Palestinian Arabs continued their attacks on Israeli Jews throughout the summer 2022, even according to the biased reporting of the United Nations.
While Christians outnumber Jewish tourists to the Jewish State by over two-to-one, there is not a single Muslim-majority country where non-Muslim visitors outnumber Muslim tourists.
Modern Zionism is often misunderstood as creating the notion of Jewish peoplehood and a desire to move to Israel. Those are basic facts which predate modern Zionism. Zionism is about the fight against anti-Semitism being effectively fought when Jews have sovereignty in their homeland.
Ukrainian refugees need relief. Funnel the billions of dollars spent on descendants of Palestinian refugees who live just a few miles from their grandparents houses to people in actual need.
Much of the student loan crisis is from the private for-profit industry. It must be severely overhauled, with many schools losing accreditation, and not extending loans to students with bad grades
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas falsely states that Palestinians have had “50 Holocausts” at the hands of Israelis, while at a press conference in Germany. The media covered the story very differently.
Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Brown suspended 11 games and given $5 million fine for sexual harassment, gets reputational rehabilitation advice from The Boys’ The Deep, banished in Cleveland
Israeli attacks were roughly half the number of Palestinian Arab attacks in the first four months of 2022. Israeli attacks were less than one-third the number of Arab attacks at the beginning of the year, before a wave of lethal Arab attacks prompted a response from Jews.
Ashkenazi Jews make up less than one-third of the population of Israel
After failing to destroy the Jewish State militarily, the Arab Muslim world has gone through three stages to destroy it economically, with the current effort enlisting global support against all Zionists
Israel is surrounded by terrorist groups and state sponsors of terrorism
Whoopi Goldberg’s peers are ignorant about the Holocaust
Democratic-Socialists view of racism
The Democratic Slide on Israel.
The Democratic Slide on Israel.
The Democratic Slide on Israel.
The Democratic Slide on Israel.
If politicians and pundits really care about Israel’s security, they would push for annexing E1 east of Jerusalem through the town of Ma’ale Adumim
Biden is proposing to open a consulate building for Palestinians in western Jerusalem. Why not in Bethlehem or Ramallah?
While hate crimes committed against Muslims by Whites and Blacks rose in a similar percentage, White anti-Semitic attacks declined significantly while it rose significantly for Blacks.
Much of the world is labeling Jews living over the 1949 Armistice Lines as illegal settlers, while the Palestinians and much of the Muslim world label all Israeli Jews as illegal settlers.
Anti-Zionist Progressives for Iran
Anti-Zionist Progressives for Palestine
Republicans contend that mail-in ballots contributed to massive voter fraud
Democratic Party moving away from pro-Israel positions
Kanye West’s party is looking pretty, pretty, pretty good

Two old men want to be president

Joe Biden’s decline

COVID-19 Strikes Israel’s Holiday season again

President Trump caps one of the most pro-Israel Pro-Peace terms in U.S. presidential history

Seems some stores want you to show your hate at affordable rates

J Street supports a number of Farrakhan fans

Statues are being toppled of America’s founders for owning slaves but a senior member of the KKK has dozens of buildings named after him without so much as a whisper.

New statue of Maria Theresa going up in Prague this month. She expelled all the Jews from Hungary and Bohemia, starting with Prague. Seems natural for the city to want to honor her. #NoOneCaresWhenItsJews

30 members of Obama’s Administration asked the DNC to pressure Israel in the official party platform

Remembering victims of terror and the UN’s culpability.

Coronavirus cartoons

Bill Clinton said he had an affair to ‘manage his anxieties.’ Palestinians have you that excuse to murder Jews for decades.

Bernie Sanders claims to be proud to be a Jew all of a sudden… it’s quite pungent

Vote in the World Zionist Congress

Donna Lieberman of the NY Civil Liberties Union took the stage with Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday to discuss antisemitism after several attacks against the Orthodox Jewish community, a community she has fought against repeatedly over the past several years.

Should Jewish students be entitled to the same police protection as public school kids? Not according to NYC progressives.

Palestinians Aligned themselves with Nazis early on.

Palestinians are today’s Nazis in many ways.



Politicians who say that Israel has a right to defend itself miss the point – every government in the world has a RESPONSIBILITY to defend its citizens.

The notion that Jews should be denied the ability to live anywhere in dignity is antisemitic in its core.

China bans funny South Park cartoon while Facebook still permits Palestinian Arab cartoons calling for the death of Jews.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia was quick to site free speech in his vilification of Jews. How does Malaysia handle free speech when a person says that Mohammed was gay?

Jerusalem is mentioned throughout the Jewish bible, in contrast to never being mentioned in the Islamic Koran.

Israel the only country in the world whose national anthem is all about its capital city.

Jews are the only religion denied the right to pray at their holiest location.

The head of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, banned kissing in public.

Palestinian Arabs don’t want Arab journalists to even visit Israel.

The Palestinians prefer terror by a 2-to-1 margin, to get rid of the “occupation.”

The Palestinians – particularly of Gaza – support the murder of teenage Israeli Jewish girls.

Jerusalem has been a united city for most of its history.

Jews have been a majority in Jerusalem for 150 years – well before the 1967 War or the Balfour Declaration.

The Democratic presidential debates is featuring many takers

Jordan’s 1954 citizenship law recalled the Nuremberg Laws.

Jordan’s annexation of the “West Bank” was not recognized by most of the world.

The admissibility of the acquisition of land in a defensive war has already been acknowledged.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib call to visit and boycott Israel further demonstrated her blind hatred.

The Progressive wing of the Democratic Party is not a freshmen only matter.

The U.S. doesn’t want to make the detention centers. Concentration camps are made by an active action by a government against its own residents, not a reactive action for those breaking into the country as the U.S. is doing.

For the alt-left, Holocaust denial has taken on a new noxious formula: portray anyone to the right of you as an evil Nazi and depict any minority as innocent slaughtered Jews. Minimize the uniqueness of the annihilation of Jews in the Holocaust and attempt to demonstrate that extremist progressives are the true champions of minority victims.

New York State passed a law allowing abortion until the moment of birth. Progressives Ben & Jerry celebrate.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) make bizarre statements about the Holocaust and Democrats rush to her defense.

The terrorists in Gaza are launching rockets into Israel again.

New York Times makes a cartoon of Netanyahu as a dog – as if that’s the only problem with their coverage of Israel.

Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East.

If Nancy Pelosi pushes Gov. Ralph Northam to resign for a single picture, I imagine she will push West Virginia to rename the 50+ buildings named after Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), a long-time member of the Ku Klux Klan.

When you recite antisemitism in harmony, the sound is much worse, not better.

Abbas knows that his popularity is tied to funneling money to the murderers of Jews.

It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the stupid, stupid.

Forgetting the Fast of Esther

How do you feel when you hear that innocent people were murdered?

There is a need for Jewish dignity to enable an enduring peace.

The New York Times seems to think the charges of Ilhan Omar have credibility, so are doing a follow up piece on how Jews hypnotize people.

8 years of Civil War in Syria and a murderous despot remains in charge, and the United Nations thinks it understands the Middle East.

Israel is a leading liberal democracy in the entire MENA region.

An expert anti-Semite should be able to recognize an anti-Semite.

Christian Amanpour is as anti-Semitic as Ilhan Omar

One could perhaps forgive new politicians for misspeaking once or twice, but a deliberate distorted focus away from things she knows profoundly towards the Jewish State cannot be ignored.

Palestinian war crimes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a crazy alt-leftist.

New Alt-Left Congresswoman Ilhan Omar supports BDS of Israel because it cannot negotiate peace with a terrorist-supporting, Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic, corrupt, unpopular Palestinian leadership whose term expired over a decade ago.

Ethnic cleansing of Jews in the Middle East while the Arab population in Israel booms

Native American confronts teenager wearing a “MAGA” hat, turns out to be a more complicated story than liberals presented because they want to destroy Trump more than defeating racism

Nancy Pelosi Stops the Government Shutdown, joining the ranks of powerful women on GOT

There is no “Occupied Palestinian Territory”

Airbnb pulls listing of Jewish homes in the West Bank.

Will Google follow with Airbnb’s Jewish ban in lands east of the Green Line?

November 9, 1938 was both the day of Kristallnacht and the day the Palestinian Arabs and British authorities convened to cap Jewish immigration to Palestine. It was the start of the Holocaust and the sealing of the Jews’ escape and fate.

President Obama Gave $150 billion to Iran, so they could wage war throughout the region, including in Yemen.

“Protesters” at Gaza Fence for “Right of Return” guarantee no right of return

Murderer of Ari Fuld Gets His Prisoner and Martyr Payment

Poland decides to ban the use of the term “Polish Concentration Camps” distancing the people of Poland’s crimes against humanity and anti-Semitism, something Obama understands

The United States begins to actively lobby for UNRWA reform

The New York Times is pushing for people to have Google play the articles – not.

The US recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Another difference compared to the Muslim world.

Linda Sarsour tramples Israeli dignity every day.

Israelis are to Feminists as Palestinians are to anti-Semites.

The new UNSG Guterres hypocrisy on the Jewish homeland.

The new UNSG Guterres hypocrisy on antisemitism.

The new UNSG Guterres hypocrisy on terrorism.

The new UNSG Guterres hypocrisy on terrorists.

Think about it: Israel’s national anthem is uniquely about its eternal capital of Jerusalem, and it’s the only capital under assault at the UN.

Think about it: There are now over 30,000 UNRWA employees and fewer than 30,000 Palestinian Arab refugees from the 1948 war.

#LostJewishYouth #ApartheidWall

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#LostJewishYouth #LandSale


#LostJewishYouth #HolocaustDenial


#LostJewishYouth #Occupier


#LostJewishYouth #ArabLand


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#LostJewishYouth #OccupiedTerritories


#LostJewishYouth #HamasCharter


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#LostJewishYouth #EthnicCleansing


Losing Hope?


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