Vote Purple

American society has fractured. Badly.

The middle has been collapsing for some time. Senators like Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and John McCain (R-NV) could no longer exist in today’s political climate. The moderates in both the Republican and Democratic parties have been expunged in their respective primary seasons.

Fringe parties like Democratic Socialist and the Working Families Parties have successfully inserted themselves into America’s main parties. Far left extremists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are no longer on the outside looking in, but have seats in Congress, are members of important committees and been endorsed by the heads of the Democratic National Committee and the Speaker of the House.

In New York State, Democrats forcibly retired politicians that considered bi-partisanship a noble idea. The majority Democratic Party is now looking to seal the fate of the state by actively looking to expel the last of the moderates and achieve a super-majority to advance extremist ideas. The terms “DINO” and “RINO,” Democrats In Name Only and Republicans In Name Only have become slurs.

The dynamics extend beyond state politics and congress. The Democratic Party has selected, Kamala Harris, the most liberal and least bipartisan member of the Senate to be Vice President. They have made clear their intentions to establish long-term changes to America in packing the Supreme Court and adding Washington, D.C. as a new state.

For their part, the Republicans can’t stand the incumbent president of their own party, with dozens upon dozens shunning Trump. It’s an unheard of dynamic in the history of American elections: Republican hate Republicans and Democrats hate Republicans. It sounds like an easy vote this election.

Not so.

The cleft in society will not be bridged with endorsing a party that has swung far from the center. It will also not be cured with a vote for an Independent or Libertarian, which might feel like good, but does as much as throwing a pebble into the trench.

In this contentious election, the best path forward to heal the country is to vote purple – not all blue (Democratic) or pure red (Republican) up and down the ballot, but to vote for a mix of both parties. If you live in a deep blue state, vote straight red, and if you’re in a deep red state, vote blue in every race. Americans must force the parties to find common ground, as a sweep for Democrats or Republicans in 2020 is a vote for extremist ideologies and policies.

The protests in the streets of America have ranged from Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 lockdowns, abortion, immigration policies and more

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9 thoughts on “Vote Purple

  1. Why equate packing the supreme court with adding DC as a state? They may both be a political maneuver but the second has a social impact too.


  2. Shalom: I do not know where you have been the past 45 months of the Trump presidency, but here is what I see has been his “extremist” ideology: 1. He defied the ideology of the three presidents who preceded him by finally following the mandate of the U.S. Congress and moved the embassy to Jerusalem 2. He made the extreme move of recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights 3. He went to the extreme of pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords which favor China and India at the expense of the U.S. 4. He pulled out of the Iran deal making him very unpopular with the mullahs 5. As we write, an Israeli delegation is in Bahrain completing the second of the two normalizations he engineered in a one month period. The enlightened John Kerry swore that no agreement could ever be reached with an Arab country until the Palestinians had their state. 6. Expanding the definition of hate crimes on college campuses to include antisemitism 7. The Trump tax cuts were certainly radical. No one had ever cut corporate taxes like he did and look what it did to the economy. The extremes here were the lowest unemployment among African-Americans and Hispanics; real wage increases for the lower quartile of earners that, as a percentage were higher than the top quartile. 8. Trump followed the extremist ideology of asking the NATO members to pay their share. Not all have, but some have anted up after getting a free ride for years. 9. Trump was a real extremist for pushing the Taylor Force Act (and making sure it was enforced).

    I could continue with many other examples of Trump’s extremist views that have made the U.S. and Israel safer.

    Does the man have warts? Absolutely. Does he always act in a way that makes Americans proud of their President? Not at all. Sometimes you have to look at the results and maybe even hold your nose. And, in this case, voting in a manner that shows you’re trying “make a point” could backfire and lead to a leftist government unlike one the US has ever seen.

    Chodesh Tov Chuck Lowenstein Har Nof

    On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 10:44 AM FirstOneThrough wrote:

    > First.One.Through posted: ” American society has fractured. Badly. The > middle has been collapsing for some time. Senators like Joe Lieberman > (D-CT) and John McCain (R-NV) could no longer exist in today’s political > climate. The moderates in both the Republican and Democratic part” >


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