Comparing Israel

Animated shorts produced by First.One.Through comparing Israel to other countries revealing the double standards.

Racism in countries around the world not found in Israel

All countries have national movements. Zionism is not unique

While people claim Israel is the cause of many wars, their wars have been small and defensive and account for a small percentage of wars with Muslims

Christian persecution is running rampant in the Middle East, but not in Israel

People do not understand the Law of Return, and how many counties have the law

The population of Arabs in Israel has exploded under Jewish rule- more than any county in the world.  Meanwhile Jews in Arabs lands have disappeared

Capital punishment is rampant in the Middle East, even for minor crimes, and against minors – except in Israel

The world has complete double standards when it comes to targeted killings of terrorists

The United Nations condemns Israel repeatedly despite terrible crimes committed by governments around the world

Divided cities is a function of war, not peace. Dividing Jerusalem is absurd

Most countries have security barriers with neighboring countries

The claim of being anti-Israel and not anti-Semitic doesn’t correlate

The desire for Israel to “go away” to avoid conflict, is a call for war itself

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