Hamas Charter, Articles 5 and 6

The Hamas Charter‘s first four articles declare itself as the embodiment of Islam with a desire to push all non-Muslims off of Muslim lands. Articles Five and Six add some clarity:

Time and Place Extent of the Islamic Resistance Movement:

Article Five:

Time extent of the Islamic Resistance Movement: By adopting Islam as its way of life, the Movement goes back to the time of the birth of the Islamic message, of the righteous ancestor, for Allah is its target, the Prophet is its example and the Koran is its constitution. Its extent in place is anywhere that there are Moslems who embrace Islam as their way of life everywhere in the globe. This being so, it extends to the depth of the earth and reaches out to the heaven.

“Dost thou not see how Allah putteth forth a parable; representing a good word, as a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed in the earth, and whose branches reach unto heaven; which bringeth forth its fruit in all seasons, by the will of its Lord? Allah propoundeth parables unto men, that they may be instructed.” (Abraham – verses 24-25).

Characteristics and Independence:

Article Six:

The Islamic Resistance Movement is a distinguished Palestinian movement, whose allegiance is to Allah, and whose way of life is Islam. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine, for under the wing of Islam followers of all religions can coexist in security and safety where their lives, possessions and rights are concerned. In the absence of Islam, strife will be rife, oppression spreads, evil prevails and schisms and wars will break out.

How excellent was the Moslem poet, Mohamed Ikbal, when he wrote:

“If faith is lost, there is no security and there is no life for him who does not adhere to religion. He who accepts life without religion, has taken annihilation as his companion for life.”

Having made clear that the “Islamic Resistance Movement” a/k/a HAMAS is devoted to Islam, Article Five clarifies that its mission extends back to the founding of Islam (7th century) and is relevant wherever there are devout Muslims. Article Six clearly states that “every inch of Palestine” is covered by their mission and is the very focal point of installing their vision of Islam.

Here the charter makes a pivot from Article Three which sought to “rid the land and the people” of non-Muslims, now affording other religions an existence “under the wing of Islam.” This means being a second-class citizen (dhimmi) in a Muslim-ruled country forced to pay a tax (jizyah) to the government. Failure to abide by such structure will mean that “wars will break out,” meaning that HAMAS will never accept anything less.

Ismail Haniyeh (1962-), a senior political leader of Hamas and formerly one of two disputed Prime Ministers of the Palestinian National Authority. (photo: AFP/ said Khatib)

Hamas’ view of Israel is that it is illegitimate specifically because it is a non-Muslim entity ruling over Muslim lands and people. As such, it seeks the complete destruction of the Jewish State and replacement with a country ruled by sharia law where Jews have the option to live as second class citizens, to convert to Islam, be expelled or killed.

And the Palestinian Arabs elected Hamas to 58% of the parliament with this charter, the United Nations pushes for Hamas to be part of a unity government, and the media talks of “Islamic resistance” as a peaceful and natural endeavor.

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