Frightening New York Times 4/27/14 article on “Mahmoud Abbas Shifts on Holocaust”

  1. Abbas new statement that the Holocaust was bad does nothing to negate his various prior comments, phd paper and published book that claim: 1) that 6 million Jews were not murdered in the Holocaust; and 2) that Zionists conspired with Nazis so that more Jews would move to Palestine (so Zionists are at least partially to blame for the Holocaust).
  2. (By way of comparison, If Abbas would have reversed his prior statements and negated his research, that would have been a “shift”.  OR, if Abbas would have come out and said that the Palestinian Arabs of 1936-46 who fought successfully against the Zionists and British who then limited Jewish immigration to Palestine before and during WWII were responsible for 100,000+ Jews dying in the Holocaust, that would have been a shift).
  3. NYT claims that Abbas’s latest comment “goes further” in back-tracking from his Holocaust denial and attacks on Zionism because he claims that Palestinians understand suffering from Israeli “ethnic discrimination and racism”. Not only does the Abbas comment not negate his offensive comments, but it further insults Jews and Israelis by calling them racists, and suggests that the Holocaust is similar to the situation of stateless Arabs.
  4. Hamas is called a “militant Islamist faction” and not a terrorist organization
  5. No NYT mention of the fact that the Hamas Charter calls for the death of Jews
  6. No NYT mention that Hamas refuses to allow Holocaust education in the schools of Gaza against the wishes of the United Nations
  7. Thank you New York Times, for posting an article on Holocaust Remembrance Day about Abbas, the Holocaust denier, and his latest anti-Israel comments, and for phrasing the headline and article to try to make him look like a progressive.

13 thoughts on “Frightening New York Times 4/27/14 article on “Mahmoud Abbas Shifts on Holocaust”

  1. Abbas has his own propaganda resource in the form of The New York Times. He is versatile in his statement, swinging according to the prevailing. There is one positive that is his unswerving hatred of the Jews & Israel, it has not changed a bit. His “Peace Process Posture “is also unswerving, never once has he given any indication of any positive step towards Israel. But he has very good , loyal friends in the Media : The New York Times or the British Guardian etc. These media outlet never have anything positive about the Jews or Israel. They are financially supported by Arab so they serve their Masters well.


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  11. My question: How did Abbas become a Jew-hater? A nswer that question, and apply to all the oter anti-Semites, and we just might start on the road to peaceful co-existence of the Arabs/Muslims and Israelis/Jews.


    • Abbas started with the feeling that he hated Jews in Palestine, not Judaism or Jews generally. He then concocted that Jews have no history or rights to any land in Palestine. He believed that most of the world supported the creation of Israel because of the Holocaust. Combined, he sought a narrative that the Holocaust was a Zionist creation to convince people that the Zionists deserved no sympathy and no state.


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