Will You Finally Show J Street and Its Backers the Door?

The pro-Israel community is livid about Ben & Jerry’s decisions to ban the sale of its ice cream in the Israeli territories of Area C and to not renew its affiliation with the distributor who sells the ice cream in Israel. Kosher stores around the world are removing the ice cream from its shelves and pro-Zionists and human rights activists are considering boycotting Unilever (the conglomerate which owns Ben & Jerry’s) products.

But not J Street. Jeremy Ben Ami congratulated Ben & Jerry’s on the move:

J Street President @JeremyBenAmi said that @benandjerrys was drawing “​​a principled and rational distinction between commercial transactions in the State of Israel & those in the territory it occupies.”

Far left extremist rabbis and synagogue presidents proudly affiliate with the organization while members sit in silence and assume that if their religious leaders support the group which bills itself as “pro-Israel”, then actions advocated by J Street like boycotting Israel and giving Iran a legal pathway to nuclear weapons, must be the pro-Israel thing to do.

It is time for Israel supporters to show J Street and its backers the door before they advance truly dangerous initiatives to a feckless administration and susceptible organizations which might believe they actually speak for the Jewish community.

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7 thoughts on “Will You Finally Show J Street and Its Backers the Door?

  1. The purpose of J Street and that ilk is to facilitate driving the Jewish community out of the global marketplace by rendering aid and comfort to anyone attempting it. They practice an extreme form of evil.


  2. Since Ben and Jerry’s board has decided on a complete boycott of Israel (Unilever is as much a victim as is Israel) JStreets endorsement is a sign that they support BDS of the kind that made Pepsi unwelcome in every Jewish home. JStreet should join B&J on the “not in my Jewish home” list


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