The Last of the Mo’Kichels

Moishe’s Kosher Bake Shop has closed.

Moishe’s Kosher Bake Shop

The wonderful kosher bakery on 115 East Second Avenue off of 7th Street had been an institution for decades. Seemingly from the era of the nearby Yiddish Theater and Second Avenue Deli (in its original location), the 42-year old bakery continued to produce it’s famous baked goods in the same old-world style until closing it’s doors at the end of February 2019.

The inside of the bakery always maintained its same appearance. There was no digital signage, no sign offering wifi and no credit cards accepted. The yellow paper and doilies that lined the shelves were seemingly of the same count as they were 75 years ago.

But beyond the appearance was the food. The enormous hamantaschen always filled the front glass windows. The classic “bowtie” twisted kichel as well as those with a hint of chocolate were straight towards the back of the store, piled high. Moishe’s special version of the large round kichel with just the right amount of crunch and bite, and the perfect sprinkling of sugar on top made them easy to inhale. The other items like the cheese strudel (plain, cherry and blueberry) were also amazing, while many of the chocolate items were tasty, though not exemplary.

But it was the superb large round kichels which Moishe’s perfected that will leave the largest hole in New York’s history of great kosher eateries. It is sad to think that I have consumed the last of the Mo’kichels.

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