2019 First.One.Through Summary

The blog First.One.Through continued to grow in 2019, with more plans for 2020.

Year Articles   Words  Average Length
2014 107         62,534 584
2015 144       143,239 995
2016 132       117,961 894
2017 106       104,462 985
2018 117       102,591 877
2019 129       107,917 837
TOTAL 735       638,704  869

More articles were written and they have been shorter, following the feedback from various readers. In the future, some longer articles and analyses will be available for download, just by submitting an email address. The longer feature publications with extensive analysis will be shared in this format going forward.

While readership in the United States increased significantly, the volume from other countries declined from last year, particularly the Scandinavian countries, many of which dropped off the top 15.

Country Change 2018/19
United States 13%
Israel -7%
Canada -4%
UK -17%
Australia -10%
South Africa -3%
Netherlands -26%
India 155%
Germany 27%
Jordan 1771%
Hong Kong 0%
American Samoa NA
Norway -31%
Belgium -3%
Sweden -52%

Both Jordan and American Samoa jumped onto the top table as readers came for the article Prostitution and the Hijab. People in Jordan were also big readers of Jordan’s King Abdullah II Fights to Retain His Throne.

Overall, the most popular articles of 2019 were:

Facebook continues to be an important source for the readership, and Twitter much less so. For 2020, look for Twitter to be used more frequently.

Other news sources continue to re-post the articles, as intended. All that is required is a link to the original article on First.One.Through. Some of those online sites included:

Of course, it’s always welcome when people source the articles either in their articles or when they add comments as done by the following:

The FirstOneThrough YouTube page has slowed down significantly since August 2018. While no new videos have been posted in seven years, until August 2018 there was an average of over an hour a day of video watched on the channel. Just over 200 hours of video were watched on the channel in 2019.

The most popular videos of 2019 were:

Please share and comment on all of the original material.

Wishing you a wonderful 2020.

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