The United Nations Applauds Abbas’ Narrative

Acting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas took the stage at the United Nations in September 2014. When he took the podium in 2011, 2012 and 2013, he distorted history out of all bounds as seen in the music video below.


In 2014, Abbas opted to move past simply lying about history. He chose the Jewish New Year of 5775 to repeatedly described Israel as a racist colonial occupier which was waging genocide on the Palestinian people. Hamas could not have written the speech any differently.

Abbas concluded by essentially calling for an end to negotiations with Israel.

The United States had the only immediate reaction, saying the speech “included offensive characterizations” and was “counterproductive”. Little reaction could be heard from the rest of the world.

If governments applaud complete distortions of fact and history, it abets war and undermines prospects for peace. Will the world finally call out Abbas or will it also refuse to engage with Israel?


Abbas UN speech 2014:

US comment on speech:

10 thoughts on “The United Nations Applauds Abbas’ Narrative

  1. if you want to end any negotiations with Israel,then, just do it. STOP TALKING.! Israel is not,in any way, beholden to negotiate with no words of honor sort of people.


  2. Abbas has clearly understood that in the current geopolitical environment it is more valuable to let people hear want they want to hear regardless of if it is true or not. The western world (mostly europe) has moved from accurate facts to whatever it takes to keep some form of social peace within…by taking this stand Abbas knows therefore that Europe will have to quietly support, the U.S. will stay politically correct, the Obama way, and the Middle Eastern will continue to finance him….it is a win win….
    Meanwhile in France barely 500 people came to demonstrate against ISIS while 30,000+ were in the streets earlier this summer to support Hamas!!!


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