Tibi said. ‘For their corpses seized and captured by the Israeli occupation.'”

That’s a lot of time saying the same line over and again while NEVER mentioning that Israel only started holding the bodies of Arab terrorists after Palestinians refused to hand over the bodies of two Israelis killed in Gaza in 2014, Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin. Instead, the Times said that Israel carried out the practice as a form of punishment, seemingly introducing the horrific action in the conflict.

The biased article made the militants seem remorseful for their action because the dead person “was a schoolboy, not a soldier.” That’s outrageous. Palestinians routinely celebrate the murder of Jewish children as confirmed in their own polls, such as the one which showed 80% of Gazans and 50% of West Bank Arabs supporting the killing of a 17-year old girl on a nature hike. Just days before, the region’s Islamic terrorists celebrated the murder of a 16 year old Jewish boy on his way to school.

The obvious reason for returning the body of this boy was because he was Druze and not an Israeli Jew. The obvious Arab anti-Semitism was omitted and redirected by The Times. #AbsolutionViaRedirection

What’s more, the Times quoted the “Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, an independent Palestinian rights watchdog,” which is NOT independent. It is an anti-Israel European-funded organization that has been vilifying Israel for years, as reported by NGO Monitor.

This week, Palestinian terrorists killed a young Israeli boy and kidnapped his body from a hospital, an action they have been using for many years, however, they decided to return the body after they realized the Israeli wasn’t a Jew. Readers of The New York Times were spun a different story. The anti-Israel propaganda piece penned over-and-again that Israel has been unilaterally keeping dozens of Palestinians corpses for many years, angering Palestinians waiting to bury their sons, which caused some militants to take a similar action, which they immediately regretted as immoral.

That’s Absolution via Inversion, a favorite of the anti-Israel media which falsifies that Israeli racism and brutality are the root cause of the conflict, not the refusal of Arabs to accept Jews living in their homeland.

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This Day in Palestinians Resorting To Violence History: November 22 (Bus Riders)

On November 22, 2017, a young girl named Hodaya Nechama Asulin passed away. She had been living in vegetative state for almost seven years. She had been injured when a bomb blew up while she waited for a bus in Jerusalem.

Hodaya Asulin, back when she was 14 years old

On March 23, 2011, Hussein Ali al-Qawasmeh, a married Palestinian man and father of five from Hebron, went to Jerusalem. He was appalled to see Jews freely walking around in a city that he considered a purely Islamic holy place. His frustration at seeing so many Jews led him to plant a bomb filled with shrapnel near a bus stop. He managed to kill a Christian British woman named Mary Jean Gardner, who had worked for two decades in Africa doing humanitarian work. She had come to Jerusalem to study Hebrew at the Hebrew University, so she could translate the Bible into local African tribal languages.

The bomb explosion injured many others, including Hodaya. The blast damaged her brain stem and put her into a coma. She was 14 years old at the time.

Hussein Ali al-Qawasmeh was sentenced to life in prison in November 2013, for simply protesting the Judaization of Al Quds. He saidYou occupied my land, stole my country, and killed by brothers, and now you expect me to give you some roses?! I do not regret what I did, I defended my country.”

People who believe that Arabs resort to terror also think that Jews living in Jerusalem is a well-documented crime against humanity. It is echoed daily at the United Nations, and the world is not surprised by frustrated Palestinians resorting to violence to purge the colonial-settler-invader-fake Jews from the Islamic holy city and holy land.

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Palestinian Terrorist Groups

The Noxious Anti-Semitism Of “European Settler Colonialism”

Radical Muslim Groups Celebrate Bombings And Murder of Jewish Teenager In Jerusalem

Early Tuesday morning, two bombs were detonated while Israeli civilians boarded buses to school and work in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. The terrorist attacks killed a 16-year old Canadian-Israeli boy, Aryeh Shechopek on his way to yeshiva.

Aryeh Shechopek, 16, who was killed in a bombing attack in Jerusalem on November 23, 2022 (photo credit: COURTESY OF THE FAMILY)

As a continued part of their desire to destroy Israel and kill as many Jews as possible, various radical Islamic groups hailed the attacks.

Islamic Jihad posted a statementThe operation in the occupied city of Jerusalem is a natural response to the occupation, its terrorism, and its criminal practices against the defenseless Palestinian people and its holy sites.” Tarek Ez Din, spokesperson for Islamic Jihad added “The operation says to the leaders of the Occupation [Israel] and the leaders of the settlers that none of the policies of your criminal government will protect you from the strikes of our people’s resistance.

A spokesman for Hamas, the political-terrorist group that rules Gaza and has a majority in the Palestinian parliament saidThe Zionist occupation is paying the price today for its crimes and aggression against our people and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and we have warned about this repeatedly. Our people will not remain silent in the face of this, and the outrage Al-Aqsa will explode and spread in all regions.

Hezbollah, the terrorist group that runs Lebanon issued a statement that praised the “heroic operations carried out by the Palestinian resistance fighters against the Israeli occupation forces in Al-Quds.” The statement concluded that the race among the Palestinian youths into the jihad fronts proves the Palestinians’ awareness and determination to liberate their land and sends a message of despair to the Zionist usurpers that there is no place for the Israelis on the pure soil of Palestine.

The Palestinian Authority’s Wafa news site reported on the bombings as “two explosions that rocked the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Fatah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other terrorist groups recently signed the Algiers Declaration in which they agreed to have elections within one year in which they would all participate. The United Nations celebrated the alarming declaration and inclusion of terrorist groups in the election process.

Meanwhile, as Arabs celebrated the murder of innocent Jewish civilians, the United States issued a clear call of support for Israel:

We condemn unequivocally the acts of terror overnight in Jerusalem. The United States has offered all appropriate assistance to the Government of Israel as it investigates the attack and works to being the perpetrators to justice. We mourn the reported loss of life and wish a speedy recovery to the injured. The United States stands with the Government and people of Israel. As President Biden emphasized during his visit to Israel in July, our commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad and unbreakable.

America’s “commitment to Israel’s security” and support for bringing “the perpetrators to justice” should include full measures against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, as well as defunding the Palestinian Authority as long as it continues to incite and compensate terrorists. It must call for terrorist groups to be excluded from future Palestinian elections or risk forever to be black-listed by freedom loving countries.

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No Empathy For Israeli Victims Of Terror

Six Turkish civilians were killed by a terrorist on Sunday. The labeling of the killer and her murderous mission was made clear in news reports, as were the names of the innocent victims.

The same cannot be said of Israeli Jews slaughtered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist the next day.

New York Times calls out Kurdish terrorism and Turkish victims of attack, as well as relays US sympathies

Terrorist Designation

The New York Times wrote about “the Kurdish Workers’ Party, or P.K.K., a Kurdish group that has been fighting a war with the Turkish state for decades. Turkey, the United States and the European Union all consider the P.K.K. a terrorist group.” The paper would only write six paragraphs later that “the P.K.K. denied any involvement in the bombing,” but the reader already knew the score – the P.K.K. are terrorists fighting Turkey and they seemingly committed the terrorist attack.

The next day, when a Palestinian Arab associated with the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad killed three Israeli civilians, there was no such accounting by the Times. Instead, the paper wrote that a “Palestinian assailant stabbed several civilians…. Three Israelis were killed and several more were severely injured.” The lone attacker was not associated with any terrorist group. The Times only offered at the very end of the article that “No Palestinian organization immediately took responsibility for the attack, but a spokesman for Islamic Jihad in the West Bank, Tarek Izz al-Din, told an Islamic Jihad-linked television channel that his organization welcomed what he called the ‘heroic attack.’ He said that it came as a response to the Israeli election results and to Israeli politicians’ calls to take firmer action against the Palestinians, Kan radio reported.” Palestinian Islamic Jihad is considered a terrorist group by Israel, the United States and the European Union, much like the reference to the P.K.K., but the Times did not mention the terrorist designation for Palestinians.

The Times also did not quote the spokesman for Hamas, another designated terrorist group that “the operation demonstrates the ability of the Palestinian people to continue their revolution and defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque from daily incursions,” supporting the murder of Jews because Jews visit their holiest site, the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

American Sympathies

After the Times labeled the P.K.K. a terrorist group, it mentioned American sympathies for the Turkish victims. “The U.S. embassy in Turkey wrote on Twitter on Sunday that it was ‘deeply saddened’ by the bombing. ‘We extend our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and wish a speedy recovery for the injured’ it said.

The Times said nothing about the U.S.’s sympathies for the Israeli victims of terror. Not surprisingly, as it took the Biden administration some time to post a response… that equated the Jewish victims of terror with the murderer. The press release on the U.S. Embassy in Israel’s site stated “The United States is deeply concerned by the increased violence in the West Bank. We convey profound condolences to the families and loved ones of the Israeli and Palestinian civilians, including children, who have been killed in the past 48 hours. We strongly condemn today’s terrorist attack, which killed three Israelis and wounded three others. The recent period has seen a sharp and alarming increase in Palestinian and Israeli deaths and injuries, including numerous children. It is vital that the parties take urgent action to prevent further loss of life.” The U.S. would not take sides.

Humanizing the Victims

The Times devoted the final five paragraphs of the article to the Turkish victims. Names and ages were given. Pains of anguish were echoed in quotes from the grieving parents “‘She is my baby,’ she said. ‘I want a piece of her hair.’

Nothing was said by The Times about the Israeli victims. They were: 50-year-old Tamir Avihai, a father of six from the settlement of Kiryat Netafim; 36-year-old Michael Ledigin, a father of two who moved to Israel with his family five years ago and lived in Bat Yam; and 59-year-old Mordechai Ashkenazi, also from Bat Yam.

Rationalizing Terror

The Times sought to give context to the Palestinian violence. It wrote that “Israel is to swear in a new Parliament later on Tuesday, after the Nov. 1 election, and the prime minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been working to put together a right-wing and religious coalition government with the help of far-right parties that have pledged to act more aggressively to protect Israelis. The attack also occurred on the anniversary of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s symbolic proclamation from exile in 1988 of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, territories captured by Israel in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967. That state has never materialized.” The Times essentially defended the terrorism and saying that it was a protest against a new “far-right” Israeli government, and in marking the anniversary of the P.L.O. declaring an independent state.

The Times incorrectly stated that the PLO’s declaration of independence only sought a state “in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, territories captured by Israel in the Arab-Israeli War of 1967.” The declaration was for the entirety of “Palestine”, including all of Jerusalem and all of Israel. It essentially rationalized the terrorism as an act of fighting for independence.

In contrast, the P.K.K., which is also seeking an independent Kurdish state, was only described as a terrorist group by the Times, without mentioning its desire for independence and sovereignty. It was thereby cast as a violent aggressor, while the Palestinian Arabs were painted as freedom fighters.

Celebrating Terror

While some media outlets like the Jerusalem Post noted that “In some parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians were documented celebrating the attack by handing out sweets to passersby and drivers,” which is a common occurrence in both Gaza and the West Bank after the murder of Jews, the Times decided to not report on it.

Maybe that fact was too much for its readers to handle.

The media repeatedly rationalizes and defends Palestinian Arab terrorism against Jewish civilians. Perhaps one should be content that the anti-Zionist media is not also celebrating the murder of Jews. At least, not yet.

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Israel and Wars

UN Doesn’t Like ‘Proportionate’ Israeli Reaction To Arab Terror Either

For many years, the United Nations berated the Jewish State that it was using ‘disproportionate’ force against Palestinian Arabs. As the global body now attacks Israelis for proportionate responses to Arab terror, it is clear that the UN’s problem is really about Israel defending itself at all.

Consider the events of May 2021 when Gazans fired thousands of missiles into Israeli towns. The United Nations saidOwing to the vast asymmetry of power, the victims of this conflict are disproportionately Palestinians in Gaza, of whom over 74,000 have been forcibly displaced and made homeless, mostly women and children.

After Israel responded to missile attacks in 2018, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that “deplores the use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force by the Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and particularly in the Gaza Strip, including the use of live ammunition against civilian protesters, including children, as well as medical personnel and journalists, and expresses its grave concern at the loss of innocent lives.

Similarly in July 2014, the UN Human Rights Council published an opinion that Israel’s “disproportionate use of force amounts to war crimes and must be brought to justice as it seriously violates international humanitarian law.

The examples are numerous, that despite Israel acting in a defensive manner against terrorists, the UN seemingly wanted Israel to fire thousands of crude missiles into Gaza (a proportionate response to the Gazan actions), rather than using its limited sophisticated weaponry which was designed to target the evil actors. Of course, the damage Israel would have caused using thousands such crude missiles would have been much worse as the Arabs do not possess Israel’s Iron Dome defensive shield.

The issue in those past conflicts was not really about disproportionate force but disproportionate defenses. However, since there was no legal way of investigating and censoring Israel for disproportionate defenses, the United Nations attacked Israel for “asymmetry of power.”

The farce of UN anti-Israel prejudice continues today with the notion of “settler violence” in the West Bank.

According to the UN’s own biased accounting, West Bank Arabs commit more attacks than Israeli Jews living in Israeli territory of Area C every month. The “settlers” mostly use stones, just like the Palestinian Arabs. However, the UN only comes down harshly on the Israelis.

In March 2022, Tor Wennesland, on behalf of the UN Secretary General, addressed the UN Security Council about activities over the three months December 2021 to early February 2022. He noted that “Israeli settlers or other civilians perpetrated 144 attacks against Palestinians, resulting in 47 injuries and/or damage to Palestinian property,” while adding that “One Israeli civilian was killed by Palestinians, and 100 Israelis, including five women and one child, were injured by Palestinians in clashes, the throwing of Molotov cocktails, attacks and other incidents. In total, Palestinians perpetrated 277 attacks against Israeli civilians, resulting in injuries and/or damage to Israeli property.” By his own math, Palestinians committed twice a many attacks and injured twice as many civilians, including killing someone.

No matter. His report would disproportionately target Israelis.

  • we deplore continuing attacks by Israeli settlers on ordinary Palestinians
  • Settler-related violence remains significant across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem
  • repeated raids by Israeli settlers on Burqa led to clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces
  • Israeli settlers drove a convoy to Huwwara, near Nablus, throwing stones at Palestinians and their property
  • I remain deeply concerned about the level of settler-related violence in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem

There was no such detailed concern about Palestinian Arabs attacking Israeli civilians, despite engaging in violence more frequently.

When the Israeli military protects Israeli civilians against Palestinian terrorists, the world rebukes the Jewish State for “disproportionate force” so it can defend punishing the Jews in court. When Israeli civilians defend themselves with proportionate means, the anti-Semites drop the pretense of proportionality being the concern, and accuse the Jews of living in their homes illegally. The Arabs are cast as victims of Jewish aggression in all cases, despite instigating the violence and committing more attacks.

The United Nations has fostered the Arab-Israeli Conflict for decades, with disproportionate focus on perceived Israeli crimes and absolution of Arab terrorism. It is well past time for the global body to examine itself with the scrutiny it reserves for the Jewish State.

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From The River To The Sea, Jews Will Be Free…

One day, Jews will be able to live in peace

  • to have a beer,
  • eat some pizza,
  • drive a car,
  • ride a bus,
  • pray in synagogue,
  • sleep in in bed

Jewish children will freely live their lives

  • to ride a school bus,
  • play in a playground,
  • attend school,
  • take a nature hike,
  • relax in their bedrooms,
  • ride in a car with their fathers

All Jews will be free to live anywhere and everywhere

  • not barred entry to their homeland,
  • not ethically cleansed from their land,
  • not denied citizenship,
  • not have their holy places destroyed,
  • allowed to pray openly at their holy sites,
  • Not to told that their basic physical presence is illegal

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The UN Continues To Absolve Palestinian Attacks Against Israelis In The “West Bank”

Throughout 2022, Palestinian Arabs committed more attacks against Israelis than the reverse. A fact obfuscated constantly by the United Nations.

Tor Wennesland, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, gave his monthly update to the UN Security Council on October 28, 2022. Despite Palestinian Arabs attacking Israeli Jews with increasing frequency – by Wennesland’s own accounting – he chose to minimize Arab violence and focus on the attacks by Israeli Jews.

The nature of whitewashing Palestinian attacks takes many forms.

Portraying the Palestinian Authority as peaceful and Israeli politicians as violent. The PA incites violence with both words and actions, paying rewards to terrorists and calling the entirety of Israel an illegal settlement. Despite the PA being an integral part of the problem, Wennesland called for “Efforts are also urgently needed to empower and strengthen the Palestinian Authority and build towards a return to a political process.” Rather than call out widespread systematic PA incitement, Wennesland pointed to a single Israeli politician, a “right-wing Israeli Member of the Knesset led a group through Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, at one point brandishing a weapon and making violent threats.

Stating Palestinians are mostly peaceful. The Palestinians launched a new terrorist group called the Lion’s Den in August 2022, causing Jews in the West Bank to seek to protect themselves from ongoing shootings and bomb threats. Settler attacks jumped immediately after the new terrorist group’s arrival and actions.

But the UN led its reporting of the monthly death toll by leading with Arab “demonstrations” instead of Arab violence: “In total, 32 Palestinians, including six children, were killed by Israeli security forces during demonstrations, clashes, search-and-arrest operations, attacks and alleged attacks against Israelis, and other incidents.” It was absolution via inversion, led by omitting a key part of the narrative.

Relaying that Palestinian demonstrations are reactive and Israeli protests are provocative. The report’s bias can be seen clearly also in the way protests are described. Wennesland said that Palestinian “Demonstrations and protests spread from Shu’fat to East Jerusalem and led to clashes between Palestinians and ISF,” after Israel’s military imposed movement restrictions as it searched for Arab militants. It continued that Israel’s military “shot and killed five Palestinians” (never using the word terrorists), which then led to “Thousands of Palestinians subsequently demonstrated in Nablus, with protests spreading across the occupied West Bank. Amid the heightened tensions, Palestinians conducted general strikes and five days of civil disobedience campaigns across the West Bank, with further clashes between Palestinians and ISF.” All Arab actions are described as reactionary.

However, for Jews, the report states the opposite. “Settler-related violence and provocations has also increased during the reporting period, contributing to the dynamic of escalating violence in the occupied West Bank. Throughout the reporting period, settlers held numerous demonstrations across the West Bank, with protesters on multiple occasions blocking main roads, throwing stones and impeding movement for Palestinian residents. Tensions were particularly high around Nablus, where settlers impeded main routes for Palestinian residents and, on several occasions, groups of Israeli settlers entered the Palestinian town of Huwwara, south of Nablus, damaging Palestinian property and prompting clashes with residents, in some cases in the presence of Israeli Security Forces.”

Detailing Israeli Jews’ attacks but not those of Palestinian Arabs. Wennesland then relayed two specific incidents about “Israeli settlers”. It included no specific incidents about Arab violence. In his opening summary remarks, Wennesland had details on the number of injuries incurred by Palestinians (63) but had no such figure for Jews. Instead, he belittled the Palestinian attacks by noting that 100 of the 115 incidents “were stone-throwing incidents.” This is not surprising as “OCHA [United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs] began systematically tracking Palestinian fatalities in 2005,” but no organization tracks Palestinian attacks nor Jewish fatalities.

In September’s report, while Wennesland gave the figure of “128 attacks against Palestinians,” it gave no total for Palestinian Arab attacks. Presumably it was much higher, as it was in every month.

Normalizing and legitimizing the political-terrorist group Hamas. Capping off the report, Wennesland mentioned that Fatah and Hamas signed the Algiers Declaration, which amounted to reconciliation between the parties and an agreement to hold elections in which all parties could participate. He said “I echo the Secretary-General in welcoming the agreement and underscore the importance of Palestinian reconciliation for a viable, independent Palestinian State.” For the UN, a terrorist Palestinian state alongside Israel is still better than no Palestinian State.

Supporting a single party in the conflict – Palestinian Arabs. Wennesland summed up his report with empathy for the Arabs but not the Jews. He called for the world to join him in his rallying cry for Palestinian Arabs: “I see clearly the mounting frustration and anger of Palestinians in the face of decades of Israeli occupation. The Palestinian Authority urgently needs the economic support and political space to fully exercise its authority, including security, in areas under its control.

The United Nations is a rabidly anti-Zionist organization which minimizes and excuses Palestinian Arab violence and embraces the political-terrorist group Hamas. Meanwhile, Israeli Jews living in Judea and Samaria are cast as terrorists for simply seeking to live freely. Doing so consistently and repeatedly, the UN invalidates itself as a potential force for good to resolve the long-running dispute in the holy land.

The New York Times Refuses To State Judaism’s Holiest Site

The New York Times used four journalists to cover the August 14 Arab terrorist attack on Israeli Jews in Jerusalem. The journalists reporting from Jerusalem, Seoul and Hong Kong (I have no idea why correspondents from thousands of miles away were needed) could not muster a clear and balanced report.

The article started with the usual anti-Israel bias with the headline “Eight Injured in Shooting in Jerusalem” which did not clearly label the attacker as an Arab Muslim nor the victims as Israeli and American Jews. While the article would eventually reveal that the attacker was a “Palestinian man”, it would never clearly state that the victims were all Jewish. Instead, the attack was crafted as between warring countries, continuing a trend of Palestinians and Israelis killed over the past few months.

Israeli security forces at the scene of a shooting attack outside Jerusalem Old City, August 14,2022.

The Times then mentioned Silwan, the neighborhood from where the Arab terrorist came, as having tension “between its Palestinian residents and a small but growing number of Israeli settlers.” While the Palestinian Arabs and Israelis are both “residents”, the Times opted to use the biased Palestinian narrative to describe the Israelis.

At that point, the paper shifted squarely to religion:

Sacred to both Jews and Muslims, the nearby Temple Mount houses the third-holiest mosque in Islam and was the location in antiquity of two ancient Jewish temples that remain important to Jewish identity.

According to the Times, while the Temple Mount is “sacred to both Jews and Muslims”, the site is really more important to Islam, as it “houses the third-holiest mosque in Islam”. For Jews, the site is merely a talisman and “important to Jewish identity.”

That’s a deliberate insult to millions of Jews around the world. The Temple Mount is THE holiest location for Judaism.

Continuing the trend, the article mentioned that “Hamas, the Islamist militant group that runs the Gaza Strip” celebrated the attack, but did not quote Fatah, the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cheering the shooting as well, posting on Facebook “Praise to the one whose rifle only speaks against his enemy. Long live our people’s unity and long live the free hero. Praise to the rifle muzzles, our people will fight the occupation with all kinds of resistance. Save your bullets and use them against the occupation, only the occupation!!”

Why did the paper opt to only refer to the “Islamist” political-terrorist group but not the secular political one which controls the presidency and Areas A and B? Does the Times believe that the conflict is a religious one or a political one? It pivoted back-and-forth in the article inelegantly.

The four journalists contributing to the story made a final pivot at the end of the article, writing “Israeli efforts to build archaeological and tourism attractions in Silwan, mostly celebrating the area’s ancient Jewish heritage, are perceived by Palestinians as a means of eroding Palestinian claims to the city.” This pivoted the conflict as neither political nor religious but a historical one. In this case, the Times seemed more comfortable pointing out that Jews have a much longer history in the region than the Arabs who first came more recently. Perhaps it does so, questioning whether history truly fuels the conflict, or is a talking point between the parties.

The Times is dancing around the political and religious nature of the Israeli-Arab conflict. While the anti-Zionist paper is comfortable making political arguments which make Israel look like the larger and more powerful political actor, it is loathe to point out that Israel has a much deeper religious claim to the land and Jerusalem. Perhaps the liberal media fears that too much information will educate readers about the profound logic of Israel retaining full control of the Old City of Jerusalem, in direct opposition of Palestinian political goals of seizing the site from the Jewish State.

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Palestinian Inversion Of Facts Based On Refusal To Coexist

The too familiar routine of a Palestinian Arab viciously attacking a Jewish civilian unfolded again. An Arab repeatedly stabbed a Jewish civilian, and then another Jewish civilian witnessed the crime and shot the terrorist.

The sequence is straightforward. The perpetrator and victim are clear.

But only if you see the actions through the lens of coexistence, as most Israelis and the western world perceive.

For Palestinian Arabs and their sympathizers, Jews have no right to even be next to the Arab. The basic presence of Jews was the offense, and therefore the Arab is the actual victim twice over – first having to live with Jews, and then to be shot by those same “settlers.”

Palestinian media covered the event with the header “Israeli settler shoots Palestinian in Jerusalem,” making the incident appear as an unprovoked Israeli attack on Arabs, absolution via inversion.

The Jerusalem Post headline was the opposite: “Jerusalem stabbing attack: 41-year-old in moderate condition.” The audience readily understood that the terrorist was an Arab who attacked a Jewish civilian.

The Jerusalem Post article continued with “Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said the stabbing was ‘a natural response to the occupation’s crimes against our Islamic and Christian sanctities in the city of Jerusalem. This act of resistance confirms once again the failure of all attempts to stop the escalation of the act of resistance in the occupied West Bank and the city of Jerusalem,’ he said.

While Israelis attempt to live lives of coexistence, Palestinian Arabs believe that Jews have no history or rights to live in the land, especially in Jerusalem. The Arab street, political parties and media openly support violence to “resist” the presence of Jews.

The nature of the conflict is clear: an Israeli vision of coexistence compared to an Arab vision of a Jew-free land.

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The Opposite Reaction To The Killing Of Schoolchildren

There is perhaps nothing as shocking and horrible as the murder of young children at school.

The United States has seen and mourned the tragedy too often, most recently at Uvalde, TX where an 18-year old killed 19 students and two teachers. Ten people were killed and 13 wounded in 2018 when a 17-year old shot people in a high school in Santa Fe, TX. In February of that year, a 19-year old killed 17 and injured the same number at a high school in Parkland, FL, and a month earlier, a 15-year old killed two students and injured 18 others in Marshall County, KY.

Not all of the shooters in the school attacks are teenagers. Almost all are male and every attack was committed by “lone wolves” acting out of hatred or mental distress.

Society has uniformly mourned the innocent victims, even while debating how to deal with the terrible violence. The loss of young lives is a shocking amputation for the families, a scar on society.

Flowers at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, TX on May 28, 2022 (photo: AP/ Jae C. Hong)

Civil society is appalled at the senseless violence. It ponders how to treat mental sickness and retard the hatred of killers and would-be murderers, methods to keep armaments out of those hands, and ways to better protect vulnerable schools. The media and public officials even consider not mentioning killers’ names or publishing any ‘manifestos’, in the hopes that it will dissuade other killers.

At least in the United States. That’s not the tactic the world applies to slaughtered children in Israel.

Palestinian Arab terrorists have long targeted Jewish children for murder. Palestinian society celebrates the slaughter and the world excuses those murderers.

Consider the May 1974 attack in Ma’alot, in northern Israel. Several Palestinian men coordinated an attack (not a lone person with mental illness) which took 115 people, including 105 children, hostage at the Netiv Meir Elementary School. The two-day rampage left 31 Israelis dead (including 22 children) and 70 injured.

The three armed Palestinian terrorists were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). The leader of the DFLP, Nayef Hawatmeh, was awarded the “Star of Honor” for his contribution to Palestinian society by Mahmoud Abbas, the acting president of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The PA’s official news channel described the award to Hawatmeh as follows:

By the authority vested in us, and for the public good, we have decreed the following: ‘Brother Nayef Hawatmeh is decorated with the highest order of the Star of Honor in recognition of his important national role in service of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, and in recognition of his efforts to raise the flag of Palestine since the launch of the Palestinian revolution, through the stages of the ongoing struggle. [Signed by] Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine.

PA President Abbas awarding terrorist Hawatmeh the ‘Star of Honor’ on May 28, 2013

Another Palestinian terrorist group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) also attacked a school in northern Israel in April 1974. The Kiryat Shmona massacre killed 18 Israelis, including 8 children. The three Palestinian Arab murderers were killed at that time.

Marking the 42nd anniversary of the massacre, the official PA newspaper celebrated the attack and called out the terrorists heroes: “The heroes [of the operation] were the Martyrs Munir Mughrabi ‘Abu Shaker’, a Palestinian born in 1954, Ahmad Mahmoud ‘Abu Shaker’, a Syrian born in Halab in 1954, and Yassin Al-Hourani ‘Abu Hadi’, who was born in southern Iraq in 1954.

Palestinian Arabs have also targeted school buses carrying Jewish children. In May 1970, Arabs fired rocket-propelled grenades at a bus which killed twelve people, including nine schoolchildren. In April 2011, the political-terrorist group Hamas fired a laser-guided anti-tank missile at a school bus, killing a young child.

Hamas has killed hundreds of Israeli civilians, including bombing the Hebrew University cafeteria in 2002, killing nine people, including 5 Americans. The attack was celebrated with hundreds of Palestinians pouring into the streets of Gaza City, vowing more attacks. The Palestinians love and support Hamas, with over half supporting the terrorist group and likely to elect the Hamas leader president of the PA, should elections ever be held.

Cafeteria of Hebrew University bombed by Hamas July 2002 (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

In 2015, a United States court found the PA liable for supporting the terrorist attacks and ordered to pay $218 million to the victims, which was tripled due to its being related to terrorism. The courts ultimately threw out the ruling because Americans weren’t specifically targeted and the attacks did not happen on US soil.

While the fines were deemed inappropriate to enforce, the judgment which concluded that the PA was behind attacks on schools and civilians remains valid. Yet President Biden plans on meeting with PA President Abbas next month in any event. A representative of the European Union said yesterday that Israelis are to blame for Palestinian terrorism, as young Palestinians see homes being demolished, as he ignored the glorification of murderers at Palestinian schools.

How can the world mourn the killing of young American children at school by lone gunmen, while simultaneously excusing the slaughter of Jewish children by organized Palestinian political and terrorist groups?

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