Bad Education @ TheFamousPeople

The amount of hatred and anti-Semitism in the world is often attributed to ignorance when it should be placed on bad education. Numerous articles, websites and textbooks write blatant lies which become absorbed as facts by readers.

Consider the website the It lists information on people throughout history from particular countries. The list and background information is astounding and appalling.

The site states that “Palestine is a recognized state in the Middle East that occupies the West Bank and Gaza Strip of the Palestinian region.” In fact, Palestine is not a recognized state by the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom (actually almost the entirety of the English-speaking world) and many other countries. Such theoretical state obviously has no defined territory and certainly isn’t a sub-component of “the Palestinian region” which one can only presume the authors mean includes Israel.

The famous Palestinian people on the site starts with Yasser Arafat before listing Herod the Great, King of Judea as the second. Yes, that mad Jewish king who build the Jewish Temple Mount which exists to this day who lived well over 100 years before the Romans renamed the region to “Palestina.” Even Absalom, King David’s son who lived 1,000 years before King Herod is somehow listed as a Palestinian.

Who, praytell, does this bizzarro site list as famous Israelis one might wonder.

Fortunately, King Solomon hits their list of famous Israelis. But so does Judas Iscariot, “Betrayer of Jesus,” coming in as the eighth most famous Israeli. To underscore the point of the sneaky and back-stabbing Israeli, Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy hanged by Syria, is listed right after Judas.

Neither King David nor Jesus make the list of famous Israelis at all.

Famous Israelis according to website lists Judas Iscariot

Anti-Semitism is found everywhere in the media and online without directly stating a hatred for Jews and/or the Jewish State. It is important to recognize it and call it out when one sees it. Here’s the link to their contact section. Feel free to link to this article.

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