Is The Beheading Of A Gay Palestinian Man News Or Opinion?

There are reported to be roughly 90 gay Palestinian Arabs who have moved to Israel and granted asylum as they fear for their lives from their homophobic Arab neighbors. Last week, one such man, Ahmad Abu Murkhiyeh, 25 years old, was beheaded and his body and torso were dumped near his home in Hebron. A video of the slaughter was taken and then circulated on Arab social media.

Ahmad Abu Murkhiyeh (Social media)

Israeli news outlets reported on the event shortly afterwards. APNews, Barron’s and BBC reported the event a day later. US News & World Report picked up the AP story, and conservative sites like FoxNews and Washington Free Beacon reported on the event as well.

Arab sites like Al Jazeera and Wafa would not cover the event. The liberal media like MSNBC and The New York Times also remained silent on the story. Well, the Times finally got to it. Sort of.

The paper did not cover the brutal beheading of a homosexual on its cover page nor its World News section. It actually didn’t cover the story in its news section at all.

Only in the Opinion section, did it share the thoughts of its most conservative columnist, Bret Stephens, who wrote about “A Cruel Death In Hebron,” which a reader might think was possibly committed by an Israeli. In the article, Stephens not only took aim at Palestinian society which enables such heinous acts, but Palestinian supporters who ignore and whitewash the systemic evil and corruption.

That includes his own paper, which he politely/ politically omitted.

It’s actually even worse than Stephens points out. Liberal and Arab media not only ignore Palestinian Arab actions but exaggerate the actions of Israeli Jews. The Times posts articles about “settler violence” but fails to report that even by the jaundiced United Nations accounting, Palestinian Arab violence far surpasses that of “settlers.”

Ignoring rampant Palestinian Arab violence and incitement while only reporting on Israeli actions paints a false narrative of one party attacking a helpless minority. It is as though the liberal media looks to Al Jazeera for permission on what it can report. Left wing media has essentially become a parrot of Palestinian propaganda that they sometimes “resort” to violence.

If the brutal beheading of a gay Palestinian man cannot be mentioned – let alone condemned – by liberals and Muslim “activists” while they decry any perceived problem committed by Israeli Jews, then the left wing and Arab media and communities have admitted their profound anti-Semitic bias. It is not news, but further evidence that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and Jews must be guarded in the company they keep.

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