Samuel L. Jackson As Princess Diana On ‘The Crown’

A bit of humour.

The entertainment industry is having both a bit of fun and mired in controversy regarding its choices of actors in movies and plays.

‘The Lehman Trilogy’ played on Broadway and featured three British non-Jewish actors – one Black – portraying three German Jews. TV’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ about a female Jewish comedian is played by a non-Jewish actress. The upcoming movie about Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir will similarly not star a Jewish – or Hebrew-speaking – actress.

The Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman called this practice “Jewface,” taking a lift from the term ‘Blackface’ in which a non-Black actor paints their face Black (something Silverman has done). While some actors object to the practice (only for Jews; it is universally condemned for Blacks), others think that the nature of acting should allow anyone to play any part.

In the show ‘Hamilton’, the founders of the American revolution were cast as Black and Hispanic, to show how the story would be told from a different perspective (considering Hamilton himself as a Black-ish figure) using rap music. The musical ‘1776‘ took this approach a step further, and recast the founding fathers as all female or non-binary, as well as non-White. The directors thought that doing so would make the discussion about slavery and “patriarchy” ring louder.

With such “progressive” approaches to reenacting historical drama, I was disappointed that the latest season of the TV show ‘The Crown’ opted to cast a milky white woman in the role of Camilla Bowles. In light of the charges of racism that former Prince Harry and his multi-racial wife Meghan Markle made against Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, it would have been an interesting twist for the redhead to hate the usurper of his father’s love, had Prince Charles run off with a Black woman.

Perhaps better still, a strong Black man, like Samuel L. Jackson, should have played Princess Diana. It would have been a meaningful commentary on proper British society for the future king of England to marry a Black man, and have the English consider racism, homophobia, the demeaning objectification of a princess, and the importance of an heir, all at one time.

Samuel L. Jackson should have played Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, in ‘The Crown’


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“Don’t Say ‘Baby'” Bill Considered By New York Republicans

A satire.

The State of Florida has advanced a bill that would restrict the education of sexual orientation to children below third grade “in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” LGBT+ activists and Democratic politicians coined it the “Don’t Say ‘Gay’” to mock the bill as something draconian. The tag line has caught on in the media and is drumming up support to oppose the bill.

Noting the success of the powerful – albeit non-factual – slogan, other politicians are looking to coin similar phrases to gather support to fight legislation viewed as extremist.

On January 22, 2019, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the ‘Reproductive Health Act’ that was pushed by New York’s Democratic politicians, which decriminalized abortion up to the moment of birth. Republicans were unable to block the infanticide bill as they did not have a catchy jingle. They are now considering billing it as the “Don’t Say ‘Baby'” law, in an unoriginal copy of the “Don’t Say ‘Gay'” catchphrase.

NY State Senator Liz Krueger (D, WF-Manhattan East Side) who sponsored the ‘Reproductive Health Act’ which made the abortion-until-birth bill seem less than extreme.

In Virginia, Republicans introduced a bill to allow children taught in private schools or at home to participate in after-school programs of public schools. Democrats do not want to afford privileges to these students who are disproportionately White, religious, conservative and headed by two parents. For years, they called these bills the “Tim Tebow” bills after the religious football player who was homeschooled and later played in the NFL. As more states are passing these bills (Virginia shot it down), people are forgetting who Tim Tebow is, and more Hispanics are opting for homeschooling (26% of homeschooled students in 2016, up from 9% in 1999), Democrats are worried about society abandoning public school education so are trying to rename the legislation. Current working names are “Robbing Public After School Programs,” “1% School Theft Bill,” “Church’s Cake-And-Eat-It-Too Bill,” “Shloimy Stealing Your Kid’s Saxophone Bill.”

The advertising industry is excited about politicians fighting for public attention all day on every front, albeit worried that the jaundiced press is giving free air time in echoing the taglines of the parties.

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New York To Offer Brothel Licenses To Prostitutes

A satire(?)

On Thursday, New York State began its push to facilitate the sale and distribution of recently legalized marijuana. The initial licenses to sell pot will go to people convicted of a marijuana offense. The former criminals are not only getting passed convictions wiped off the books, but a chance to develop a business before corporations enter the business.

In advocating for the criminals-first policy, NY Pot Czar, Chris Alexander saidThese are individuals who come from certain communities. It may have been the case that they were thrown up against the wall, and asked to empty their pockets, and produced a small amount of marijuana, and were saddled with a misdemeanor conviction that has been with them up until 2021.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul added that these first 100 to 200 licenses will create “jobs and opportunity for communities that have been left out and left behind. I’m proud New York will be a national model for the safe, equitable and inclusive industry we are now building.” Hochul plans on giving away $200 million in startup grants and loans for marijuana sellers who are women or minorities, struggling farmers and disabled veterans. While she didn’t say it directly, White men with college degrees and jobs will be excluded.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul

Looking to build on the popularity of legalizing activities that impacted minority communities, Hochul is pushing to legalize prostitution in New York. Minorities are disproportionately involved in the trade and have been subject to trafficking and abuse. Legalizing the activity would not only help end the trafficking practice but enable minority women to become small business owners.

Hochul is considering giving prostitutes who were convicted of a crime the first licenses for up to 500 legal brothels in the state. She is backing it up with $500 million in grants to help the prostitutes acquire property for the business and for marketing. It is assumed that White men will be excluded from being able to receive tax-payer backed grants.

If these initiatives are successful, Hochul may wipe out the convictions of people convicted of graffiti and giving them lucrative state painting contracts.

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Rick Jacobs Seeks Non-Orthodox Prayer Space on The Temple Mount

A Satire.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, who serves as the President of Reform Judaism, took to the pages of the Jerusalem Post on December 23, 2021 to demand prayer space for non-Orthodox Jews on the Jewish Temple Mount. Long frustrated by the delay in implementing an egalitarian space at the Kotel, the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount, Jacobs thought it was time to move on.

We created a painful but fair compromise that would make the Kotel a place for all Jewish people, from the most liberal to the most orthodox,” but the Israeli government has yet to institute the agreed upon solution, as “Netanyahu capitulated to pressure from the ultra-Orthodox parties” wrote Jacobs. “Making space at the Wall for pluralistic Jewish prayer will proclaim that there is more than one authentic way to live a Jewish life of meaning and purpose,” but alas, Jacobs does not see that happening.

Jacobs noted that the current Israeli government is unlikely to push forward on implementing the compromise solution so he has decided to move on – to the Temple Mount itself.

Jacobs noted that the Orthodox Jews truly revere the Kotel and he is fine letting them have it. He is going up top, with specific rights for non-Orthodox Jews. He added “Orthodox will have sole control over the prayer space that they cherish. For the first time, the non-Orthodox will have a dignified space where we can pray,” on the Al Aqsa Compound. He called this divide a “Solomonic solution, teaching all Jews the power of compromise and unity, and fulfilling Isaiah’s bold prophecy.

Rick Jacobs (center) at the Kotel Plaza in 2016 advocating for an egalitarian prayer space

When questioned whether he thought the Islamic Waqf would have an issue with non-Orthodox prayer on what Muslims revere as the Al Aqsa Compound, he was nonplussed. “The Waqf doesn’t want ‘settlers’ praying on the Temple Mount but the non-Orthodox worshippers will be tourists from abroad as there are virtually no non-Orthodox Israelis who visit the site.

When pressed further about the Reform movement’s views on ‘settlements’ including the Old City of Jerusalem, Jacobs said that Reform Judaism “has a long-standing policy of opposition to the Israeli settlements in the West Bank,” and also opposeseviction/displacement of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah, [and] elsewhere in East Jerusalem,” but he doesn’t think there is hypocrisy in advocating for non-Orthodox Jewish prayer on the the Temple Mount.

Let me be clear, the current Israeli government does not believe in religious freedom and equality for non-Orthodox Jews,” so it’s time to bring our case before the Islamic Waqf. He added that “Judaism and Islam stem from the same foundational idea that we are the Children of Abraham, descendants of our common patriarchs and matriarchs,” and is sure that the Muslims will welcome non-Israeli, non-Orthodox Jewish extremists to pray alongside them on the Al Aqsa Compound.

Inshallah,” he added. That will really be the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy “For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all. (Isaiah 56:7)

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The Zionist Obelisk


The discovery of a metal obelisk in a remote desert in Utah has confounded the conventional mind but not the conspiracy minded.

Metal Obelisk in the Utah desert

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota quickly surmised that “it’s a Zionist tool to hypnotize the world into being silent about evil Jewish actions.

D.C. Councilman Trayon White said that the obelisk is “used by Jewish bankers to control the climate to create natural disasters so they can reap billions to own the cities.

Dr. Achmat Salie, an imam from Detroit said that the obelisk “is used by the puppet-masters in Israel to control all of us like sheep.

Iraqi Legal Expert Abu Yaqeen Al-Musawi said it was a tool for “planting a chip or a virus in people’s bodies in order to control them so the Zionists can reduce the world’s population, and to create a single unified regime that will rule and control the world.

An Egyptian governor, General Abdel-Fadeel Shosha, is convinced that it is a beacon used by “Israelis to control sharks in the Red Sea to attack tourists to harm the Egyptian tourism industry.

The official Palestinian Authority daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, said that the obelisk is used by Israel “to poison the air and water of the Palestinians so they can steal their resources.

Dutch Muslim politician Arnoud van Door considered that the column may “control the minds of Muslims to behead people to make governments shut down mosques.

Hiba Husseini, a legal adviser working on the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations observed that “the obelisk may a marker for the well-known ongoing Zionist expansionism to take over land all over the world.

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam recognized the “altar of the Synagogue of Satan” where Jews conceive of the “filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out: turning men into women, and women into men.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed that the obelisk is used by “filthy Zionist agents” to turn Muslims against Muslims.

KKK leader David Duke warned that the obelisk is a tool of “Zionist power and the Jewish establishment to control the western world.

Former leader of the UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn said that ” I strongly suspect that the monolith was planted by Israel to destabilize the world and pit Muslim against Muslim.

French comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala posted online that “the obelisk is yet another Holocaust memorial dropped on the world by the Zionist Lobby.

Former president of the Students for Justice in Palestine at Hunter College, Nerdeen Mohsen Kiswani said that “this is yet another wall being built by this Zionist-colonial administration reproducing settler-colonial ideology on stolen land.

Rick Wiles, a Florida pastor announced on his TruNews broadcast that the obelisk “is being used by Jews to spread the coronavirus since they deny Jesus Christ.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib tweeted that the obelisk marked the spot “where Israeli settlers kidnapped and drowned a Palestinian child.” Upon discovering that to be unsubstantiated, Tlaib deleted the tweet and then tweeted that the obelisk was established by “White supremacists.” That tweet was also deleted and replaced by a new tweet that it represented a world free of Israel, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” She has since deleted that tweet too and is looking for anti-Zionist suggestions.

The British artist Banksy wondered whether the shiny obelisk “is an attempt by Zionists to create a wall which cannot be painted to shut down protest.” He added, listen, “Walls are hot right now, but I was into them long before [Donald] Trump made it cool.

Fellow British artist Roger Waters, founder of the rock group Pink Floyd added “I don’t know what it is or how it got that there, but Jewish puppet-masters are behind the whole thing. Those Jews think that only Jewish people, are completely human…and everybody else on Earth is there to serve them and this thing is some sort of weapon in their scheme.

Based on such insights, one can imagine seeing these objects showing up everywhere sometime soon. If they do not, it will just be a sign of how powerful this object truly is.

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Governor Cuomo Comes After the Powerful Black Lobby

Sad satire.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has become exasperated with the number of Black people dying from COVID-19. The numbers dwarf other groups in terms of infection rates and deaths and he decided it was time to do something about it.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Cuomo said that “the micro-cluster we’re focusing on is the Black communities.” He added that the government has tried to enforce laws to protect all New Yorkers but “enforcement from the local governments is very uneven especially when it’s politically sensitive. And that’s what we’re running to with lot of these Black folks, who are also very politically powerful, don’t kid yourself.

Fed up with the non-compliance of these Black New Yorkers, the governor said he’s going to take away their welfare checks. “[N]othing else I have done has motivated them — not my rapier wit, not my sense of humor, not my guilt, not my blame, not my admonition, and not my pleas. Maybe money works.

Cuomo added that he will not only apply the money ploy on individuals but on Black schools which are already performing worse than White schools. “If they violate the health order, they [their schools] will not receive funding.

Some people in the Black community have complained that they are being targeted once again, much like the Stop-and-Frisk program which has now been derided as racist. Governor Cuomo strongly disagreed sayingWe focus our compliance enforcement efforts on geographic clusters that are generating hospitalizations. We can map where the cases come from, so somebody goes into a hospital and their address is 110 Adams Street in Brooklyn, and then we put a dot on 110 Adam street in Brooklyn … if that is in a cluster, we put a circle around that and we say we’re focusing on Adams Street. That may turn out to be a bar; it may turn out to be a restaurant; may turn out to be a summer camp; it may turn out to be a church; It may turn out to be a synagogue.” It’s the exact same thing the police does in deploying officers around the city in focusing on areas with high crime rates; it’s simply a coincidence that those areas have a high concentration of Black people.

Trying to appear nuanced, Cuomo added “the Black community, the African-American community, we’re not talking about a monolith here, right? Many groups have been cooperative and have been helpful, and I want to acknowledge that also.

Members of the Black community are suing the city and state for what they see as blatantly racist policies. Yet not all Blacks agree, with some sharing that they support police coming out in large numbers to high crime areas and enforcing stop-and-risk as well as using the threat of stripping welfare checks and defunding schools to get violent and non-compliant Blacks on the straight-and-narrow. A leading Black lesbian pastor who is also married to the head of the 1.7 million member teacher’s union said it “is not an anti-Black act on the part of our city and country in the attempt to save lives.

**Note- all quotes above are actual quotes but relate to Jews, not Blacks**

To continue this inversion, imagine this actual text being used for Jews as to why so many are dying from COVID-19:

“The reasons are complex: Jews in Brooklyn are more likely to be poor, work in industries that expose them to the virus, live in crowded spaces, and have chronic health conditions.

And then there’s the anti-Semitism and violence that Orthodox Jews experience on a daily basis, which puts their health at risk.”

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Purim 2020, Jewish Haikus

While the format of a traditional haiku is seventeen syllables in a 5/7/5 format, for this Purim, I have decided to use the Jewish chai’ku which has 18 syllables in an escalating 5/6/7 format, with some license.

I don my costume
The latest from Disney.
Rabbi’s grandson wears the same.

Her name Hadassah
Later called Queen Esther
First of Her Name, Breaker of Chains.

We all hear “Haman”
The groggers fall silent
My stomach growls, loudly.

The good guys triumph!
How unusual. Ah,
Not written in Israel.

Megillah two times
Yet Chanukah has none!
Al Ha’nissim inequality.

Diaspora Purim
Large meal and much drinking
Why only a single day?

Mishloah Manot
Only need two items
But don’t want label “cheap friend.”

Stale Hamantashen
Clearly weak store-bought fare
I rummage to find homemade.

Yes, I like muhn
A single day a year
A sweeter poppy bagel.

Two weeks trapped inside
Called for “Calm” Purim shpiel.
What day is Purim Sheni?

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Bernie Sanders’ New Book: Nazi Germany Had Clean Streets

A satire.


In response to the attacks on him about comments he made about Cuba’s Fidel Castro overseeing a great educational system, Senator Bernie Sanders opted to double down with a short book about his top dozen favorite leaders. It is called “Nazi Germany Had Clean Streets.” The Table of Contents is below.


  1. Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi Eradicated Evil Large Multinational Corporations
  2. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein Significantly Reduced the Size of His Standing Army More Than any Leader in Modern History
  3. Uganda’s Idi Amin Had a Free Public Transportation System, Especially for Jews Entering the Country
  4. Korea’s Kim Jong II Oversaw the Single Largest Decrease in any Country’s Carbon Footprint
  5. Vladimir Lenin Was Efficient at Separating Church and State
  6. China’s Mao Zedong Instituted the Greatest Redistribution of Wealth Over the Past Century
  7. Chile’s Augusto Pinochet Provided Free Child Care
  8. Pol Pot Provided Free Burial Services to Everyone
  9. Hitler Introduced Taxidermy as an After-School Program
  10. Joseph Stalin Had More White People Than Blacks in Prison
  11. Syria’s Bashar al Assad Leveled the Housing Market for Everyone
  12. Finally, My Hero: The Architect of the French Revolution, Maximilien Robespierre, was at the Vanguard of Grass Roots Socialism

When asked by reporters why he didn’t include Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in the book, he responded “I cannot find a single positive thing to say about that racist.”

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Bilhah and Zilpah Get Their Due

A satire.

Rabbi Jonina Jett finished the last refrain of her song and put the guitar down alongside the holy ark which held the temple’s two torahs. She fixed her pink and white tallit which had slipped down her black leather jacket and moved towards the microphone to address the one hundred or so worshipers.

Her congregation at Sisters of Tikkun Olam in California were used to passionate sermons from their outspoken life minister, but she was clearly more agitated that Saturday morning.

“My dear sisters,” Rabbi Jett began, “today is World Population Day, the day when we all must speak loudly about the real threat of the human population growing wildly out of control. It is a growing risk which has exacerbated climate change and threatens our planet and our very existence.”

She paused to survey her lesbian Jewish parishioners. A few began to nod in agreement, so she leaned in a bit more.

“Bernie Sanders told the world the truth: that we need to think about radical population control to save our world. It is the very essence of tikkun olam, repairing the damage that we have caused.” The very mention of Sanders brought the whole congregation together and everybody nodded in agreement. A few womyn even clapped.

“We are not living in the totalitarian world of “The Handmaid’s Tale” where almost everybody is infertile! It’s the very opposite, where only a few of us holy sisters are taking action with our bodies and choosing to NOT have children while much of the world falls under the weight and might of the patriarchy!” Pay dirt. The call of “patriarchy” brought the crowd to its feet.

Her point made, Rabbi Jett pivoted the speech.

“Yes, yes! We have taken responsibility for our lives and our planet! Each of us has acted in noble ways in our homes. But today I want to talk to you about something we should do as a community, right here in our sanctuary, in our liturgy. I want all of you to open your prayer books to the Amidah, the silent prayer.”

The audience became a congregation again and took their seats, flipping open the prayer books until the found they right page.

“Decades ago, feminist and progressive rabbis altered the opening lines of this central prayer to add the names of the matriarchs of Judaism: Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel. They broke with the mold of a male-dominated history and connection to God. But they did not do enough.” Becoming emotional, she cleared her throat and took a sip of water before continuing.

“Like all of you, I have watched “The Handmaid’s Tale” several times. I have been shaken to my core at a world that actually does NOT seem so different from our own. A world where women’s bodies are treated as possessions, in which society decides the fate of our beings and our offspring. We must all internalize that this dystopian world is not just a creation of fiction, but has basis in fact. In our own religion.

“Our own matriarchs and patriarchs used women as breeding machines. Four of the twelve tribes were brought into this world by the handmaidens of Rachel and Leah. One-third of the Jewish people.” She paused to let the point sink in. “And we have erased these mothers. Their bodies are not buried in Hebron. We do not speak their names.

“But they have names, and it is time to recognize the dark side of our history.

“There is a pen in front of each of you and I want you to take it and write the names of ‘Bilhah and Zilpah‘ right after our treasured matriarchs. These women are part of our story too. We owe it to them, to the modern day sexual slaves around the world, and to ourselves to remember them each and every day.”

As the congregation dutifully inscribed their prayer books, Rabbi Jett removed her jacket and showed everyone the new tattoos of “Bilhah” and “Zilpah” inked in Hebrew letters on her left forearm. “Let us never forget our fellow women, or we will be doomed to follow their fate.”

While her face was cold and determined, Rabbi Jett smiled to herself as she watched her flock follow her lead mouthing the names of “Bilhah’ and ‘Zilpah’.

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Ilhan Omar and AOC Try To Reclaim The Word ‘Holocaust’

A satire.

Inspired by the ground-breaking work of Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello (Sasha Baron Cohen in ‘Who is America’), Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are advancing a bill to reclaim the word ‘Holocaust,’ much as their liberal champion is fighting to reclaim the word ‘pedophile.’

“I am a pedophile in that I love children. And I reclaim that word because it has been stolen by the abusers. I love children and I am a proud pedophile.”

Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degecello in Season 1 Episode 4

AOC had channeled her scorn against the Trump Administration and said that the U.S. was making ‘concentration camps’ for Latin immigrants in the United States and that Jews should be the most sensitive to the crimes of the Republican administration which is waging a Holocaust against Hispanic children. Newsweek came to AOC’s defense by listing various academics who pointed out how concentration camps existed long before World War II.

Ilhan Omar said she was disgusted by alt-right Jews attacking her fellow liberal colleague. She held up a Merriam-Webster Dictionary and said “the word ‘Holocaust‘ is defined as ‘a thorough destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire.’ No ‘Jew’ in the definition. It is a word that existed long before Zionis… excuse me, Jews, died in World War II. We cannot continue to allow Zioni.. excuse me, Jews to steal our language from us, or buy it off with a bunch of Benjamins.

AOC said Republicans were missing the critical point of her comment: “Hispanics in this country are being forced into death marches to get here and are suffering pogroms under the direct orders of this Republican Nazi government, just as the Jews suffered under Germany’s government. All my Jewish coastal liberal latte-drinking out-of-touch politically-correct constituents agree with me.” She then added, “and you know I’m part Jewish too.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Twitter

Omar was more direct. “Holocaust imagery has been stolen by Zionist abusers. They don’t own all of the world’s suffering and they cannot steal everything they want. I am a black woman Muslim refugee. I have suffered a thousand times more than the millionaire Jewish bankers who attack me. I stand with AOC and we will reclaim all of these words on behalf of the downtrodden including: ‘Holocaust,’ ‘concentration camps,’ ‘death march,’ ‘pogrom,’ ‘crematoria’, and anything else we accidentally say in the future and need to defend rather than admit stupidity and guilt.

David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK even chimed in to defend AOC: “The Nazis didn’t create the swastika; it was around for a thousand years. But the German government bans its use today as a cowardly retreat to Jews because they’re sensitive about some Jews dying a generation ago. I hope that AOC starts to wear one to congress to shut them [the Jews] up.”

Palestinian Authority President-for-Life Mahmoud Abbas cheered the initiative. “It’s well passed time for the Democrats to take back words which Jews stole for themselves years ago. They colonized language like they do everything else. I’ve been using the termsgenocide‘ and ‘ethnic cleansing‘ for years and the United Nations never complained. Matter of fact, they cheered. J Street even complemented me.

Brant Rosen, an alt-left anti-Zionist on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace penned his agreement with both Omar and AOC: “You know, even the word ‘Jude‘ was around for a long time. It was really the Beatles who made the word famous, even though right-wing and Orthodox-looking Jews would have you believe otherwise.

Linda Sarsour, a founder of the ‘Woman’s March’ said the whole thing stinks. “This a blood libel if there ever was one. The Judenrat are trying to kill Hispanic babies while pointing fingers at AOC as a distraction. I suggest doing a DNA test on all babkas and challahs in Jewish neighborhoods along the border.”

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) added “the final solution to this Fuhrer – er, furor – is to stop the blitzkrieg against our human rights leaders like AOC and recognize that it’s the Republicans that are Nazis. I swear on my grandmother’s original edition of Mein Kampf.”

“It’s this whole evil hypnosis thing all over again,” Omar sighed. “I say, ‘Never Again.’

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