NY Times Absolves Palestinians For The Failure Of Biden’s Preferred Two State Solution

The New York Times is obsessed with telling the world the false narrative that Palestinian Arabs are helpless victims in the Arab-Israeli conflict. It pushed the fake story again, that Israel is solely responsible for Palestinian misery, ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region later this week.

The New York Times absolving Palestinian Arabs of their direct participation in their fate.

Patrick Kingsley wrote that Biden “believes in a two state solution to the conflict.” Followed by a big “But…” which accused Israeli actions of undermining Biden’s goals.

  • In FOUR separate locations. the Times called out “Israeli occupation” and “settlement expansion,” including falsely alleging that Jews living in the West Bank “make a two state solution less viable.”
  • Another reason mentioned for the stalemate in peace discussions is “divisions within the Palestinian leadership.”
  • Lastly, the Times wrote that peace is far off because of “Israeli disinterest in peace negotiations.”

The article did NOT mention that 69% of Palestinian Arabs are opposed to the two state solution.

The paper did not write that 65% of Palestinian Arabs do not want Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas to even meet with Biden.

The Palestinian propaganda piece did not inform its readers that the PA continues to pay Arab terrorists who attack Israelis, and that funding such terrorism is a condition for the US to hand the PA any monies according to the Taylor Force Act.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Times refuses to accurately describe Palestinian Arabs as almost uniformly anti-Semitic, deny the history of the Jews in their holy land, have laws which prevent Jews from buying land, elected a Holocaust-denier to president, and who favor the Hamas terrorist group to lead the country now.

Palestinian Arabs are principally and directly responsible for their stateless situation, in continuing to deny Jews their human rights and dignity. But The New York Times prefers to peddle misinformation in its ardent defense of the “underdog,” even if those Arabs are anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying terrorist-supporters. Or maybe because of it.

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