Genes Versus Leadership in the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has received a lot of ink. Much of the writings from the liberal press has had virtually nothing to do with science and much to do with promoting a liberal narrative.

The New York Times pushed forward the idea that radical right-wing men were the worst kind of leaders in a pandemic in a June 2, 2020 article called “Where the Virus is Growing the Most: Countries with ‘Illiberal Populist’ Leaders.” It must have gotten rave reviews because Nicholas Kristof decided to write a similar piece in an Op-Ed story on June 14 called “Nations May Be Safer Under Women.

These stories are utter nonsense as described in “Where the Virus is Killing the Most: Countries with Socialist Leaders,” which uses actual statistics to show the exact opposite of what the Times conveys. This was not #AlternativeFacts; it was the essence of #FakeNews.

The news today has a set narrative that aggressively seeks an anchor in current events. If the facts don’t fit, the editors will reframe them somehow. Would the Times ever write that the worst hit country in the world by the pandemic is headed by a liberal woman? Never! (For those playing at home, it’s Sophie Wilmès of Belgium).

And it’s beyond a shame; it’s a crime. People are dying all around the world and the Times is playing politics rather than educating its readers and possibly helping point to a cure by looking at figures honestly.

Genes Versus Leadership in the Pandemic

During this election year, the mainstream media is pushing the notion that right-wing autocratic men like Donald Trump literally kill people, while progressive women save people. It’s a narrative tailored to November.

A more honest appraisal of why people are dying from COVID-19 has seemingly little to do with government leadership as much as circumstances. Age, season and genes are statistically the leading indicators of mortality.

AGE: According Worldometers, only 4.5% of all deaths in NYC occurred in patients under 65 years old who did not have underlying health conditions, even while almost 86% of the population is under 65. There is a direct correlation between advanced years and probability of dying from COVID-19.

SEASON: The northern hemisphere was rocked by the coronavirus. Countries like Belgium, the United States, Spain, Italy, Sweden and France were all hit hard. Meanwhile, countries in the Southern hemisphere were barely touched through May. That may be changing together with the seasons with winter coming to South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

GENES: The liberal media has written about the higher mortality rate of Black people in the United States and has both implied and stated outright that it is because of systemic racism. But an examination of Jews and Arabs in the Middle East may point to a very different reason: genes or cultural habits.

The death rate in Israel is roughly 33 people per million as of this writing. Meanwhile, the mortality rate for Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza is only 0.6 per million and in Jordan it is 0.9 per million. A deeper examination into the numbers in Israel by the Taub Center in Israel, shows that Arab infections were less than half of Jewish infections inside of Israel.

Israeli Arabs, Palestinian Arabs and Jordanian Arabs are from a very similar gene pool and live next door to each other but each live in very different circumstances in regards to leadership, yet had roughly the same mortality rate. Meanwhile Israeli Jews living nearby died at a rate roughly 50 times as high. This suggests that either genes or cultural habits account for the dramatic differences in death rates, not whether the leader is male or female (the way that Kristof posits) or a monarch, autocrat or Democratically-elected (unless the liberal media wants to reframe its entire narrative about the besieged poor Gazans).

Seem too far fetched? Tests are beginning to show that people with Type A blood are more likely to be infected by COVID-19 and those with type O blood, much less.

People are dying in a pandemic and the New York Times is feeding its readership complete fabrications in order to secure a Democratic victory. It’s both sad that liberals have such little faith in their party leaders that they need to manufacture tales, and that they use a global tragedy for political ends.

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