NY Times Has Empathy for Afghans Killed by Terrorists But Not for Israelis

The New York Times wrote an article on October 25, 2021 which showed how the paper can feel empathy with victims of terrorism, at least when the victims are not Israeli Jews.

The New York Times article about the Taliban honoring terrorists who kill civilians, October 25, 2021

In an article called “Taliban Pay Homage to Suicide Bombers, Purveyors of Agony,” the Times described how the Taliban gives honor to people who slaughter civilians for their cause. The headline captured the universally understood pain from these “purveyors of agony,” and the article described how the pain suffered from the victims was compounded when they saw how the Taliban venerated the killers. It quoted several Afghans who suffered from the violence, and gave their pained voices a platform.

The Times takes the opposite approach regarding Israeli victims of terror.

Consider the July 3, 2018 Isabel Kershner article titled “Israel Penalizes Palestinians for Payments to Prisoners and ‘Martyrs’.” The title inverted victim and perpetrator by making Israel the party that “penalizes Palestinians” for rewarding terrorism. Not one victim of the Islamist terror was quoted in the article.

Another Kershner article from March 11, 2010 was called “Palestinians Honor a Figure Reviled in Israel as a Terrorist.” That header made it seem that only Israel believed that the murderer of 38 civilians – 13 of whom were children – was a terrorist. The Palestinian Authority named squares after the murderer, Dalal Mughrabi, and has since named several girl schools after this terrorist. No Israeli families devastated by the terrorism were featured in the article.

For the Times, people in Afghanistan suffered from actual terrorism and the media outlet gave their agony an outlet. But would not for Israeli Jews.

Consider further the November 20, 2020 article “Seeking Restart With Biden, Palestinians to Pare Prisoner Payments.” Rather than give a voice to Israeli victims of terror, the Times posted a picture of Palestinians walking around rubble after their home was demolished for supporting terror – portraying the Palestinians as victims rather than the murdered Israelis.

Islamic extremists – whether in Afghanistan, Gaza or the West Bank – are consistent in honoring their terrorists with naming schools and public squares after the killers, and with ‘martyr’ payments to their families. The New York Times is similarly reliable in expressing empathy for non-Jewish victims of Islamic terror, and for using the topic of murdered Jews as an opportunity to discuss the plight of Palestinians. #NYTimes(((JewsKvetchAboutPerceivedTerrorism)))

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New York Times Hates Israel

The Humiliation of Palestinian Terrorists Standing in Line to Receive Martyr Payments

The outrageous and illegal actions of the Palestinian Authority paying the families of convicted terrorists has taken a new turn.

Both Israel and the United States have told the PA that paying terrorists is a form of illegal and dangerous incitement. Nonplussed, PA President Mahmoud Abbas stated before the UN General Assembly that “I salute our glorious martyrs and our courageous prisoners in Israeli jails,” and that he would continue to pay “salaries” to those martyrs, even if he had only “one penny left.”

The US Congress was outraged by Abbas’s statements and actions and passed the Taylor Force Act which demanded the PA “stop payments for acts of terrorism.” Former President Trump cut funding to the PA and to the United Nations Palestinian funding conduit, UNRWA, to stop the provocation payments but President Biden has been looking for a way to turn on the money spigot to the PA even as his hands are tied by the Taylor Force Act.

So Abbas has been looking for a work-around.

In April, the PA announced that it would make payments to 12,000 “martyrs” through the Palestinian Postal System, which is not technically a bank and can therefore circumvent the US and Israeli laws. Additionally, PA’s Chairman of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr stated that around 7,500 former prisoners would join various departments of the Authority and would thereby qualify for regular salaries like all government employees, whether they show up for work or not.

That work-around did not satisfy all martyrs.

According to Palestinian Media Watch which tracked Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, a UK Arab news website on April 6, 2021, one former prisoner, Arafat Barghouti, said “The prisoners, their relatives, and the released prisoners received the message that they are going to make them social cases, and this is as a result of the wait at the gates of the post office and the feeling of humiliation and degradation after years of struggling against and defying the occupation.

Currently the prisoners are standing and pleading to receive salaries that will support them. The sentence I heard the most today from the released prisoners is that we are standing like beggars to receive these salaries. It is not fitting for the prisoners and their struggle that we stand like this in front of the post office.”

Pro-Palestinian politicians and the progressive press often stress the importance of Palestinian “dignity.” This is surely going to be their new cause: addressing the affront that Palestinian terrorists are now forced to stand in line at the post office to receive their killers’ compensation.

A post office in the city of al-Bireh, about 15 kilometres north of Jerusalem on February 7, 2021.

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