Democrats Plan to Rename The State of Georgia as “GeorgeX”

The two senate races in Georgia on January 5 are not as much about the four candidates as a vote for the nature of the next two years of the entire country.

With the Democrats now in control of both the House and Executive branch, the Senate is the last place where Republicans have a chance of establishing balance in Washington. With a win of either seat, Republicans will be able to stop a runaway government controlled by a Democratic Party that has veered into progressive lunacy.

On January 4, nine-term Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (MO) closed a prayer by ending it with “AMEN AND A-WOMAN,” seemingly showing his woke bona fides. The ridiculousness of trying to be gender-neutral aside, which the Democrats have pledged to enforce, the word “Amen” has nothing to do with gender. It comes from the Hebrew words “El Melech Ne’eman,” which are truncated as “Amen” in both Hebrew and English. It essentially means “so be it.”

Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver reciting a prayer on January 4, 2021

We know the passions of the progressive wing ranging from abolishing ICE and opening borders, defunding the police, anti-two parent families, transferring wealth to people whom they believe deserve it more, reparations, cancelling $50,000 of student loans, etc.

But that is seemingly the opening salvo.

If the Democrats win both senate seats tomorrow, one can easily imagine them making many changes. The House of Representatives will be renamed the “Locale of Representatives” so as to not to offend the homeless. The state of Georgia which was named for the King of England George II, to “GeorgeX” to refrain from giving any gender-preference.

And the nation’s capital city formerly known as the “Washington, District of Columbia” will henceforth be a state called the “Douglass Commonwealth,” named after Frederick Douglass.

That is tomorrow’s election.

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