A New Low: UN Saddened By Deaths of Terrorists

The Israeli Defense Forces launched a raid into Jenin to arrest Palestinian Arab terrorists who had committed and were planning additional terrorist attacks. The Arabs shot at the Israelis during the raid, and the IDF killed nine of the terrorists and one civilian woman nearby.

The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland issued a formal statement about the raid on January 26, 2023:

“I am deeply alarmed and saddened by the continuing cycle of violence in the
occupied West Bank. The deaths today of nine Palestinians, including militants
and one woman, during an Israeli arrest operation in Jenin is another stark
Since the beginning of this year, we are continuing to witness high levels of
violence and other negative trends that characterized 2022. It is crucial to
reduce tensions immediately and prevent more loss of life.
I urge, and remain actively engaged with, Israeli and Palestinian authorities to
de-escalate tensions, restore calm, and avoid further conflict.”

Wennesland issued no statement after the brutal and deliberate targeting and murder of Jewish civilians outside a synagogue in Jerusalem on Sabbath, the following day.

The UN typically ignores the fact that most Palestinian Arabs killed by Israel are terrorists, and therefore the broadcast condolences appear on the surface to be warranted. But now we have entered a new level of sickness: the United Nations is stating publicly that it is saddened by the elimination of Palestinian terrorists.

The United Nations is no longer simply a biased anti-Semitic tool of the jihadist Muslim world. It is now an active cheerleader.

Tor Wennesland, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, also known as UN Coordinator for Palestinian Grievances

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