Blessing Islamophobia

The New York Times gave a warm and strong endorsement for Islamophobia this weekend. It’s opinion pages wrote strongly about the importance of free speech and the logic of exploring the hatred that many people feel towards all Muslims around the world, whether due to the 9/11 terror attacks or the beheadings of innocents today.

The New York Times editorial said it was “entirely correct” for people to express why they want to kill Muslims. It added that people “should not yield to critics” who want to use political correctness to suppress their anger.

The Times is on record – again – defending those who want to broadcast their rationale for killing any follower of Islam. Free speech “gives voice to all sides” including racists.

The paper remains standing “properly firm in defending… the principle of artistic freedom in a world rife with political pressures.” A surprising wake-up from a paper that people often view as erring more towards political correctness than towards the right of free speech.

In case you don’t believe the quotes and sentiments of the current NY Times editorial board, the links to the two editorials are below. The one (small) item worth noting, is that the paper actually wrote about killing Jews, not Muslims. But in balancing free speech and political correctness, I have made an assumption that the Times isn’t going to limit free speech just to anti-Semites. Was that a bad assumption?



NY Times editorial September 20 “The Met Opera Stands Firm”:

NY Times editorial June 19:

FirstOneThrough on Klinghoffer Opera:

7 thoughts on “Blessing Islamophobia

  1. What is fascinating is that you do not oppose the paper for having supported talking about killing Jews, but have extrapolated that to mean that they must therefore be okay with talking about killing Muslims. Then that is taken further to say that they are “Blessing Islamophobia” when neither of the two quotes used as sources refers to Islam.

    So is it correct to believe that it is not the insensitivity towards religion that upsets you, but only that this insensitivity might come to be borne against Islam?


    • I object to all forms of religion bashing. I object to all forms of trying to validate terrorist actions. See the earlier FirstOneThrough posting about the new blood libel (the link is below the article).

      This piece is written as a particular criticism of the NYT and the Klinghoffer Opera. They have somehow come to believe that the Palestinian terrorists deserve an aria for killing an elderly innocent Jew. I don’t think the Times would be so forgiving about an opera in which racists decide to kill random Muslims because of 9/11. The first article made the point directly; this article tries to further the point by inverting the story to a claim that everyone knows the Times wouldn’t make about Muslims. It should be just as offensive when Jews are targeted as when Muslims are. But the NYT doesnt see it that way.


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