Even The New York Times Needs to Fire David Halbfinger

The New York Times has been growing more anti-Israel and anti-religion for several years. David Halbfinger, the paper’s Jerusalem Bureau chief has a long history of writing some of the most biased articles, leading his colleagues into the abyss.

But even he can stoop to the levels often reserved for Arab media.

On May 8, 2020 he wrote a piece which would have made Josef Mengele blush. The opening paragraph of the article – an article about Israel developing life saving treatments to fight the Covid-19 pandemic – accused the Jewish State of being the modern incarnation of Nazi Germany’s doctor of death. It read:

“The Israeli Defense Ministry’s research-and-development arm is best known for pioneering cutting-edge ways to kill people and blow things up, with stealth tanks and sniper drones among its more lethal recent projects.”

The IDF actually has long history of developing life saving items such as the Iron Dome which intercepts missiles fired by Palestinian and Lebanese Arabs at Israeli civilians. It has developed methods of detecting Hamas terrorist tunnels dug into Israel to abduct and kill Israelis. It’s the only military that has a deliberate missile system without warheads which it uses to warn people in a building to abandon the facility before it gets blown up. ALL DESIGNED TO SAVE THE LIVES OF BOTH ISRAELIS AND THEIR ENEMIES.

But writing a complimentary article about new Israeli inventions to help the entire world was seemingly a task too tall for Halbfinger. He needed to disparage Israel from the start and paint the country to resemble the worst mass murderers of history.

It is not enough to cancel the subscription to the Times. Decent people everywhere must demand the immediate firing of Halbfinger.

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