Jewish Voice for Peace Ignores Dead Jews

Jewish Voice for Peace is an infamous anti-Zionist organization among Israel supporters. The fact that it labels itself as “Jewish” only makes the dynamic worse. As “Catch the Jew!” author Tuvia Tenenbom wrote, such self-haters are more noxious than Arab terrorists who at least have a selfish motivation for wanting to see dead Jews. In writing about lar-left Jewish groups like Rabbis for Human Rights, Tenenbom noted, “if logic is any guide, Israel will not survive.  Besieged by hate from without and from within, no land can survive for very long.

Consider the weekend of May 4-5, 2019 when the terrorists of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched over 600 rockets into civilian areas of Israel. Four Israelis were killed in the attacks: Moshe Agadi, Ziad Alhamada, Moshe Feder and Pinchas Menachem Prezuazman. When JVP wrote about the attacks, it did not lead with the four dead Israelis. Instead, it started its press release with the Palestinians who were killed:

“In the last 24 hours, Israeli airstrikes have killed eleven Palestinians, including a 14-month-old baby and her pregnant aunt. Seven of the eleven were identified as Saba Abu Arar, Falastin Abu Arar, Balal Muhammad al-Bana, Abdullah Abu al-Atta, Mahmoud Subhi Issa, Fawzi Abed Wadi, and Khaled Muhammad Abu Qleiq.”

JVP did not mention that Israel’s attacks were retaliatory for the Palestinian rocket barrage. Conversely, its press release took the time to mention seven of the dead Palestinian by name.

When JVP next turned its attention to Israelis, it wrote the following:

Three people have been killed in Israel from rockets launched by Hamas — including Bedouin citizen of Israel, Zaed al-Hammamda, 50, and two more Israelis killed in a separate rocket strike later Sunday, at a factory.

In ordering the story with dead Palestinians first and adding the clause “later Sunday” regarding the murdered Jews, JVP inverted cause-and-effect and made the Palestinians appear to be responding to an Israeli attack. Further, JVP would only mention the Israeli Bedouin by name but not the murdered Israeli Jews.

Member of Jewish Voice for Peace

JVP’s invective about Israel is so commonplace that it is not news-worthy, but its dismissiveness about murdered Jews should make even anti-Zionists pause.

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4 thoughts on “Jewish Voice for Peace Ignores Dead Jews

  1. First of all, Israël is not a colony and doesn’t need permission from foreign countries and people to handle its own internal affairs. Second, clean up the mess in the USA first before pointing a finger at Israël. Third, the American Indians who are called natives still live in reservation camps. Make sure to fix that. Fourth, I challenge you to show me 1 arab/muslim country where women, religious minorities, gays & lesbians have the same rights as in Israël. Fifth, I challenge you to show me 1 arab/muslim country where there are as many Jews living as the number of palestinians in Israël. Sixth, I challenge you to show me 1 arab/muslim country where palestinians have the same rights as in Israël. Seventh, you people know nothing about history and geography but you want to play politics. Gaza is officially Egyptian territory. Any complain you have, should be made to Egypt.

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