Aliyah to Israel

Even during these turbulent times, Jews from around the world move to Israel.

Jews have always lived in and moved to Israel. They started coming to Israel in greater numbers throughout the 1800s as the number of Jews in the land moved up from 3% to 14% of the population.

The reasons why people come to Israel have changed over time:

  • A spiritual connection to the land;
  • Escape from poor treatment in their prior home country;
  • Economic opportunities;
  • Family

The main regions that are coming to Israel over the past few years are: Russia/Ukraine; France; US/Canada.  In August 2014, over 300 Jews from the US and Canada moved to Israel, with over 100 joining the Israel Defense Forces.

Since 2008, Israel has been the home to more Jews than any other country- for the first time in almost 2000 years.


The loss of Jews in Europe continues

The recent fatal shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels may increase the probability of more Jews leaving Belgium.  Belgium is already one of the countries with the highest rates of aliyah to Israel.

In 1948, there were 34 countries with over 25,000 Jews.  Today, there are HALF -17 countries.  Belgium (30,400) and Italy (28,000) are the next countries that are likely to see their Jewish populations drop below 25,000.

Over 82% of the Jews in the world are concentrated in only two countries – Israel and the US – the greatest concentration of Jews in 2000 years.