Videos on Jews and Judaism

A collection of videos on Jews and Judaism produced by First.One.Through.



Purim is a holiday in which the actions of a single woman – an orphan – managed to save the entire Jewish people in the kingdom from murder.  A music video in the honor of Hadassah / Queen Esther:

Passover has several unique traditions. One of which involves the creation of the very first sandwich – just not on pieces of bread!

Hanuka is a fun holiday to spend with the family enjoying food and presents. Don’t hold back!


Have you ever tried to explain Purim to non-Jewish people in your office?

The tradition of delivering shaloch manot (treats) on Purim make people do funny things.

Leaving Egypt during Passover 3000 years ago has now become a tradition of leaving one’s home to a fancy resort.  But it’s not so easy to find a place that the whole family can enjoy.

Like many Jewish holidays, Sukkot has several unique customs. However, most non-Jewish people in the business world never heard of the holiday.  Good luck explaining it to the boss.

Did you ever invite your boss to your Sukkah? Some things to consider and beware of!

There are many people that are fed up with the second day of YomTov outside of Israel. Here is someone who started a protest movement.

When the clocks are turned back in the fall, daylight becomes much shorter.  That means that religious Jews need to leave work earlier on Friday afternoons. Here is a young man who tries to explain trying to explain it to his boss.


A non-religious man approaches a frum shadchan, a religious matchmaker, to set him up on a date.  It does not go well as detailed in this series of six short videos in the insane style of humor of Larry David/ Curb Your Enthusiasm.


The summer of 2014 did not only see Israel under bombardment of missiles from Gaza, it also witnessed anti-Semitic riots in Europe.  In the video below, Jews took a moment during visiting day at summer camps to pray for Israel.

Jews have often joked about their predicament – whether being a victim on the one hand or winning wars in Israel. Below, Henny Youngman jokes about a soldier in the IDF.

US President Obama has often repeated he will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. He has repeatedly backed away from that promise and deadlines.


Austria long considered itself a victim of the Nazis in World War II, despite its warm welcome of Hitler in March 1938.  It began to reconsider its complicity in the Holocaust after the “Waldheim Affair” in the 1990s. As part of that effort, as well as tying to join the EU and make amends, it began to invite survivors back to Vienna for a visit.  However, it could not must an apology as seen in the video below.

While many people in history have experienced being refugees due to war, Jews have a unique long history of being expelled from their homes and countries.

The entire world began to move during in the great migration that began in the 1880s.  For Jews, the past 120 years have witnessed the shift of world Jewry spread over dozens of countries including the Russia Empire, the Austrian Empire and Arab countries, to over 80% of world Jewry in the US and Israel.  A music video reviewing the great Jewish migration.

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