Will The New York Times Write About Terrorism From Israelis’ Point Of View?

There were four deadly attacks by Arabs against Israeli civilians over the past few weeks. While writing about the different background and loyalties of the assailants, The New York Times inserted a Palestinian opinion “analysis” atop the dead Israeli bodies.

The New York Times on April 9, 2022 wrote about Arab terrorism from the terrorist point of view

The paper did not write that Israelis have been dealing with Arabs killing them for decades. Since the Second “Intifada” War of Terrorism, Israelis of all political stripes have internalized that the Palestinian Arabs detest the existence of Jews in their holy land. The “structural reasons behind the violence” are that 93 percent of Palestinian Arabs hate Jews and a majority support the anti-Semitic terrorist group Hamas that wants to destroy Israel.

The article did not discuss the divisions within the Palestinian Authority itself, nor the blood lust of Gazans who want to kill Israeli civilians according to polls.

No, this was an article written to consider the killer’s perspective, something that the liberal media does uniquely when Jews are killed. (I don’t recall the Times considering the terrorists’ narrative in the Ariana Grande concert bombing or when killing scores in Nice, France).

Perhaps there will be opera like the “Death of Klinghoffer” written about the killer from Jenin who killed several young Jewish men enjoying a night in Tel Aviv. The Times may be at work on the libretto with its sickening recreation of history – ignoring the slaughter of Jews sitting at a seder table in Netanya which prompted a ground incursion into Jenin in 2002.

The Times wrote that “this young kid opened his eyes to Jenin in 2002 and to the utter destruction of the camp,” making the Israelis appear as terrorists and the rational for hating Jews. Absent from the jaundiced narrative was the horrific hotel bombing by a Palestinian Arab and that 23 Israeli soldiers died in the narrow alleyways of Jenin to minimize death to Palestinian civilians as the IDF sought to curb more attacks. This Palestinian propaganda also failed to mention that the Palestinian Authority indoctrinated that child to want to kill Jews when it named a soccer tournament after the Netanya Passover bomber.

As Israelis once again bury young innocent souls, The New York Times is informing its readers that Palestinians cannot be blamed – seemingly for absolutely anything.

Israelis light candles at the scene of a terror attack on Dizengoff street, central Tel Aviv, April 8, 2022. (Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90)

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