The United Nations Absolves Turkey’s Erdogan

On June 8, 2016, United Nations Secretary General spoke about freedom of the press to the UN Correspondents Association, in what can best be described as a disgraceful blindness.  Ban Ki Moon stated – with a straight face –

I will continue to defend the rights of journalists and to do everything possible, publicly and privately, to ensure that journalists have the freedom to work.”

This was similar to his statement on May 24, when he delivered prepared remarks to the Asia Media Summit in Korea:

Free and responsible media help people across the world to stand up for human rights, justice, dignity and opportunity for all.  The United Nations will continue to speak out for press freedom and the free flow of information.  These are necessary not only to inform the world about the Sustainable Development Goals, but to enable people to hold their leaders accountable for fulfilling the pledges they have made.

Ban Ki Moon
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

Despite the flowery speeches to the media, how did Ban Ki Moon treat the worst actor who suppressed freedom of the press and jailed journalists with abandon? He praised him.

On May 23rd, Ban Ki Moon addressed the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. The UN Secretary General praised Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, a man who has jailed more journalists than every other country. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Turkey led the world with the most journalists in prison in both 2012 and 2013. It released dozens in 2014, but jumped to the fifth largest jailer in 2015.

As the UNSG praised Erdogan, the UN itself granted absolution to Turkey by allowing it to host the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit.  Turkey hosted the event while its president actively hunted the Kurds again, as he dragged his feet in confronting ISIS.  Erdogan continued to deny the Armenian Genocide, and supported terrorists in Gaza. He suppressed freedoms continuously in his own country.

Like Saudi Arabia being elected chair of the UN Human Rights Council as it decapitated people in the streets, the UN ignored Erdogan’s disgraceful actions.  Or it blessed them.  Is there no limit to the shame at the UN?

Does Satan grant absolution or blessings in Hell?

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