The Wall Street Journal Shows Unity with Israel

The conservative newspaper The Wall Street Journal has a long history of supporting Israel. The articles and editorials typically take an Israeli narrative, as reviewed in the related stories section below.

The contrast in the daily coverage to the New York Times is striking, even in the pictures each paper opts to print.

This week, a Palestinian Arab terrorist used a truck to ram down several Israeli soldiers who were standing along a beautiful promenade in Jerusalem. The Wall Street Journal showed empathy with Israel in giving the story a full page large picture at the very top of the front page. The picture showed a circle of Israeli soldiers mourning.

Front page of the Wall Street Journal, January 9, 2017

This compared to a small black-and-white picture at the bottom of page A4 that the New York Times opted to use to cover the story.

New York Times page A4 on 1/9/17,
with a small picture of the terrorist attack in Jerusalem

The caption of the WSJ read: “SHOW OF UNITY: Israeli soldiers gathered near the site of a truck-ramming attack Sunday. Four soldiers died and some 17 were injured.” The conservative paper has repeatedly shown its unity with America’s ally, in sharp contrast to the liberal NY Times.

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