“Coastal Liberal Latte-sipping Politically-correct Out-of-touch Folks.”

On December 16, 2016, Preisdent Barack Obama held his last press conference as president.  In his remarks, he discussed why the Democrats lost the election.  He said that “People feel as if they’re not being heard. Democrats are characterized as coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks.”


President Barack Obama at his final press conference

Some liberals were upset by Obama’s comment. They noted that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 2.8 million votes, so they claim that the Democrats’ message was indeed heard and appreciated by the majority of Americans.

However, that margin of victory was indeed found in the coastal liberal areas. Look at election results in just eight counties in California:

County  Clinton   Trump   Margin 
Alameda        486,351        91,189        395,162
Contra Costa        286,658      105,819        180,839
Los Angeles     1,893,770      620,285     1,273,485
Sacramento        273,768      163,024        110,744
San Diego        567,243      386,807        180,436
San Francisco        312,443        34,493        277,950
San Mateo        219,580        53,731        165,849
Santa Clara        483,472      137,452        346,020
 TOTAL         2,930,485

Hillary Clinton’s entire margin of victory in the popular vote was eclipsed in just these eight coastal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch counties.  Other California liberal counties like Marin, Sonoma and Orange counties added hundreds of thousands of incremental votes for Clinton.

Put another way, Republican President-elect Donald Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral college outside of the California coastal counties.

What kind of liberal laws are found in these counties that are not typical of the rest of America?

  • Sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants
  • First in transgender laws in bathrooms and locker rooms
  • Most liberal abortion laws in the country
  • First cities to increase minimum wage to highest levels in the country
  • Highest income taxes
  • Highest “sin taxes” for alcohol and tobacco
  • Toughest gun laws
  • Right to Die laws
  • Equal pay laws making it easier for women to sue bosses
  • Voting law that automatically registers people who get licenses to vote
  • Cities make it illegal for grocers to provide plastic bags
  • Legalizing marijuana

A liberal neighbor to the north – Portland, Oregon – just passed a law that makes it a crime for a CEO to make too much money relative to his other workers.  Another push by the liberal coast to advance a measure counter to American values.

So when Obama suggests that Democrats “have to be in the [non-liberal] communities,” to retake the White House, he simplified the Clinton and Democrats’ problem. The reality is that the Democrats have to reengage the entire country, not just a couple of isolated “communities,” and consider whether the entire country wants to embrace its left-wing platform.

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