Joe Biden Stabs a Finger at Israel

The Union of Reform Judaism held its biennial in November 2015.  One of the speakers was US Vice President Joe Biden.

biden reform
US Vice President Joe Biden addressed the Union for Reform Judaism
November 2015

The Vice President said in his prepared remarks that the US- Israeli ties were close, particularly on matters of security.  However, Biden berated Israel about a prospective member of the Israeli administration who had said derogatory things while a private citizen some time ago, about US President Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry.  Biden waved his finger and scolded Israel: “There is no excuse, there should be no tolerance for any member or employee of the Israeli administration referring to the president of United States in derogatory terms. Period, period, period, period!

It is interesting for Biden to become so irate at a private Israeli citizen making jabs at the US administration.  That is the nature of free speech and press.  Israelis criticize their own government with much worse language.

And it is quite a bit of hypocrisy when a current member of the Obama administration called the Israeli Prime Minister a “chickenshit.”

It has been official US policy under the Obama administration to embarrass, berate and belittle Netanyahu.  Whether calling him names; leaving him stewing alone in a waiting room and skipping normal photo opportunities; having his Democratic party loyalists boycott Netanyahu speeches; or even Obama himself declining Netanyahu’s invitation to address the Israeli Knesset, and instead address the “real Israelis,” as if the Knesset was not a democratically-elected representative body.  Obama’s disdain for Netanyahu was so well known and public, that he and French Prime Minister Sarkozy discussed Netanyahu being a liar and how much they dislike spending time with him.

Never mind the current official comments and actions of the Obama administration towards Netanyahu.  Biden loudly lectured a Jewish audience about old comments made by a private Israeli who might possibly become an Israeli politician (even though Netanyahu had already backed away from the candidate).

Further, the Obama administration didn’t seem to mind the Iranian government actively chanting “Death to America.”  It was able to sit and negotiate with Iran for years during the verbal assaults, release $150 billion and pave a pathway to nuclear weapons.  How can the administration then lash out against old comments made by a private citizen of an allied country?

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11 thoughts on “Joe Biden Stabs a Finger at Israel

  1. How can they? Because they think we are stupid….Well, we elected them didn’t we? And they can and they do because that is the level of character posessed and dispalyed by our slimy, snake-oil salesman POTUS.


  2. Unbelievable. I just pray our country can survive the remainder of his term he is trying to destroy us from the inside. Dividing our people through his racism he has set race relations back 50 years. Ruined our economy and the Liars are expecting us to just sit back and take it. Barf. We are sick of this weak leading from behind and weakening our great nation. and above all not being there for Israel. We as Americans see what is going on and it is like a dictator wannabe getting everything through executive order rather than the legal way through the Congress and Constitution. He wants to disarm us while stirring up hatred and violence in our country.


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