Featured Idiot: NYT’s Friedman on Harris as Rural Broadband Czar

On December 16, 2020, The New York Times editorial board elected to give its entire opinion page to long-time journalist Thomas Friedman to discuss a topic he knows nothing about: rural America.

The one-time foreign affairs correspondent presented his bold idea that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris should become the czar of rural America and bring broadband to bridge the “connectivity gap.” He wanted this accomplished not so much for the benefit of rural America but to put on a show that Democrats care about these lagging Americans, so those red states might loose a touch of their rosy glow and prevent Democrats from getting trounced in the next election cycle.

What Friedman failed to understand and convey in the editorial was that the Trump administration committed billions of dollars to bring broadband to rural America.

It was just TEN DAYS AGO that the FCC announced the results of Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Auction 904 which awarded $9.2 billion of federal grants to telecom companies to subsidize the buildout of broadband networks in remote parts of the country. This came two years after the Connect America Fund II Auction 903 which granted $1.5 billion to operators to construct broadband networks for rural America.

But don’t let facts get in the way.

Friedman further noted that Harris “is a natural bridge builder to a more inclusive America.” Maybe Freidman is not aware that non-partisan GovTracks observed that Harris was the least bi-partisan U.S. senator. She also scored as the most extreme leftist in her voting record, even more than proud Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders and closeted Democratic-Socialist Elizabeth Warren.

But don’t let history get in the way.

The Times will have its urban readers believe that rural Americans are waiting for Democrats to save them, but all Friedman’s editorial really showed was his ignorance and contemptible view that non-urban Americans are just pawns for progressive politics.

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CNN and Democratic Politicians Recraft and Redraft MLK’S Mountaintop Speech

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) went on CNN and told Anderson Cooper that Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential running mate was the attainment of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of reaching the mountaintop.

“There was much reflection, but a lot of tears and a lot of reflection on the history of what we’re making today. What I would say is that so many women have tried to climb that mountaintop that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of.”

There are a number of problems with this quote by the Black Congresswoman.

First, MLK used the mountaintop as a metaphor for himself in seeing the Promised Land (freedom) but NOT being able to reach it, much like Moses climbed to the top of the mountain but could not cross over to the Jewish Promised Land. The Congresswoman thought that reaching the mountaintop was the pinnacle of success, when MLK actually used it to describe it as coming up short of one’s goals.

Second, to use this particular quote on CNN is horrific. CNN edited MLK’s Mountaintop speech in a particularly noxious antisemitic fashion to cut Jews out of the story in a seemingly poor attempt to disassociate “God’s children” as MLK called the Jews, with the land of Israel.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee on CNN with Anderson Cooper Aug 11, 2020

Eleanor Holmes Norton of Washington, D.C. also contributed nonsense to the CNN segment stating “We have had White women on the ticket. We have never had an African American woman.” The issue is that Harris is not African American but of southeast Asian descent. CNN did not fact-check the statement nor print any clarification when it reprinted the story. It’s not a surprise as the media outlet which claims that “CNN holds elected officials and candidates accountable by pointing out what’s true and what’s not,” only does so for Republicans and the conservative media.

How far will CNN go to modify facts and history to fit its liberal narrative? #AlternativeFactChecks

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