The United Nations Tackles Fake News Instead of Fake Rights

On April 30, 2019, several speakers took the floor at the United Nations to discuss the “Special Information Programme on the Question of Palestine.” Various countries including Israel, the United States, Iran, Russia and Trinidad and Tobago discussed whether there was too much fake news being disseminated and whether the U.N. was promoting a false narrative in its news reports.

Panel at the United Nations regarding “Palestine”
(photo: First.One.Through)

Regrettably, the discussion solely focused on the technology and languages related to the “Question of Palestine” without addressing the fundamental flaw of the U.N. initiative which is the fake rights awarded to the Stateless Arabs of Palestine (SAPs) which have not been afforded to any other people on the planet or contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As detailed in the article “Time to Dissolve Key Principles of the Inalienable Rights of Palestinians,” people only have a right to self-determination which should be a goal for the U.N. as it relates to the SAPs. However, no people have a right to sovereignty, regardless of UN Resolution 3376 of November 10, 1975. Do the Kurds have a right to their own country? Why is there no UN resolution for them when they are an actual distinct group of people as opposed to the SAPs who were just a collection of various people (different religions including Sunni, Shia, Druze, Christian, and born in different countries including Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, etc.) living in the same region at a particular moment in time (1946 to May 1948)? One could just as easily argue that New Yorkers from the 1970’s deserve sovereignty.

Similarly, the November 1975 UN resolution on behalf of the SAPs declared that they had “inalienable rights” in which descendants of people who worked and lived in a particular town could return to such ancestor’s house. That’s an absurdity. Why should the U.N. promote the rights of SAPs whose grandparents rented a house in Jaffa in the 1940’s over a Palestinian who now has citizenship in Chile whose grandparents actually owned a house back then?

On the very same day that the U.N. passed the illegitimate Resolution 3376, it passed UN Resolution 3379 which determined “zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” It took until December 1991 and constant urging by the United States and Israel for the U.N. to repeal Res. 3379. Regrettably, no similar initiative has been launched to repeal Resolution 3376, so the theater of the absurd plays out today with various ambassadors arguing about how best to spread the propaganda that Palestinians have rights to sovereignty and to move into a house which a grandparent rented 75 years ago.

If it weren’t for the 1991 repeal of the other antisemitic resolution, would the U.N. be hosting panels on how to best smear Zionism on the world stage? Yes, I’m sure it would.

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