What’s “Outrageous” for the United Nations

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has never been a huge fan of Israel.  He has used his ten years as USGC to condemn Israel and excuse the Palestinian Authority repeatedly.  In June of 2016 he opted to stand in the Gaza Strip near the area where jihadist militants fired into Israeli civilian areas and declare that “I stand with the people of Gaza to say that the United Nations will always be with you.”

As he enters the homestretch of his terrible tenure, Ban Ki Moon found a particular remark by a world leader to be beyond comprehension.

It was not the leader of Iran who declared his intension of wiping Israel off of the map.

It was not the leader of Russia who invaded Crimea.

It was not the leader of North Korea testing nuclear weapons.

It was not the leader of Syria that has fought a civil war claiming nearly half a million lives.

Ban Ki Moon did not ignore those actions or comments.  He did condemn them.  But he also seemed to think they had a certain logic.  They were bad, but understandable.

However, there is a world leader who declared something that was beyond his comprehension.  Something “outrageous.”

Not surprisingly, Ban Ki Moon focused on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who impolitely pointed out a plain fact: that acting-President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas has insisted on a new state of Palestine in the Jewish biblical homeland to be devoid of Jews.

“I am disturbed by a recent statement by Israel’s Prime Minister portraying those who oppose settlement expansion as supporters of ethnic cleansing. This is unacceptable and outrageous.”     Ban Ki Moon, September 15, 2016

There is no denying that Abbas has stated his intentions clearly.  It is also true that Ban Ki Moon supports the anti-Semitic request.  But to be called out on it by the Israeli leader – using the same language that Abbas uses for Israel – was too much for the USGC to accept.

The UN only sanctions the term “ethnic cleansing” in the Israeli-Arab Conflict, if Arabs use it for Israel.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
September 2016

But can you blame the UN?  For centuries the world was comfortable dictating where Jews could live, whether in ghettoes, the Pale of Settlement, or forcible expulsions.  Not of the Arabs.  Not of Sikhs.  Not Blacks.  Only Jews.

And for the head of the United Nations to have to listen to the Jewish leader attack his adopted wards, was beyond his ability to cope.

Ban Ki Moon already declared that he stands with Gaza. He has voiced his excitement to see the terrorist group Hamas participate in Palestinian elections. (He also stated that he was shocked to learn that Hamas wanted to kill to Jews, even though its written clearly in its charter and its leaders declare the intentions daily in the media).

And all of that fits in the United Nation’s worldview.

The UN expects Israel to behave badly and condemns it more than Iran, China and Russia combined.  But Netanyahu’s comments drove the UNSG beyond disgust to outrage.

What is “outrageous” for the UN, is for the Jewish State to declare that it is through being the only people on the planet that are banned from living in certain lands, let alone their historic homeland that international law specifically gave them. Outrageous that Jews are not be satisfied to live in a fraction of their homeland without rights to their holiest place.  Outrageous for Jews to have the temerity to talk truth to power.

Where is your outrage?

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20 thoughts on “What’s “Outrageous” for the United Nations

  1. Every action of the UN is controlled by leftists, and dictators, whether from the Mid-East, China, or Russia, or elsewhere. The United States’ influence is primarily also directed by leftists, whose main ideological Gods consist mainly of multiculturalism, globalism, and the earth. Self determination and self defense are universal State goals, except when it comes to Israel vs. the Palestinians, who are nothing more than Jordanians. The left will never accept that fact, because it interferes with their goal of wanting Israel to be multicultural, even more so than it is now. However, the same does not apply for the ‘Palestinians’, who are no different than any other city dwelling people of other countries, such as ‘New Yorkers’, ‘Londoners’, etc. Yet, we hear no outcries from city dwellers around the world who wish to claim their own city sovereignty. It is only with the Arabs in Palestine, and only because Israel exists. The descendants of those who threw off the yoke of German hegemony have apparently forgotten the lessons of history, and wish to abandon Jews, as did their predecessors almost a century ago. The UN’s position is nothing new. After more than two thousand years since the birth of Christ, Jews are still persecuted for inaccurate readings of history. Nowhere, amongst Mid-Easterners, will Jews ever find fulfilled lives and avocations, as well as it seems to be in most places in Europe. Only the military strength of Israel, the United States, and Great Britain will secure Israel’s place in the world, whose countries also serve as loving, welcoming refuges for all Jews, and Israelis. The world is a mess, has been for millenea, and no one has any idea of the future. Only through strength of mind, soul, its determined allies, and the military, will Israel survive the world’s continual onslaught.


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  3. Very quickly losing respect for the UN here. I used to be a strong anti-Israel critic, but the illogicity of this position began to dawn on me a couple of months back when I began to see the deep-rooted anti-Semitic histronics from the surrounding Arab nations. The UN cannot be credible after this.


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