Israel Music Videos

A collection of music videos about Israel from First.One.Through.

Music from artists including: The Maccabeats; Foo Fighters; The Kinks; Phillip Phillips; The Clash; Aretha Franklin; Joan Osborne; Tears for Fears; Seal; Yeshiva Boys Choir; Matisyahu; Joe Cocker; The Cars; Evanescence; Gorecki; Schindler’s List; Hovaness; Coldplay; Enya; CSNY; Diana Ross; Michael Jackson; The Who; Vangelis; Fleetwood Mac; Todd Rundgren; Pat Benatar; John Cafferty; David Bowie; Rod Stewart; Genesis; Queen; Wings; Britney Spears; Boy George; Ozzy Osbourne; Bob Marley; The Beatles

Making Aliyah (The Maccabeats)

The 1967 “Borders” (The Kinks)

Israel is the only country whose national anthem is about its capital (Hatikvah)

Ethiopian Jews find their home in Israel (Phillip Phillips)

Population statistics of Jews and Moslems in Israel (Seal)

Mad World of Palestinian claims (Tears for Fears)

Obama is poorly received by the Palestinians (John Cafferty and Beaver Brown Band)

Abbas demands RESPECT (Aretha Franklin)

Palestinian Xenophobia (Mr. Rogers)

Israeli PM Netanyahu apology to Turkish PM Erdogan (Joe Cocker)

The BDS Movement ignores the Lack of Freedoms around the World (Coldplay)

People try to block Jews from living in Judea and Samaria (Foo Fighters)

Israel is over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)

Israel, Mother Nature’s Son (The Beatles)

Remembering the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre (Evanescence)

Lack of Freedom in Saudi Arabia (The Cars)

The 2011 Massacre of the Fogels in Itamar (Gorecki)

The 2002 Massacres in Netanya and Jenin (Gorecki)

God is a Zionist (Joan Osborne)

Who are the Palestinians (The Who)

Perplexing Palestinian Population Explosion (Ozzy Osborne)

The Hamas Theme Song (CSNY)

Israel and Hamas trade shots (Pat Benatar)

Palestinians claim that Israel “provokes” them (The Clash)

E1: The Battle for Jerusalem (The Who)

The Change in the Israeli Knesset (David Bowie)

The Red Cross crosses Israel (Matisyahu)

Love thy Neighbor (Yeshiva Boys Choir)

The Crime of Being Gay in the Muslim World (Boy George)

The anthems of the Middle Eat tell a lot about the country priorities and world view (Enya)

For some reason, the United Nations looks to believe the Palestinians (Rod Stewart)

Americans and Israelis have a special bond (Michael Jackson)

Obama’s Confused Foreign Policy (Genesis)

Obama befriends the Muslim World (Todd Rundgren)

Obama to his allies: Go your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)

Argument of Jews controlling American foreign policy (Vangelis)

The migration of Jews since 1900 (Diana Ross)

Jews have been expelled from their homes for 1000 years (Schindler’s List)

The Syrian Revolution Goes On without End (Queen)

The Arab Spring Rush)

The torture of women in southeast Asia (Bon Jovi)

Religious Democracies around the World (Bob Marley)

Review of Charitable Giving by Religion (We are the World)

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