The New York Times Pre-Occupation with Lies

On March 9, 2017, The New York Times wrote an editorial called “Israel Says Dissenters Are Unwelcome.” The NYT editorial board did not simply disagree with Israel’s decision to bar entry to people that advocated for boycotting the Jewish State, it mischaracterized the situation completely.

New York Times editorial on March 9, 2017

In the editorial, the paper littered the article with the words “occupation” and “settlements.” It never stated that Israel does not view Jews living on the east side of the arbitrary Green Line (EGL) as an occupation, as international law in 1920 and 1922 explicitly gave Jews those exact rights. It never stated that advocates of the BDS campaign are adopting an anti-Semitic platform that was instituted by the Jordanians who expelled all of the Jews from the region in 1949, then annexed it and gave citizenship only to non-Jews. It did not give the readers the facts that the Palestinian Arabs have adopted this policy and have a law that selling any land to a Jew is punishable by death.

Further, the Times wrote that “The United States, Israel’s strongest military supporter, has consistently held that settlement building in the occupied territories is illegal.” That is a boldface lie. President Carter was the only US president to call Jews living in EGL/West Bank illegal. All others – including President Obama – used language like “unhelpful” or, as Obama said “illegitimate.”

Lastly, the editorial stated that BDS supporters are those “who support the search for a lasting peace.” The BDS campaign is all about anti-normalization of Jews and Arabs living and working together. It is either a call by anti-Semites and Israel haters, or by others that believe that a Jew-free state is the only solution for peace. If that is true, then Israel should apply the same logic and expel every Arab from the Jewish State. But the NYT labeled Israelis who advocate such approach as “far-right extremists.” Why not use the same label for BDS-supporters?

The editorial page is a place where the paper makes its opinions, and the paper has every right to state its ignorant views. However, printing outright lies and misinformation does nothing to educate readers. Other than to the fact that the Times consistently ignores facts.

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4 thoughts on “The New York Times Pre-Occupation with Lies

  1. Sorry guys, but as much as I often disagree with the TY Times, they are on target here.

    Israel officially considers the territory as “Administered Territory.”

    The ne law does not specificall refer to people who support BDS. It calls for anyone who actively promotes a boycott of either Israel – and this is the important part – “or the territories” to be prevented from coming to our country. This means that organization and people who are active in supporting boycotts of products from “The Territories” should be essentially “verbotten” from coming to Israel.

    This law is anti-democratic and not in the best interests of our country. Freedom of speech and expression is more important than the pride of those who are unfortunately the current Government of Israel. We should not be afraid of dissent in any non-violent form. To fear this, is to acknowledge that we are doing something wrong in the first place.

    Glenn Tamir Israel

    On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 2:47 PM, FirstOneThrough wrote:

    > First.One.Through posted: “On March 9, 2017, The New York Times wrote an > editorial called “Israel Says Dissenters Are Unwelcome.” The NYT editorial > board did not simply disagree with Israel’s decision to bar entry to people > that advocated for boycotting the Jewish State, it mischar” >


    • The nyt is entitled to their opinion. But the fact is that most us presidents did not call the settlements illegal – the times lied.
      Further, saying a jew-free palestine is supported by peace-lovers, but an Arab-free israel is supported by racist extremists is hypocrisy.


    • The irony here being that people who want to boycott Israel still come to Israel. People like Omar Barghoutti, who is quite happy to use the university resources of Tel Aviv whilst calling for the end of the Jewish State.


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