Palestinian Arab Headlines Are Far Worse

The mass media headlines and articles describing the targeted killing of Israelis by Muslim Arabs have rightfully been condemned by civil society as giving a shameful pro-Arab perspective to terrorism.

To fully appreciate the vile nature related to the mindset of the terrorist community, read their media.

Palestinian Arabs have been forgoing their local Arab mass media publications in preference to the inflammatory rhetoric of the local terrorist groups.

According to Palestinian polls, in 2005, 72.5 percent of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza read al Arabia and al Jazeera while only 4.8 percent read al Manar (by Hezbollah) and al Aqsa (by Hamas). By the fall of 2021, the readership was almost the same.

Sept 200572.5%4.8%
Sept 201060.7%16.8%
Sept 201536.2%25.4%
Sept 202127.3%25.5%
Media viewership in Gaza over time.Gazans preferences for terrorist sources has grown according to Palestinian polls

The readership trends among Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank was much the same.

Sept 200568.2%8.0%
Sept 201070.5%9.1%
Sept 201528.6%13.0%
Sept 202126.6%23.2%
Media viewership in the West Bank over timeWest Bankers preferences for terrorist programming jumped significantly this year according to Palestinian polls, perhaps shedding light on the recent spike in attacks

Al Manar covered the slaughter of Israeli civilians in March and April 2022 in the manner you would expect of a terrorist-sponsored publication.

Father of Tel Aviv Shooter: Palestinians Will See the Victory Soon” was the headline, followed by “Shouts of joy were heard on Friday morning around the Jenin home of Palestinian who carried out the heroic operation in Tel Aviv, Raad Fathi Hazem. People gathered near the house of Hazem to celebrate the operation which killed two Israelis and injured several others in the heart of the occupying regime.

The rest of the article continued with chants to destroy Israel.

screenshot of al Manar website extolling murder of Israeli civilians

The article about the Arab father’s pride in killing Jewish civilians was the latest in a string of terrorism-promotional articles from the widely-read site.

Al Manar’s article “Palestinian Resistance Groups Praise Tel Aviv Operation,” led with “Palestinian Resistance groups celebrated the operation which killed two Israelis in Tel Aviv on Thursday night, stressing that all forms of resistance against Israeli occupation will continue. The Hamas Resistance movement called the operation “heroic” and vowed that resistance against the occupation ‘is continuing and escalating. The continuing terrorism of the occupation and its crimes, attempts to Judaize Jerusalem and to perform sacrifices in the Al-Aqsa Mosque to build its so-called ‘Temple’ during what they call ‘Passover’ — against it stands blood and bullets,’ the Resistance group said in a statement.

Hezbollah also celebrated and praised the anti-Semitic shootings with “Hezbollah Hails Tel Aviv Operation: Palestinian Heroes Threw Criminal ‘Israel’ into Confusion.” The article stated “Hezbollah, meanwhile, saluted the courageous Palestinian people and Resistance ‘who humiliated the criminal regime of Israel and threw it into confusion.’ The statement called on free people across the world to stand by Palestinian people and offer them all possible forms of support…. The Palestinian people is determined to continue the path of Resistance until the liberation of entire Palestine from the sea to the river.

Al Manar’s article right after the shooting, “Palestinian Youth, Who Carried out The Operation in “Tel Aviv”, Martyred,” described the 29-year old Arab murderer as a “youth” and the Israeli civilians who lived in Tel Aviv as “settlers” because Hezbollah believes that all of Israel is illegal.

The statements coming from Hamas media were much the same, including the article “Haniyeh: “Tel Aviv” operation redrawn the map of homeland,” after the slaughter of Israeli civilians in Bnei Brak, which stated that Haniyeh “expressed the pride of the Palestinian people and the free people of the Ummah in the heroic operation carried out by the heroic martyr Diaa Hamarsha. [the Palestinian murderer of several unarmed Jews]

While the English mainstream media misdirects the masses to consider Palestinians as frustrated and “resorting to violence,” the media consumed by Palestinian Arabs calls for the shedding of more Jewish blood.

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