The Blinding Witch Hunt of Minor Offenses

There are many signs that society has lost its moorings.

‘Woke’ America makes the argument daily with inanity such as the charge that math is racist and the demand to ‘defund the police’ as if anarchy is a model society. Left-wing activists are similarly trying to change the very meaning of words with new spins that only White people can be racist by definition, and smears that Israel, the most liberal country in the Middle East, is an ‘apartheid‘ state.

Stupidity is not confined to alt-left sensitivities. Society as a whole is outraged by offenses much less grave than serious crimes which are ignored.

Consider The New York Times and its treatment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For years the left-wing paper gave a pass to one of the most repressive regimes in the world which doesn’t allow a woman to drive or leave the home without a male escort. It said nothing about the country’s policy of executing minors or its public beheadings.

In its see/hear/say no evil orientation, The Times sold expensive tourist packages to the country. At least, until the crown price was accused of killing the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Then the media conglomerate found its spine to cancel its lavish junket. Beheading juveniles was deemed a lesser offense than killing a fellow journalist.

It goes on today with American politics as well, like New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo was directly responsible for killing thousands of older New Yorkers during the early months of the COVID pandemic when he ordered coronavirus patients to be sent to nursing homes. Cuomo then directed his staff to lie about the nursing home deaths to make it appear that he was doing a great job handling the crisis. Not a surprise, as he was being paid millions of dollars to write a book about his leadership during the pandemic. The depravity of conceit!

And society cheered this man, until he did something truly unforgivable – he sexually harassed women in his office. Only at that point did society turn on him.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo allegedly placed his hands on Anna Ruch’s cheeks at a wedding party in 2019 and asked if he could kiss her. Cuomo was undone by sexual harassment charges but not for killing thousands of seniors and ordering the cover-up, as he sought millions of dollars for writing a ‘leadership’ book.

A healthy society can easily identify and call out depravity; but we are far from healthy. Even before the pandemic, we let our minds become infected with the adrenaline of righteous rage as we embarked on witch hunts of minor offenses, ignoring the glaring evil before our eyes. Now, trapped in the cycles of closures, our anger buys distrust, so we vilify counter opinions and embrace the tyrants who feed our faiths.

Vaccines and time we will eventually vanquish the coronavirus pandemic, but we must seek a cure for the mental illness which confuses the all-out assault to flatten society’s hierarchy, with blinding rage preventing people from seeing the spectrum between good and evil.

Media Exacerbates Minorities’ Fears of Getting Vaccinated

The mainstream media has been advancing the notion that the United States has always been, and remains, a country entrenched in systemic racism. It uses myriad statistics to support this theory such as higher Black unemployment, poverty and incarceration nationwide.

Recently, the liberal media has used the pandemic as another example to support their belief of systemic racism. For months, they reported that more Black and Hispanic people lost their jobs, and have been infected and died from COVID-19. The media informed the public that it was because of systemic racism and rich White people taking all of the vaccines as a matter of privilege.

So it was a (momentary) nice surprise to see The New York Times finally write that a major reason that Black people have not been vaccinated is that they don’t want to be vaccinated. The March 11, 2021 Times article “Misinformation Deepens a Gap in Vaccinations” described how Black people do not trust the government and believe that the vaccines are harmful because they have been fed “misinformation”. As the Times has repeatedly described mis/disinformation campaigns as a right-wing phenomenon, it was clear that the Times was attempting to portray another right-wing racist assault on people of color.

Front page article of New York Times on March 11, 2011

The Times article described over-and-again how Blacks and Hispanics and “communities of color” were weary about being vaccinated because they distrusted the government – and for good reason. It noted that “the belief that doctors are interested in experimenting on certain communities has deep roots among some groups, Ms. Kolai said. Anti-vaccine activists have drawn historical examples, including Nazi doctors who ran experiments in concentration camps, and the Baltimore hospital where, 70 years ago, cancer cells were collected from Henrietta Lacks, a Black mother of five.” Somehow, the Times omitted that the Nazi victims were Jews (who have been getting vaccinated), leaving a reader to imagine that those in concentration camps may have been Hispanics at the Mexico-U.S. border, as liberals termed those detention facilities.

The Times went on to accuse White people because “Many Black and Hispanic people were already struggling to make appointments and reach vaccination sites that are often in whiter, wealthier neighborhoods. And officials in some cities say that people from those [whiter, wealthier] neighborhoods also have been flooding appointment systems and taking supply intended for poorer Black and Hispanic residents.” It seemed like the Times was pushing a narrative in which rich White right-wing racists convince Black people that the vaccines are unhealthy so they could then sweep in to take all of the vaccines intended for poorer neighborhoods.

Lost in all the conspiracy peddling was self-reflection. The progressive disinformation campaign about American systemic racism has further instilled the sense of distrust in the government and the medical profession, making minorities increasingly wary of signing up to get vaccinated.

Indeed there is a disinformation harming minorities, but its sources is the very media that points elsewhere.

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Hasidim “Chin Masks”

On March 1, 2021, Frontier Airlines forced a Hasidic Jewish couple to deplane a flight from New York to Miami because they allegedly refused to wear a mask. The airline stated that “a large group of passengers repeatedly refused to comply with the U.S. government’s federal mask mandate,” which led to the ultimate cancellation of the flight.

Martin Joseph, A Hasidic man on the flight disputed the airlines claim saying “[w]e understand that the mask has to be worn, and everybody has to wear a mask, and that’s the law. We comply one million percent.

I took a flight from New York to Miami with many Hasidic families during the pandemic. In my experience, both the airlines and the passengers were correct. Hasidim do wear masks, but it only covers their necks and chins.

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Mexico’s Coronavirus Disgrace

While the U.S. liberal media has tried to paint the coronavirus as a matter which only countries led by Socialists and/or women can navigate, they have ignored the country immediately to the south which is fairing horribly.

Mexico ranks as number 18 in the world in the number of deaths per million (number 16, ignoring small Gibraltar and San Marino), with 1,330. The country is led by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who had COVID some weeks ago, who is a Socialist pushing for higher wages, free internet, absolution for drug criminals, while driving away private investment. He has no grasp for the situation.

Putting aside his refusal to wear a mask, his administration is not testing anyone. To date, Mexico has only tested 38,925 people per million. That compares to Hungary (1,414 deaths and 348,124 tests per million), Spain (1,384 deaths and 765,137 tests per million), Peru (1,308 deaths and 206,862 tests per million) and Panama (1,284 deaths and 409,116 tests per million). The country is testing at rates that are 10 to 30 times LESS than countries with similar death tolls. The countries with so few tests have a fraction of the death rate and include Uzbekistan (40,804 tests with 18 deaths per million), Honduras (40,661 tests with 385 deaths per million), Pakistan (37,576 tests and 55 deaths per million) and Indonesia (36,414 tests with 120 deaths per million). That’s Mexico at 1,330 deaths per million and other countries ranging from 18 to 385, three to 74 times the rate of death.

Socialist Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador refuses to wear a mask as his country climbs to #3 in total deaths from the coronavirus

Despite these numbers, and only 86,000 people fully vaccinated in a country of 126 million, Mexico just announced it is reducing the COVID-19 alert in half of the states.

Democratic politicians have not voiced any concern or demands that the U.S. assist Mexico in its vaccination program despite the horrific numbers for its neighbor to the south. Instead, they criticize Israel for not vaccinating Arabs in the Palestinian territories and push for U.S. monies to flow into Gaza and Iran before noting any concern for Puerto Rico.

It would appear that Democrats only care about Mexicans when it comes to immigration, not their actual well-being.

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The West Bank / Gaza Coronavirus Gap

Palestinians polled themselves in December 2020, as they do every quarter. The differences between the West Bank and Gaza continued to be consistent in several areas such as Gazans favoring Hamas much more than West Bank Arabs.

The poll noted that more Gazans think that Hamas is not corrupt (45.3%) versus 8.3% of Arabs in the West Bank; Gazans back Hamas for president (64.4%) versus only 37.9% of West Bank Arabs; and 53.9% of Gazans believing fair elections can be held while 58.2% of West Bank Arabs think otherwise. When it comes to the Palestinian Authority (PA), almost everyone agrees that it is hopelessly corrupt (88.9% and 84.5% for Gaza and West Bank Arabs, respectively).

The latest poll also asked if people wanted to get the coronavirus vaccine. In Gaza, 50.5% and 31.6% stated they certainly did and thought they wanted to be vaccinated, respectively (82.1% in favor of vaccination), while 49.8% and 19.4% of West Bank Arabs said they certainly and probably DID NOT want to be vaccinated, respectively (69.2% against vaccination).

That is a remarkable difference in attitudes towards vaccination between the two regions which begs the question as to why Gazans want the vaccine while West Bank Arabs do not.

Two possible reasons: population density and trust in institutions.

Gaza is an extremely compact area with over 13,000 people per square mile. That compares to 759 people per square mile in the West Bank (17 times less). As the coronavirus spreads from person-to-person, it stands to reason that Gazans are more nervous about the virus rapidly spreading.

As relevant, is the fact that Gazans trust the Hamas authorities to look out for them. Both the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza do not trust the PA in any matter. With Hamas ruling Gaza and in charge of coordinating a vaccination program with the United Nations, Gazans are much more comfortable getting the vaccine than West Bank Arabs led by the PA with zero credibility.

Meanwhile in the United States, several far-left members of Congress including Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL), Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) criticized Israel for not vaccinating Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank, even though the PA took on the responsibility for healthcare in the Oslo Accords and does so together with the United Nations. To suggest that Israel should re-enter Gaza, which it left in 2005, to vaccinate people who have gone to war with Israel three times since 2008 is both illogical and dangerous. To push Israel to vaccinate West Bank Arabs who don’t want the vaccine would be an assault. If West Bankers do not trust the Palestinian Authority, why would anyone think they would trust Israel?

The PA stated publicly that it was not asking Israel to secure vaccinations for them and are coordinating efforts with the World Health Organization. Members of the PA Health Ministry were insulted by the suggestion that they work with Israel adding “We are not a department in the Israeli Defense Ministry. We have our own government and Ministry of Health, and they are making huge efforts to get the vaccine.

The concern of the American “progressives” uniquely for Palestinians is puzzling as they are faring better than most. According to the current information from Worldometers:

CountryCases per 1MDeaths per 1M
countries with roughly 31,000 cases per 1M population

The Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank rank 62nd globally in frequency of cases and have far fewer deaths than other countries with a similar positive infection rate. Yet there has been no outcry from those same Democrats about the situation in Bulgaria or Belize who are dying at rates multiples higher than Arabs. It seems to suggest that the left-wing Americans are using the coronavirus dynamic merely as a cudgel against Israel.

Israeli Arab receiving coronavirus vaccination

There is a significant gap in the attitude of Gazans and West Bank Arabs regarding the coronavirus vaccine as well as among far-left politicians regarding their concern for Palestinian Arabs and Albanians who are fairing much worse in the pandemic. The gap is one of trust, with Palestinians trusting Hamas but not the PA, and “Progressives” singularly not trusting Israel among all the nations.

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Progressive’s Coronavirus Contagion

Just today, Israel’s special coronavirus cabinet decided to place new restrictions on people coming from the United Kingdom, Denmark and South Africa. Non-Israelis are prohibited from entering Israel while Israelis will be forced to spend two weeks in quarantine.

Israel joined Italy, Netherlands and Belgium in banning entry of people from the UK after a new more contagious strain of COVID-19 was detected in Britain. Israel has thus far been the only country to also add Denmark and South Africa to the banned country list. The 501.V2 mutant variety has been detected in those other countries as well, which seems to be more severe in young adults than the prior strain.

To date, Belgium and Italy have been the worst hit countries, with 1,597 and 1,139 deaths per million people, respectively. The UK and United States are both near the 1,000 deaths per million milestone, while Denmark and Israel are much lower at 178 and 335, respectively.

Israel’s “Anglo ban” has not yet produced the vocal outrage from progressives that happened when President Donald Trump placed a ban on China early in the coronavirus pandemic or in the early days of his administration when he blocked entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries which did not have appropriate safety protocols to monitor terrorists, or in “building a wall” along the southern border to curtail the flow of illegal immigration. Maybe it is because these three countries are perceived to be “White.” Whatever the reason, a country that is often in the crosshairs of global condemnation will welcome the pause in criticism as it battles a severe spike in positive infection rates.

Progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continue to advocate for “open borders” and to “abolish ICE” in their desire to welcome millions of immigrants into the country to add to the physical working class and hopeful union members. Meanwhile, the reality of the need to be able to secure borders for the protection of citizenry has never been more apparent.

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NY Times Hails the Heroes of Hamas

On August 8, 2020, The New York Times wrote an article praising Hamas for its actions regarding the pandemic while also warning about the destructive actions of Israel.

New York Times article praising Hamas

The article “Covid-19 Spares Gaza, but Travel Restrictions Prove Less Forgiving” noted that

the blockaded Gaza Strip might be one of the only places in the world where no cases of community transmission of the coronavirus have been recorded – an achievement attributed to the coastal enclave’s isolation as well as the swift measures taken by its militant Hamas rulers…. In March, fearing the potentially disastrous consequences of an outbreak in Gaza, Hamas authorities ordered all travelers returning to the territory from by way of Israel and Egypt to enter quarantine facilities for three weeks. They could not leave quarantine until they had passed two virus tests. The system seemed to have succeeded… Hamas initially instituted other restrictions in Gaza. But it later lifted many of them, enabling residents to follow significant parts of their daily routines. They have been flocking to the beaches, working out in gyms, eating at restaurants, praying at mosques and shopping in markets, among other activities.

Hamas is highlighted as one of the greatest governing bodies in the world, sparing the Gaza community any deaths while allowing people to enjoy activities that are forbidden in much of the world including going to gyms  and churches. There is no mention that the group is a designated terrorist organization with a founding charter which is the most antisemitic in the world both calling Jews disgusting names and for a jihad to kill them and destroy the Jewish State. The Times never calls Hamas a terrorist group and has now taken the incremental step of praising its leadership.

The Times wasn’t quite through sharing its twisted narrative as it needed to condemn Israel.

The media outlet posted a blow-out clause about the evil occupying forces:

A fear that Israel is ‘tightening its closure’ on the territory.

The article also included three pictures, of which the largest two were of women and children. The caption described how the woman was unable to visit her ailing father – because of Israel. The third picture was of a man who wanted to move to Europe because “poverty is rampant,” presumably, also because of Israel, not Hamas’s funneling of resources towards killing Jews.

This is the prevailing theme surrounding the Times’ coverage of the pandemic in Israel, Israeli territories and the Palestinian territories.

On April 9 the Times wrote how “[Palestinian Prime Minister] Shtayyeh’s administration earned broad approval for its aggressive response to an early outbreak,” even “as extremist Jewish settlers take advantage of the West Bank emergency by assaulting farmers, damaging property and trespassing or squatting on Palestinian land.” For the Times, Palestinians are noted for good governance while Israelis are terrible right-wing violent racists.

The Times does not tell its readers that the death rate in Jordan from the pandemic stands at only 1 person per million, even better than their cousins in the Palestinian territories which are at 19 per million, roughly the same as Israeli Arabs. The Times will not posit that the reason could be from their common culture or DNA rather than actions of the leadership and circumstances.

For the New York Times, autocrats fail the tests of handling the coronavirus while noble governments led by Socialists and women – and the Palestinians – fair well. For the liberal rag, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are “resistance movements”, not authoritarian racist regimes, welcomed into the community of the woke.

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Genes Versus Leadership in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has received a lot of ink. Much of the writings from the liberal press has had virtually nothing to do with science and much to do with promoting a liberal narrative.

The New York Times pushed forward the idea that radical right-wing men were the worst kind of leaders in a pandemic in a June 2, 2020 article called “Where the Virus is Growing the Most: Countries with ‘Illiberal Populist’ Leaders.” It must have gotten rave reviews because Nicholas Kristof decided to write a similar piece in an Op-Ed story on June 14 called “Nations May Be Safer Under Women.

These stories are utter nonsense as described in “Where the Virus is Killing the Most: Countries with Socialist Leaders,” which uses actual statistics to show the exact opposite of what the Times conveys. This was not #AlternativeFacts; it was the essence of #FakeNews.

The news today has a set narrative that aggressively seeks an anchor in current events. If the facts don’t fit, the editors will reframe them somehow. Would the Times ever write that the worst hit country in the world by the pandemic is headed by a liberal woman? Never! (For those playing at home, it’s Sophie Wilmès of Belgium).

And it’s beyond a shame; it’s a crime. People are dying all around the world and the Times is playing politics rather than educating its readers and possibly helping point to a cure by looking at figures honestly.

Genes Versus Leadership in the Pandemic

During this election year, the mainstream media is pushing the notion that right-wing autocratic men like Donald Trump literally kill people, while progressive women save people. It’s a narrative tailored to November.

A more honest appraisal of why people are dying from COVID-19 has seemingly little to do with government leadership as much as circumstances. Age, season and genes are statistically the leading indicators of mortality.

AGE: According Worldometers, only 4.5% of all deaths in NYC occurred in patients under 65 years old who did not have underlying health conditions, even while almost 86% of the population is under 65. There is a direct correlation between advanced years and probability of dying from COVID-19.

SEASON: The northern hemisphere was rocked by the coronavirus. Countries like Belgium, the United States, Spain, Italy, Sweden and France were all hit hard. Meanwhile, countries in the Southern hemisphere were barely touched through May. That may be changing together with the seasons with winter coming to South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

GENES: The liberal media has written about the higher mortality rate of Black people in the United States and has both implied and stated outright that it is because of systemic racism. But an examination of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East may point to a very different reason: genes or cultural habits.

The death rate in Israel is roughly 33 people per million as of this writing. Meanwhile, the mortality rate for Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza is only 0.6 per million and in Jordan it is 0.9 per million. A deeper examination into the numbers in Israel by the Taub Center in Israel, shows that Arab infections were less than half of Jewish infections inside of Israel.

Israeli Arabs, Palestinian Arabs and Jordanian Arabs are from a very similar gene pool and live next door to each other but each live in very different circumstances in regards to leadership, yet had roughly the same mortality rate. Meanwhile Israeli Jews living nearby died at a rate roughly 50 times as high. This suggests that either genes or cultural habits account for the dramatic differences in death rates, not whether the leader is male or female (the way that Kristof posits) or a monarch, autocrat or Democratically-elected (unless the liberal media wants to reframe its entire narrative about the besieged poor Gazans).

Seem too far fetched? Tests are beginning to show that people with Type A blood are more likely to be infected by COVID-19 and those with type O blood, much less.

People are dying in a pandemic and the New York Times is feeding its readership complete fabrications in order to secure a Democratic victory. It’s both sad that liberals have such little faith in their party leaders that they need to manufacture tales, and that they use a global tragedy for political ends.

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Where the Virus is Killing the Most: Countries with Socialist Leaders

The increasingly Socialist media outlet, The New York Times, ran an article on June 2, 2020 called “Where the Virus is Growing the Most: Countries with ‘Illiberal Populist’ Leaders.” The article pushed the notion that countries with the worst record of combating COVID-19 are “all run by populist male leaders who cast themselves as anti-elite and anti-establishment” who subscribe to “radical right illiberal populism.” It added that “the flip side of the pattern involving illiberal populists is that countries run by women appear to have been more successful in fighting the virus.

Here’s the actual data on the coronavirus and where its most deadly: it is in countries with liberal/ socialist leaders, not conservative.

Country 1M pop Leader Party Gender
San Marino 1,238
Belgium 820 Sophie Wilmès Reformist (liberal) Female
Andorra 660
Spain 580 Pedro Sánchez Socialist Male
UK 575 Boris Johnson Conservative Male
Italy 554 Giuseppe Conte Independent Male
France 442 Emmanuel Macron Socialist Male
Sweden 436 Stefan Löfven Socialist Male
Sint Maarten 350
Netherlands 348 Mark Rutte Freedom and Democracy (center-right) Male
Ireland 334 Michael D. Higgins Labour (liberal) Male

The coronavirus is a terrible pandemic which should be beyond politics but we’re in 2020 and the mainstream liberal media is hard-pressing the notion that conservative men will destroy democracy and literally cause death and destruction wherever they lead. So the NY Times again pushed #AlternativeFacts about COVID-19 and will not point out that the countries worst hit are led by far-left leaders. It goes without saying that the MSM will not print that the most deadly country by far – Belgium, with a mortality rate 2.5 times the United States – is headed by a liberal woman.

Sophie Wilmès, Prime Minister of Belgium, head of the liberal Reformist Movement

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Bahrain Takes All the COVID-19 Tests But Doesn’t Give a Cent to the WHO

The pandemic is reaching all corners of the world and the United Nations Secretary General is sounding the sirens about poor countries in Africa being at great risk of being overwhelmed by the virus. UN Secretary-General António Guterres saidWe are as strong as the weakest health systems. Protecting the developing world is not a matter of charity or generosity but a question of enlightened self-interest.

He might want to address the rich Persian Gulf monarchies more directly.

Most of the COVID-19 tests have been administered by large countries like India, and hard hit countries like the United States, Italy and Spain. The table below shows the top twenty countries where tests have been administered.

Deaths/ Total Tests/ Population
Country 1M pop Tests 1M pop
USA 278 12,253,346 37,045 330,769,370
Russia 19 7,147,014 48,977 145,927,122
Germany 97 3,147,771 37,584 83,752,125
Italy 529 3,041,366 50,294 60,472,166
Spain 593 3,037,840 64,977 46,752,654
UK 513 2,682,716 39,543 67,843,268
India 2 2,302,792 1,671 1,378,344,732
Turkey 50 1,650,135 19,591 84,227,597
UAE 23 1,600,923 162,108 9,875,638
France 433 1,384,633 21,218 65,256,433
Canada 155 1,312,613 34,816 37,701,865
Australia 4 1,062,034 41,708 25,463,408
S. Korea 5 753,211 14,693 51,263,999
Brazil 79 735,224 3,462 212,376,810
Iran 84 701,640 8,367 83,859,705
Belgium 784 696,840 60,157 11,583,602
Peru 85 661,132 20,086 32,914,644
Portugal 121 652,497 63,969 10,200,144
Poland 25 636,046 16,804 37,851,440
Saudi Arabia 9 601,954 17,324 34,745,848

One country stands out in the top 20 – the United Arab Emirates. A country with fewer than 10 million people has already had over 1.6 million tests performed. It amounts to a whopping 162,108 tests per million people, or over five times the average of 31,700 per million for the other top countries.

This rich Muslim kingdom is not an outlier. Nearby Bahrain has had 143,508 tests per 1 million people.

While the UAE does contribute to the World Health Organization (less than 1.0% of WHO’s budget), Bahrain gives virtually nothing – less than Sudan, Mali, Eritrea, Uganda, Lesotho and many other African countries.

Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain

Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman have run 56,243, 17,324 and 11,985 tests per million people, respectively, a fraction of the rate of Bahrain, but at least each has contributed to the WHO.

Bahrain has one of the highest GDP per capita‘s in the world and has performed among the highest number of COVID-19 tests in the world, but barely gives a penny to the World Health Organization. Forget select vilification of the US for pulling funding of WHO because of the organization’s failures in handling the pandemic; how about a simple mention that it’s time for the rich oil kingdoms to contribute their share.

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