Black Lives Matter Is Driving Anti-Semitism

There is a lot of commentary floating in mainstream and social media about Kanye West’s repeated anti-Semitic comments, and whether he represents much of Black America, right-wing America or the Black entertainment industry. Authors pull an example here and there to make generalizations but no one has done a deeper dive into the matter.

Many of the statements being made are true but are far too narrow. Yes, there are many Black entertainers, athletes and politicians who espouse Jew hatred. Blacks are not immune from the scourge, any more than any racial or ethnic group.

The Kanye comments are vile and should be condemned, as are many others like Washington, D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) who said that the Jews control the weather so they can get rich. However, a more detailed analysis is important to consider if there is an overall trend of Blacks attacking Jews, and to evaluate the underlying reason.

I have analyzed two decades of FBI Hate Crime statistics. To summarize:

  • Black people account for 24% of annual hate crimes on average from 2015 to 2020, for situations where the offender’s race or ethnicity is known. That is up from a 20% annual average from 2004 to 2014. These percentages should be considered against the fact that Blacks account for roughly 13.4% of the population, meaning that they are committing a disproportionately high number of hate crimes.
  • Most Black hate crimes are against the LGBT community. Blacks commit many fewer religion-based crimes.
  • Black anti-religion hate crimes did jump significantly in the 2010-2019 decade compared to the 2000-2009 decade. Black hate crimes against Jews jumped by 60% and against Muslims by 50%. That compared to White anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim crimes declining by 24% and growing by 39%, respectively.
  • Much of the shift away from White hate crimes began in 2015. From 2004 to 2014, Whites committed an annual average of 78% and 85% of total hate crimes and anti-Semitic crimes, respectively. Since 2015, that has dropped to about 67% and 77% on average, respectively. The difference comes from the growth in attacks being made by the Black community (first bullet above) and the Hispanic community, growing from about no hate crimes to roughly 6% and 5% of the total and anti-Jewish crimes, respectively. An undisclosed non-Hispanic ethnic group is accounting for an increasingly very large percentage of hate crimes as well – it is likely that many of these are Muslims, Arabs and people from southeast Asia (Pakistan and Asia) which are normally categorized as Asian in the United Kingdom but not in the U.S..

The year 2015 did not suddenly see a growth of Jewish businessmen, media ownership, landlords or any other perceived anti-Semitic tropes to drive the change in patterns. However, that year witnessed the launch of the Black Lives Matter movement after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO in August 2014, just as Israel’s Gaza war was concluding.

Beyond the protests against White people generally, Blacks sought allies to their cause and turned to the Hispanic and Muslim communities. Black media personalities like CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill produced a “revolutionary” video in January 2015 in Nazareth, which he falsely said was in “Palestine”, and smeared the Jews in “a land stolen by greed and destroyed by hate… we stand by the people who courageously struggle and resist the occupation… From Ferguson to Palestine, the struggle for freedom continues.” A few years later, Rep. Rashida Tlaib would pick up this theme “From Gaza to Detroit“, that Jews in the U.S. and Israel are racist profiteers hiding “behind the curtain” and making a profit off of Black and Brown bodies.

In March of 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before a joint session of the U.S. Congress asking them to not proceed with the Iranian nuclear deal which created an existential threat for the Jewish State. Leaders of the Black community considered it a racist affront disrespecting the Black president, Barack Obama, as opposed to a desperate plea. The Black Democratic members of congress boycotted the speech.

With this backdrop, the Black Lives Matter movement drafted a manifesto with the assistance of Nadia Ben-Youssef of Adalah, a group dedicated to fighting Israel. The BLM platform singled out Israel and America’s relationship with the Jewish State as “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people…. Israel is an apartheid state…. Palestinians are forced to walk through military checkpoints along the US-funded apartheid wall.”

Progressive politicians argued that the militarization of U.S. police forces occurred because of training exercises with Israel, although the nature of the training and whether it led to the deaths of any Black people had been discounted for any who bothered to read past the headlines. Regardless, the perception that the Jewish State may have been connected to the deaths of Black Americans was often repeated by Blacks, Muslims and anti-Zionist progressives.

The Southern Poverty Law Center assimilated the narrative. Even though Jews suffered more hate crimes per capita than any other group, SPLC highlighted attacks against Blacks and Muslims, and those committed by Whites. Jewish victims were a small footnote.

The BLM narrative continued to churn whereby it was determined that Black people could not even be considered racist as they lacked power, and any actions taken against White people was simply “punching up.” Hate speech and actions by minorities was thereby given a clean bill of health, a double-“O” license for racism. The power afforded by that twisted reasoning became so ingrained, that SPLC openly stated that it objected to FBI’s Hate Crime numbers for Black people, since “Black separatism was born out of valid anger against very real historical and systemic oppression…. Black separatism is a response to white supremacy and white nationalism,” and therefore could not be counted as a hate crime. SPLC contended that the FBI’s calling out Black racism was “used to justify the over-policing and surveillance of communities of color,” and they would therefore not highlight it.

When Jews were killed in Jersey City, NJ, a Black member of the school board said that the Black killers had a point in killing Jews since they were “brutes” aggressively moving into the neighborhood. Black community leaders rushed to her defense when she was lambasted for her anti-Semitism about murdered Jews. SPLC also tried to come to the defense of the Black killers. And then, with the gas-lighting complete, the city’s un-murdered Jews appallingly handed out gifts to the Black residents of the city on Christmas, apologizing if their blood dirtied the local streets.

Amidst the attacks on Jews, the Democratic Socialists of America called for demonizing Israel and singling it out as a litmus test for endorsement. Not Iran, China, Saudi Arabia or North Korea – but the one liberal and Jewish state in the middle east and north Africa region. The DSA principally endorses non-White and non-Jewish candidates, with the exception of their champion Bernie Sanders, who is completely secular and an anti-Zionist.

So Blacks gather even more allies to the BLM movement. Muslims, progressives and anti-Zionists who all feel victimized by “pushy” White Jews. Validating their victimized status, they can no longer be accused of anti-Semitism or racism, and demand reparations.

This is the storm of Jew hatred that weighs on the Black-Jewish relationship today. The BLM movement and intersectional approach have taken aim at people they perceive as privileged and racist. For them, no group encapsulates having more than their fair share, stealing the fruits of others, than White Jews – both in the U.S. and Israel – in a warped worldview that has infected way too much of the Black community.

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Anti-Asian Hate Crime, Obfuscated by New York Times

An Asian immigrant attacked on the streets of New York died the other night. Yao Pan Ma, 61 years old, was collecting bottles and cans for the cash deposits in April 2021, when he was set upon by a man who threw him to the ground and stomped repeatedly on his head. The Asian man suffered severe head trauma and died from his injuries in early January of 2022.

Crimes against Asians are not common compared to other minority groups but have been trending upwards after many years of decline. They bottomed out in 2015 and 2016 and have risen in every year since.

Anti-Asian hate crimes from 2004 through 2019 according to the FBI

The attackers of Asians had historically been White people but in recent years, Black people have been committing a greater percentage of the racist attacks. From 2004 to 2011, Whites committed 4.9 times as many anti-Asian attacks as Blacks, close to the White-to-Black population ratio. However, from 2012 through 2019, Whites committed 2.5 times as many attacks as Black people – roughly half of the rate of the prior eight year period.

Anti-Asian attacks by Whites (left) declined by 17.5% while those attacks by Blacks grew by 61.8%

The New York Times reported on the death of the Asian immigrant on January 10, 2022, tucked inside its National section. It included no pictures, and interestingly, declined to mention that the killer of the Asian man was a Black man.

New York Times article on the death of an Asian man from a hate crime

The Times was clear that the attack was considered a hate crime by the police, and mentioned the attacker’s name and age. But not his race. The paper has written often about the spike in anti-Asian attacks over the past two years, but only mentioned the race of the attacker if the person was White.

Racism and hate crimes are terrible, and should be clearly called out. However, when the media only does so when attackers are White and deliberately omits doing so when the attacker is Black is worse than #AlternativeFacts. It is absolution via omission, a tacit blessing to the heinous acts for a select group of Americans.

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The Hate Crime Offenders

The Hate Crime Offenders

On certain days, it seems like the hate never ends.

Shootings, sucker punches, vandalism. The hate inspired attacks keep happening around the United States and around the world.

Trend in hate crimes in the United States. Source: FBI Hate Crimes Reports

The FBI has been tracking hate crimes for years and principally, the hatred falls into three main categories: race/ ethnicity; religion and gender. As to the victims, Blacks, Jews and the LGBT community are attacked the most frequently, respectively.

The overall trend in hate crimes was declining but began to uptick in 2015 due to a 23% spike in anti-religion attacks. The numbers spiked again in 2017 with year-on-year increases of 18%, 23% and 23% for race, ethnicity and religion-based hate crimes, respectively. It is the only year when three different categories had double-digit increases in attacks.

The news reported the headline numbers and sometimes did an iota of work in discussing the frequency of attacks. For example, with Blacks making up 13.4% of the U.S. population and Whites constituting 76.3%, the fact that the gross number of attacks on Blacks is the highest than any racial group is magnified when factoring that there are 5.7 times fewer Black people than Whites.

There is almost no coverage regarding the attackers but the FBI tracks such information too, albeit the data is rough as in many cases, the ethnicity of the attacker is unknown.

Percent of hate crimes committed by White people. Source: FBI Hate Crimes Reports

White people are much more likely to attack Jews than the Black or the LGBT communities. In every year since 2004, White people accounted for more than 76% of the anti-Semitic crimes, the rate one would expect if every race and ethnicity was just as likely to commit a hate crime. The disproportionate share of anti-Semitic attacks peaked in 2005 and has run at roughly the expected rate since 2015.

White people accounted for roughly half of the racist attacks in 2019, quite a bit below the expected 76.3% level. Their share of the racist attacks – mostly against Black and Hispanic people – has been rising up since 2016. This coincides with the Trump presidency as the media reported.

White attacks against the LGBT+ community has been on a steady decline since 2008. While White bias attacks by race and sexual orientation used to track closely from 2004 to 2009, the gap has opened up considerably.

Percent of hate crimes committed by Black people. Source: FBI Hate Crimes Reports

The chart for Black offenders is the inverse of that for Whites.

Black people are committing a disproportionately high level of the hate crimes against the LGBT community, and the trend line is getting worse. Rather than committing 13.4% of the hate crimes in line with their overall population, Blacks committed 27.2% of the hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation.

When it comes to bias attacks stemming from hatred of religion and race, the Black community is roughly in line with the expected distribution, however the trends are on a fairly steady upward climb. Consider that Black people accounted for over three times the percentage of anti-Jewish hate crimes in 2019 as they did in 2005.

Percent of hate crimes committed by Hispanic people. Source: FBI Hate Crimes Reports

The FBI has only tracked the Hispanic community as a distinct Offender category since 2013, with little data in that year and 2014. Presumably, they were included in the category of Black offenders, so the combined data would make the Black and Hispanic numbers look quite bad.

Using the FBI data as compiled, the Hispanic community commits far fewer hate crimes than the size of its population (16.7%) would suggest. However, the trend lines are going up for every category.

Asian Americans account for 5.6% of the U.S. population, and commit an insignificant percentage of all hate crimes.

Comparing the the three main ethnic groups shows a difference in the focus of hate crimes.

#1 TargetJews (flat)LGBT (climbing)LGBT (climbing)
#2 TargetRace (climbing)Jews (erratic)Race (climbing)
#3 TargetLGBT (declining)Race (climbing)Jews (climbing)
Ranked Targets of Hate Crimes, by Offender Groups

When looking at hate crimes by victim, race-related attacks are the most frequent and gather the most attention. Yet when viewing hate crimes by offenders, race-related hate crimes are not the leading motivation for Whites, Blacks or Hispanics, where anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT sentiments dominate. Perhaps it is time to look at hate crimes through the other side of the prism.

(note: in 2019, there were 2,314 attacks against Black people while there were 995 against Jews and 867 against gay men. There was another 752 against others in the LGBT+ community. An average Jew and LGBT person is much more likely to be attacked in a hate crime than an average Black person.)

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Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Part of the Problem of Anti-Semitism?

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) bills itself as the “premier U.S. non-profit organization monitoring the activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists.” In reviewing the articles and analyses on its website, one can see a particular bias in covering hate groups and victims: aggressively monitoring alt-right white supremacist groups while doing very little work on other hate groups, and focusing on anti-Black, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ acts while doing very little work about anti-Semitism.

And it matters, because the average Jew suffers more hate crimes than any other group in America with the pace of hate crimes increasing rapidly, and more hate crimes are increasingly being committed by non-Whites.

SPLC Ignoring The Murder of Jews

On November 12, 2019, the SPLC wrote an article about the FBI Hate Crimes Report of 2018. The article focused on:

  • Blaming white supremacists and President Trump for attacks: “This uptick in violent hate crimes comes on the heels of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee in July, when he said the majority of domestic terrorism investigations are connected to white supremacy. Given President Trump’s incendiary – and often false – rhetoric about immigrants, it is not surprising that the FBI reports a nearly 14 percent increase in hate crimes against Latinos in 2018. A president’s words have consequences, and this administration continues to normalize the bigotry that motivates hate crimes. Earlier this year in El Paso, we witnessed one of the deadliest white nationalist, anti-immigrant acts of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.” But the article didn’t say that anti-Black hate crimes declined by 1.3% in 2018; anti-Jewish crimes by 9.5% and anti-Muslim by 27.4%. What’s more, while the total hate crimes against those groups went down, the anti-White hate crimes JUMPED by 20.1%, the largest one year increase since 2012.
  • No discussion of anti-Jewish murders. The report noted an increase in anti-LGBTQ hate crimes and that the largest percentage of hate crimes were against Blacks. But it said nothing about the facts that an average Jew was three times more likely to suffer a hate crime than an average Black person. It said nothing about the slaughter of Jews in Pittsburgh, the largest mass shooting of Jews in U.S. history. NOTHING. The words “anti-Semitism” and “Jews” never even made the article, even as the number of murders reached 1.0% of total hate crimes for the first time since the FBI has kept such statistics, mostly due to the killing of Jews.

That article was not an aberration in focusing on White perpetrators and ignoring Jewish victims.

Go to the site’s tab on “Hate & Extremism.” The only hate groups featured are all White supremacist, even though it claims to track 1,600 hate groups, many of whom are anti-White.

In an article describing the “Year in Hate” on February 15, 2017, the  SPLC bemoaned the increase in anti-Muslim hate groups which it claimed was not unexpected. Why?

“By far the most dramatic change was the enormous leap in anti-Muslim hate groups, from 34 in 2015 to 101 last year — a 197% increase. But that explosion was not unexpected. Anti-Muslim hate has been expanding rapidly for more than two years now, driven by radical Islamist attacks including the June mass murder of 49 people at an Orlando, Fla., gay nightclub, the unrelenting propaganda of a growing circle of well-paid ideologues, and the incendiary rhetoric of Trump — his threats to ban Muslim immigration, mandate a registry of Muslims in America, and more.”

Read that highlighted section again: a Muslim extremist killed 49 members of the LGBT community in a horrible hate crime, and rather than call attention to the victims being LGBT and the perpetrator being Muslim, the SPLC reoriented the reader to state that presumably White people are anti-Muslim because a Muslim killed gay people. Huh? SPLC, are you warning us that White people are the real problematic haters because they don’t like Muslims slaughtering gay people?

The article capturing the year in hate mentioned “Muslims” fifteen times, while “Jews” was referenced just three times. This despite there being 834 hate crimes against Jews and 381 against Muslims, according to the FBI in 2016. Where’s the focus and where’s the problem?

When the SPLC addressed the shooting of Jews in Poway, CA on April 27, 2019, it focused on the perpetrator: “Once again, a young white male has apparently been influenced by dangerous online white supremacist propaganda. And once again, we see how this propaganda can lead to terrorist acts.” But when the attacks in Jersey City, NJ were committed by Black people, SPLC seemed to be confused as to whether the two killers belonged to the Black Israelites which SPLC labels as a hate group, while noting “many Hebrew Israelites are neither explicitly anti-white nor antisemitic and do not advocate violence, there is a rising extremist sector within the movement.” Maybe the killers were part of the group, maybe not. The group is considered a hate group, but many people are not really racists. It’s very clear, thank you. It seems that uniquely among the 1,600 hate groups the SPLC tracks, there may be some “very fine people” (to quote Donald Trump) among the Black Israelites.

When Jews were attacked again on Hanukkah 2019, SPLC saidWhen any one of us is attacked, we are all at risk. This is a time in which the voices for good cannot be silent. Stand with the Jewish community and SPLC as we continue to challenge the rise in anti-Semitism. As Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote: “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” Thank you for your recent concern. You’ve been absolutely mum for years.

People have described Jews as the canary in the coal mine when it comes to hate crimes but what happens to the miners when the person who claims to be in charge of watching the canary is in fact staring at everything else but the canary? The canary dies and the miners are too sick to even escape.

And here we are.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has systematically ignored the plight of Jews in America for years while it solely focused on white supremacists attacking Blacks and Muslims. In doing so, it has failed the Jews and it has failed America.

Protester in New York City’s March Against Hate, January 5, 2020 (photo: FirstOneThrough)

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