Turkish Hypocrisy – Erdogan’s Line of Defense

On July 19, Turkish Prime Minster Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued his vile attacks against Israel, comparing Israelis to Hitler. “(Israelis) have no conscience, no honour, no pride. Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism,”

Erdogan is famous for his hypocrisy. He has shelled Syria repeatedly for accidental mortar fire into Turkey. He has refused to admit Turkey’s Armenian Genocide. He has refused to back down from Turkey’s illegal annexation of northern Cyprus.

Maybe his title should be changed to the “Prime Turkey”.




6 thoughts on “Turkish Hypocrisy – Erdogan’s Line of Defense

  1. Even though you are quite right about the hypocrisy part, I think it would be too unreal to expect him to accept Armenian Genocide, an event that is happened 1000 years ago, even before when almost any Turkish citizen was born, as none of the last 90 years’ bureaucrats have faced this event. Let’s not expect the acceptance of genocide from him, but we should expect him to be not-hypocrite and truthful about his murders, both in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Supporting ISIL and critisising Israel is hypocracy. Killing 14 years old children in Turkey and not letting the law to do its work about the murderers, and then talking about children getting killed in Gaza is hypocrisy. Being corrupt and talking in this Islamic-oriented tone is hypocrisy. Being the first not-Jew person who has been given a Jewish Medal of Courage and still critisising the Semitist actions is hypocrisy.


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