From The River To The Sea, Jews Will Be Free…

One day, Jews will be able to live in peace

  • to have a beer,
  • eat some pizza,
  • drive a car,
  • ride a bus,
  • pray in synagogue,
  • sleep in in bed

Jewish children will freely live their lives

  • to ride a school bus,
  • play in a playground,
  • attend school,
  • take a nature hike,
  • relax in their bedrooms,
  • ride in a car with their fathers

All Jews will be free to live anywhere and everywhere

  • not barred entry to their homeland,
  • not ethically cleansed from their land,
  • not denied citizenship,
  • not have their holy places destroyed,
  • allowed to pray openly at their holy sites,
  • Not to told that their basic physical presence is illegal

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